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    We will Also be having recent top 4 placing bedman MOB Princesses slim playing so if you want to play vs the best bedman on this coast join on in
  2. mossclaw


    My online tournament "BackYard" will be starting back up on September 18. All the info is on the flyer and at the challonge link challonge.com/backyard918. If you have any questions please just ask me ether here or send me a tweet at @mossclawrrrr
  3. mossclaw

    The backyard online xrd tournament

    I will be picking back up with my weekly Guilty gear Xrd tournaments. If you would like to enter just sign up at http://challonge.com/TheBackyard1 and be there when check in time starts at 6 PM the tournament will start at 6:30 if you have no checked in you will not be playing. Normal tournament rules 2/3 until winners finals.
  4. mossclaw


    Team MOB presents-FRAUDSGARDEN-OCTOBER 3, SATURDAY2 weeks before CEOtaku!Check flyer for full list of games!!!----------THE FORGE8026 W Broad St Suite CHenrico, Virginia (basically Richmond) VENUE: $5 ------------- GAMES: All played on PS3 or PC except for Marvel $5 TOURNAMENTS (Double Elim, Top 3 Payout) GGXRD BBCPE UNIEL SKULLGIRLS UMVC3 (XBOX360) $1 TOURNAMENTS (Double Elim, Winner Takes All) YATAGARASU PERSONA 4 ULTIMAX GGXXAC+R DENGEKI BUNKO FIGHTING CLIMAX VAMPIRE SAVIOR ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX MELTY BLOOD BATTLE FANTASIA ---------- https://www.facebook.com/events/1469267940042485/ More details soon!! If you can provide setups and any game listed, please let us know! FOOD NEARBY: BON CHON, POPEYES, WAWA, MCDONALDS + A MILLION RESTAURANTS ON BROAD ST.
  5. mossclaw

    Online xrd tournament


    Something around that time. The stream should be up by at least 5:30est so from then till around 6:40est you guys have to get on your systems and check in in my chat
  6. mossclaw

    Online xrd tournament


    It is open to anyone who has 4 frames or less of lag. You should be find since I am in Virginia
  7. mossclaw

    Rva The Forge monthly

    Doors at 12pm. Main tournaments start at 2pm!Guilty Gear Xrd (PS3) - $10Ultra Street Fighter 4 (Xbox360) - $10Side Tournaments:Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late $2Yatagarasu AoC $2 Blazblue CPEX $2Venue $5 Stream: Twitch.tv/RVAforge
  8. mossclaw

    Online xrd tournament

    http://challonge.com/onlinexrd This will be the first of many online xrd tournaments I run. I will be streaming the matches on Twitch.tv/mossclawrrrr so please come out and play