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  1. Is it under development or up on the Japan Psn?
  2. Demo confirmed, no specific details yet but its happening.
  3. The counterpoint to that is MKX is using evo as a stage to announce stuff as is SFV. It's possible companies now want to try using evo as a marketing event for future content.
  4. I say this as someone who passionately loves Guilty Gear. I don't believe that Capcom is doing any sabotaging. I believe these news sites think no one gives a shit about Guilty Gear. They are also right.
  5. Does Japan not generally like GG and prefer BB? I was told GG was most popular anime FG atm?
  6. As someone who has beaten the campaign. That is from Dizzy's one appearance in the campaign.
  7. So if you go on the Revelator english website their character section is now open with only mentions of japanese voice actors. I think we can take this as confirmation of no english this time.
  8. considering we generally see famitsu scans tuesday,wednesday ish i expect her to be revealed on the japanese launch day in famitsu to add to the hype of the launch.
  9. Yeah since it's story it would be just a tease for Revelator extend edition like Johnny and Dizzy used to be.
  10. Do we have confirmation if Revelator will have an updated dub or not?
  11. No time limit, play til launch
  12. As someone who lives in america who has canceled pre orders for little more reason then i felt like it, it doesnt matter where you live its fairly straightforward if you know how to do it. Cant comment on the demo losing its validation if you cancel however.
  13. Yes you can: http://www.playstationing.com/ps4/how-to-cancel-playstation-store-pre-orders-online/792
  14. New Revelator Famitsu article http://gematsu.com/2016/03/guilty-gear-xrd-revelator-3d-online-lobbies-arcade-cabinets-fishing