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  1. Just started getting pretty into CPE and I've been playing Noel a lot. Finally getting the hang of her (nowhere near amazing but I feel like I'm better than a super casual player xD). I want to keep getting better and I plan on playing CF as well but from what I've been seeing is that Noel is really bad in CF:( Can someone with experience in the game advise me if I should just stick with Noel because I like her a lot or should I try to find another character that I like that isn't considered to be such a low tier in CF? Thanks!
  2. J_Swan_

    Guilty Gear Xrd: REVELATOR Announced!

    so will this be a completely new game or DLC?
  3. Hey all! Pretty new to this game (and fighting games in general) and I was just wondering if the network for this game is region locked? Like when I queue up online, who am I playing with? Was really curious about everyone who has had the game for a while having the Japanese version of the game. Am I able to play with people on my North American version of the game who have the Japanese version? Sorry if this is a dumb question :3