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  1. oh god D: i thought i was the only one who played that game... and even then i only played it until the first dungeon on the second continent. kept vore on but never lost a battle.. aside from the mimic Also, happy new years everyone!!
  2. i never know when casuals are going on lol to say the least, i really like those balance changes to the pokemon decks lol some of them were pretty OP derp also happy holidays new england!! :3
  3. i would lol just let me know when youre showing up and ill just take the bus over... assuming its at furoks EDIT: never mind lol im dropping fighting games all together D:
  4. i am gundam thats a pretty good reason for me to get a ps3 lol this is late, but good luck to everyone at NEC lol do work :3 also, i must fail pretty bad cuz i cant find the stream...
  5. ggs danny!!! lambda was secretly powerful at the end lol also, ggs to capsuletoyco for pressing buttons with me the first day i got XBL up and running again derp. im slowly putting tsubaka to the works, but my ragna is kinda..good at times lol oh well
  6. not me lol im fine over here. ill be able to press buttons online sometime week, since im replacing my 360 and renewing my gold membership
  7. lol ill either be too busy with college or too poor to be able to go to NEC..again.. this year D: i wouldnt go even if i had the time/money. no matchup exp really sucks lol unless everyone is gonna play hazama, bang, or tager, then ill be fine :3
  8. thats fine lol i just got word from mike that its possible that he wil be able to take his moms car, which actually works XD i will be seeing you guys later perhaps!!
  9. i live in springfield so i guess its on the way lol mike gets out around 4 tho.... we'll see what happens XD thanks very much for the offer :3
  10. mike and myself are down to go to the Mindhau5, we just need a ride down there... i should have gas moneys by tomorrow at worst. idk if we can use our setup (since like 60% of the cast causes his 360 to freeze) but we can both bring our sticks if need be our ride situation is up in the air lol mikes car isnt highway worthy so we would have to journey through the vicious backwoods of CT.. if it comes down to that lol either that or i just end up staying home and watch some MLG lol
  11. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?12092-PileDriving-Bison-Up-In-This-Bitch-The-NEWEST-NEW-ENGLAND-THREAD yo i remember you lol theres the forum link above (strange name is most likely the reason you couldnt find it, tank NE for that lol) nice coming across you again lol enjoy!!
  12. Yo, life, you probably don't remember me, (because I never told you my handle) but I'm David, that scrubby, White/Red CS1 Hazama that beat everyone at Connecticon, and then couldn't win a match on the PS3 pad. I completely forgot that you said you were on DL until recently haha. But give me a shout when you get this, so you can show where the New England thread is, cuz I can't seem to find it for whatever reason.

  13. i would go to team stickbugs, but im super poverty D: also shoutouts to having labs on weekends. one can never hate biology enough
  14. lol i guess i have no choice but to show up then XD IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED, ANGEL CAN SUPPLY REDLINE unless nobody wants to watch it lol Danny!!!! you need to go too so i can learn the Noel match up D: i have new orc technology >:3
  15. just in case anyone forgot, Redline is out lol werent we gonna have a group viewing of it at like the Why Temple or something? i might be crazy, but i feel like having an any % speedrun money match for Metroid Prime 1 lol