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  1. Ramma

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    What is "c.S"? Close Slash? What about HSVT? Hard Slash canceled into Viper Thurst?
  2. My secondary in SFIV is Gief, so that's good to hear. Luckily, my stick delivery date got moved up and I should be getting it on Tuesday. I might stream while trying the game out, so I can hopefully get some live feedback.
  3. Yeah, I just want to get more acclimated with the game than anything else. I'm looking for practical combos, normals to be using for AAs, things like that. I'll give Ky a try as well. Are there any combos you could list for either one of them, or are their practical combo videos or tutorials bumping around? The KOF tutorial video was a great one back when I went to learn KOF. Just looking for a good place to get started and go from there.
  4. I'm going to start with Sol (since he's the middle ground Ryu-esque character from what I understand). Is there a way I should set-up the stick in Accent to meet the layout of Xrd? Also, are there any specific combos I should work on with Sol that'll transfer into Xrd?
  5. So, I bought Xrd for the PS4, and anxiously awaited the arrival of my PS4 TE2 via Amazon, and then it got delayed. I figured I'd buy Accent Core in the meantime and familiarize myself with the game, the mechanics, execution, etc. But, I'm wondering if Accent Core is very different from Xrd...so much so that it would be like playing Street Fighter Alpha to play Street Fighter IV. Is it worth the buy to give me a taste in the mean time, or is it not worth it?