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    AC+R hitbox overlay [Steam]

    Hey, I'm not sure how much interest there still is around something like this, but here's a hitbox viewer for the Steam ports of AC+R and #Reload: https://github.com/odabugs/kof-combo-hitboxes/releases There are a few issues remaining such as the lack of grab hitboxes, incorrect hitbox scale on a few moves like Millia 236H or May 236236S, and several projectile moves not showing any hitboxes in #Reload (doesn't seem to be an issue in +R), but overall most of the moves I've tested are correct. There are a few other things revealed by this tool, such as the location where Testament's traps are set. Note that Windows Aero must be enabled for the overlay to appear in 7/Vista. Hitbox colors and other display options can be configured in the default.ini file. Special thanks go to Pasky for the research in the original GGXX hitbox viewer, which helped to get this one off the ground. And now, an example screenshot that I'm sure will reaffirm what everyone who has an ABA main at their weeklies already knew: