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  1. hrmm I think the americans are onto me.. have been for awhile.. I'm more concerned with the chinks though. always watching us...

  2. HOLY FUKK, Where did you roll in from?!!??!? LOL.. I would have swore the american's would have gotten you by now.. HA HA HA AH AHAHA.... anyways.. I've got perfect world again (i've got a level 50 in it if you wanna power level) and the counter-strike:source now... SO COOL!!! lol!!! hit me up some time nigga

  3. Kairi

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    anyone still have my really really old slayer combo vid from like xx?
  4. hello my old freind ^^

  5. Kairi

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    Don't forget fdc js. Make slayer laugh while doing nothing ;D
  6. Kairi

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    They should... the bdc 1 frame jump fdc is such a useful tool to slayer.
  7. Kairi

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    You gotta realise, in guilty gear, damage is not your only goal. Bite does low damage, yet puts you in complete control. If you have an opportunity, especially with slayer to take a combo and then say to yourself "this won't do much damage" so you don't got for it, you'll find yourself losing alot. You should take advantage of every situation that you can. If bite lands you a knock down, that puts you in complete control. So.. your mixup's failing...well for one regular high low mix up isn't that scary, you need bite/tick thow's and baits to add another dimension to your mixup. It's not all about landing a hit, its also about forcing a mistake. Slayer is extremely good at this, and he has the ability to take full advantage of any hit he lands, whether its huge damage or a knockdown.
  8. Kairi

    Slayer AC Combos

    k you take over me and kugz position while I take it easy
  9. Kairi

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    It's always the same basic motion, the only differnce lies in what move you are using. your backdashing then cancelling the backdash with a move, then going into a tiger knee motion with that move. Yes, you can do the same with forward dash, forward dash cancelling is extremly usefull, not for the same reasons as bdc, its mainly used for its movemnt and creates good mixup tools like fdc bite.
  10. Kairi

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    We did have one, we actually had 3...LB's slayer scrub tries to help. I've waited for him to make one for ac but... not gonna sticky for the time being, too much as it is already. If we get some good info going sure
  11. Kairi

    Slayer AC strats

    We really need those old guides back that go over the basics like bdc... Now that I look around, there's not much covering stuff like that anymore that easily accessible. Someone else wanna make one? lol.
  12. Kairi

    [GGAC] Jam Match-up Thread

    uh since the new forums aren't getting any posts at all im gonna close this topic for awhile just to promote people to use the new match up forums.
  13. Kairi

    Slayer AC match vids

    not for me kubo > all. THOUGHT ME WHO TO PLAY SLAYER. genius slayer innovator of slayer.