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  1. JYaham95

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Hi! I'm new to Blazblue and I want to pick up Izayoi but I've been told and seen in almost every tier list that she is always always bottom tier and that she has "Poor linear movement" I'm by no means playing a character for thier tier, but I'm rather scared to play a character that is going to get beaten out by almost every other member of the cast. Now, I'm not sure if she's changed in Extend compared to the original version but that's my main concern.
  2. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    Does anyone know how to connect a reverse cross slash in a combo? Playing as Shadow Yu a lot of his combos need the opponent to be hit by Cross Slash but behind Yu for example 214AB>214214C>2B. But it's very difficult for me to make this happen and by the slim chance it does I almost never connect 2B after it. I've tried mashing out 2B after the super but it still won't connect and would become an invalid combo. Also so while in on the subject is it worth learning Shadow Yu? I enjoy the character but reading through previous posts most people thinks he's just not comparable to Regular Yu and is more of a play around than a serious character.
  3. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Aigis Q&A Thread

    Hi, I'm looking for a new character to start learning to play as, only because I've been playing Margaret since the game came out and I admire how Aigis plays but, I have been made aware that Aigis is extremely difficult to play as (Few Aigis players online have told me this). I know she is hard but, is she as hard as she's made out to be? As I play on controller as-well and I don't know if she is controller friendly. If she's not impossible to pick up at this stage then is there anything I should do to get the ball rolling? Anything simple to get down as a foundation? Thanks
  4. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks Bloo! I've incorporated the block strings into my gameplay as much as I can for the time being. 5A>2A>5A>214A>236B(Feint).. I'll try getting used to this one first then move on to the harder ones mentioned in the thread, but I can see a big difference already in how I play when I try to pressure them ect. His block strings are a lot tighter than Margaret's which is what I've noticed so far from gameplay. Unfortunately some of my opponents don't respect my attempt at pressure after 214A/B knockdown. I find they generally slide past my attempts to follow up the knockdown and Counterhit me. Subsequently they may try to zone me out by jumping up in the air and firing downwards, resulting in me loosing Izanagi a lot. However this is only a problem i have with Yukaris, they jump and fire arrows and are able to start blocking again before they hit the ground. I've tried answering with a J.214A/B and a jumping DP but both get counter hit. Is there something I can do to combat this or do I have to respect the move? I've tried J.214C and found that this gets eaten by the arrows but if delayed can het her occasionally. Thanks again!
  5. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Critique Thread

    Hi, if anyone could look at some of my gameplay and offer advice on ways to improve, what I'm doing wrong or how I should play the character then i'd really appreciate it. I'm a terrible Adachi as I just started to play him properly in the last month or so and i've been with Margaret since the game came out. I have a particular problem opening up the Elizabeth in this video and all my matches against him as he loves to block and wait, so any tips on that are appreciated. I don't really know his combos (Not the long ones anyway) and I think this may be another reason to why I struggle? Thanks in advance!
  6. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    Hi, i'm new to playing Yu and I would like a bit of help on opening up opponents. I frequently play against an Elizabeth who loves to play a waiting game and waits until i do something like J.214B or SB Swift Strike and then i get hit with Elizabeths 5AAAAA. Alternatively when i try to answer his zoning with my own, Thanatos's Maziodyne quickly shuts me down. So does anyone have any tips on opening opponents up with Mixups or pressure? As well as how I should generally play the character. I don't really know any mixups or pressure for Yu as of yet so thats something i'll have to look into if it's in the forums?
  7. JYaham95

    [Xrd] Elphelt Gameplay Discussion "The True Best Girl"

    Hi! Would someone be able to help me? I'm new to Elphelt (1st time playing this game) and I played a few matches against a friend of mine using Ky and He won all of them. I tried to ariel dash towards him and attack but I always get countered. Is there any sort of game plan I need to learn or work with to improve? His zoning has beaten mine so I'm scared to zone against him now, and I'm forced to try and rush down. I'm most probably playing the character completely wrong in which case I'm willing to try whatever anyone suggests. I'm quite used to using 5A from my previous fighting game (Persona) but she throws the rose out and it has poor range and I don't really know any combos at all. I've tried challenge mode and I'm trying to do challenge 22 consistently but other than that I don't really know how she works. I'm also playing on gamepad and I'm having some difficulties with the more complicated inputs such as the "Z" or 632146 inputs. Would this game be easier to play on a stick? Any help is very much appreciated! :D
  8. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the tips! I can provide some video but I don't have a capture device yet so the best I can do is record the screen with a steady hand. I'll upload some this weekend. Yeah he loves to block low like all the time but knows when J.C is coming. I'll practice the combos you provided. I also forgot to mention that his Rise loves challenging my J.C in the air with her J.B (Microphone spin move) and almost always wins. I guess I get too close the her with the move but i'll upload some gameplay this weekend to showcase it. Thanks for your help! :D
  9. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    Hi, i'm having a really hard time against a friend of mine who uses Rise and Yukari against my Adachi. The Yukari loves to zone me out with the orbs then arrows firing at me and the Rise always sees my J.C coming as i almost always approach from the air. The reason for this is he likes to block a lot and crouch, if I use 5.C or Sweep, he'd block 5.C and take a persona card or Sweep is just too slow and he'll see it coming. I don't get punished a lot with J.C but my game plan pretty much always revolves around J.C and 5.C. Has anyone else encountered this problem and what did they do to fix it? He almost always blocks and moves back, waiting for me to attack first. Usually it ends in me being punished. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new to Guilty Gear and I'm really keen and interested in picking up Elphelt as my character. However I have heard some people complain about her and refuse to play Elphelt players. Is this true? I would really like to play her, but I don't want to get any hate for doing so. I asked one player how does Elphelt work and the response I got was "Throw grenade> Win"
  11. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Chie Satonaka Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks . I searched online all over and there's almost nothing for regular Chie. I started practising the combos in the link but still material available is very limited.
  12. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Chie Satonaka Gameplay Discussion

    Hey, I'm going to pick Chie up as a new character but from what I've played with her so far, I guess I don't know any good combos and videos on YouTube and here seem to focus on shadow Chie rather than regular Chie. Can anyone help me out with some tips or good combos. Thanks!
  13. JYaham95

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    I'm looking to pick up Adachi as secondary character but no matter how hard I try I cannot dash forward in time after heat riser to continue my combo. Has anyone else had this problem?