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  1. Keychain

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    Some Celica stuff I've done lately.
  2. Good point, though I'm mostly referring to merchandise. (I would kill for a Celica figma) This is getting off-topic though.
  3. I wish they pushed Celica as hard as they push Lambda. :V
  4. Hey! I was wondering where you got a clean version of Celica's CT artwork? I really want it but I can't find it anywhere!

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    2. Keychain


      Dude agreed! People were complaining about how annoying she is in the CF thread and I'm just like "..Wha? She's great tho."

    3. Keychain


      I'm using her CF art as my Steam av now. Aww yiss!

    4. Dawn of Musou

      Dawn of Musou

      People got complaints about every character lol, it's whatever though. But haha nice. Enjoy the good-looking avy~

  5. I really wanted to see this, thanks!
  6. Do we have clean pictures of the portraits yet?
  7. I used DS4 whenever I'm not using my fight stick (which is only when stuff gets serious.) Is that any different? Because I don't seem to have that problem with DS4, and I'm not aware of the major differences between the 2.
  8. Is there any high quality pictures of Celica's new artwork anywhere? I must have it for avatar potential.
  9. Terumi's is literally symmetrical and looks half-assed because of it.
  10. Everyone has great portraits besides Terumi imo.
  11. USFIV had like 43 characters and Smash 4 has like 53. Though those games are not as complex as BB is, I'm sure it can still be done. Play the characters you want to play, and observe others. Watch tournaments. You don't have to play a character to know how they work (though it would certainly help) It also comes down to how well the game is balanced. If the game's not very well balanced, competitive environments will have a more limited roster than the full one, which makes things easier, but also means an underdog could arise and catch everyone by surprise with a character not everyone knows how to fight. End of the day. Just play the game and I'm sure it'll all come naturally through time and experience.
  12. I think someone in this thread mentioned Winter. Not like I could confirm, I can't read Japanese to save my life.
  13. Oh wow, that's the funniest thing I've read all day. Mai's VA seems really cool.
  14. I feel like I'm the only person in the Western audience who was incredibly excited for Celica's inclusion. She's my favorite character in the whole BB Universe (with Mai right behind her) and while I know it's unlikely for her to be fighting, keep in mind that for the majority of the story in CP she didn't have Minerva with her. So of course you wouldn't typically see her fighting, but with Minerva with her I see it as pretty viable. Though it's not entirely the same as Relius and Carl as the two seem perfectly capable of combat on their own, and thus have movesets of their own independent of Nirvana and Ignis. Celica doesn't, which is why they put Celica and Minerva as the same character, and the only moves she has that are not directly from Minerva are very silly things like slipping on her face and wiggling her wrists. I will be extremely pleased if Mai makes it into this game as well.