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  1. dinosaurzez

    keeponrock.in Support and Feedback Thread

    A xN feature would actually be pretty nice given that there are a lot of videos which are comprised of 2 people playing back to back for like an hour (ex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sLzSYAzIO8). For these types of videos I generally just add the first game and hope the viewer can realize that there's more, because adding every game wastes a ton of time and clogs up the site.
  2. dinosaurzez

    [Xrd] Video Posting Thread

    I'll be uploading all Quarterfinals and Top 32 matches from EVO to this playlist over the course of the coming weeks: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLurenlGmsDUM5H-oYHTTE1tQhEd9bYYyk I imagine not many people visit this thread, but maybe it's worth putting out there just in case. Since I'm doing this, I guess I can also put up any pools matches that are requested.
  3. dinosaurzez

    keeponrock.in Support and Feedback Thread

    I was actually going to inquire about this; recently I was looking for millia vs chipp videos and I noticed that all footage of the matchup was from 1.0, and outdated to some extent. I watch enough goldenrody/tournament vids on my spare time that I wouldn't mind helping keep the database up to date if it helps others find relevant match-up videos faster than the time it took me. So what do I do?