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  1. Tiers have (finally) been updated for the latest rounds of DLC. EXVS機体ランク 3k FAUC - S ★★★ Penelope - A ★ Seven Sword - A ★ Harute - A ★ 2.5k Tallgeese II - S ★★★ Red Dragon - A ★ Avalanche Exia - B ★★★ 2k Sandrock - S ★★★ Blitz - S ★★ Char's Zaku II - A ★★ Perfect - A ★ Nobel - B ★★★
  2. It's best to just think of melee as a punisher, and not something you go in specifically to do when both you and your opponent are at neutral. If you have any doubts about your target's ability to intercept or evade you, then you shouldn't melee. Even melee suits like God, Master, Red Frame, Exia and Quanta need to hitconfirm from mid range into their melees unless they've caught the target with their pants down.
  3. Thank you so much! <3 Haha the game is so hard to put down isn't it~ New question. Why are so many people insistent on picking FAUC? I mean sure it's strong but I can't go through 2 games without seeing someone go FAUC. Most people aren't even that good with it either ;x And don't get me started on all the Sandrocks.
  4. This forum is pretty dead though. Game's still hot with all the DLC it's been getting, but I guess everyone went off to play MB and lost interest in discussing Is there a FB tier list anywhere with the newer DLC integrated to the main list and properly ranked instead of being separate? Even prelim tiers for them if they haven't been tested thoroughly enough yet would be nice. exvsrank is slow as hell updating, and the last DLC suit they ranked was Norn. Also noticed there's still no IJ (2500) or Forbidden threads in the cost subforums (both my mains D:). Might go ahead and make those later if no one else wants to. Question to the approx. 3 people that still come here: did anyone actually want more damn Setsunas? The guy's right about being a conceptual "Gundam"; he's legion atm XD So many amazing things they could pick up from 00V (or anywhere for that matter, since 00 is already over-represented) and they go with Setsuna clones.