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  1. Tiamat

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    Hey guys I'm playing Yosuke as well. I played Anji in GG but didn't like BB so I've been waiting for arc systems to make a new fighter. Yosuke is lots of fun
  2. Tiamat

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    you probably can hit him out of collider with that but I'm not positive...I play tager too and I've had people hit me out of collider after gadget with air moves as they are jumping up
  3. Tiamat

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    hey guys hope this hasn't been asked before so I dont repeat something but the topic is long so I'll get to the point I want to know more about hazama's anti air options and what kinda attacks they generally beat out. I know the flip kick (214D~B) is good anti air and seems to work well against airdashes and stuff, but what other move(s) are good? I figure 5A, 5C, 2C, and maybe 5B are candidates but I'm not sure which to use. Any tips?
  4. I just added you up on msn my msn is c2ironfist@hotmail.com. Gonna add you up on PSN in a bit.

  5. also, you added me on MSN? try to contact me on it sometime because I don't know who you are on messenger

  6. ya feel free to add my on PSN and we can try to play BF this week. I generally can only get on at night, like 10pm or later eastern time I don't play MOTW online, my computer is bad for doing games and I don't even have a converter to use controllers

  7. Yo Tai you down for some Battle Fantasia on PSN this week? I'll add you up when I get home from work :). Noticed you play MOTW as well. If you play on GGPO I'd love to get a few games going with you on that too. LMK Shelcoof

  8. you dont know me either do you? oh well *accepts friend request anyway*

  9. Nope don't know you dude, awesome huh!!! -Tha Hindu

  10. I accepted the friend request but wondering why, do you know me from somewhere?

  11. I am best with Nightmare. I also use Algol and Maxi a lot

  12. well that is sad living in ca is never a good thing who do you use by the way.

  13. I'm always up for SC4 casuals as long as it is offline. looking at your profile you seem to be in CA so that's not gonna work haha