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  1. also, you added me on MSN? try to contact me on it sometime because I don't know who you are on messenger

  2. ya feel free to add my on PSN and we can try to play BF this week. I generally can only get on at night, like 10pm or later eastern time I don't play MOTW online, my computer is bad for doing games and I don't even have a converter to use controllers

  3. you dont know me either do you? oh well *accepts friend request anyway*

  4. I accepted the friend request but wondering why, do you know me from somewhere?

  5. I am best with Nightmare. I also use Algol and Maxi a lot

  6. I'm always up for SC4 casuals as long as it is offline. looking at your profile you seem to be in CA so that's not gonna work haha

  7. Sure thing. Let me know if you have an aim or msn messenger address and maybe we can talk about Panzer Dragoon. My aim is "CursedTiamat" and my msn is tiagol@live.com

  8. I saw the message you left on my profile. I don't think there is an Amy guide actually (which is retarded because she's one of the most commonly used tourney characters) but you could check out the Amy forum here http://www.8wayrun.com/f23/ Talim is low tier mostly because she has bad range on almost all attacks and low damage from normal hits

  9. yo, good to see someone else from 8WR here. who you playin in blazblue?