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  1. Quick question about that:

    Does forward jump jA or jB (or even jC) knock him out of AC after GF?

    you probably can hit him out of collider with that but I'm not positive...I play tager too and I've had people hit me out of collider after gadget with air moves as they are jumping up

  2. hey guys hope this hasn't been asked before so I dont repeat something but the topic is long so I'll get to the point

    I want to know more about hazama's anti air options and what kinda attacks they generally beat out. I know the flip kick (214D~B) is good anti air and seems to work well against airdashes and stuff, but what other move(s) are good? I figure 5A, 5C, 2C, and maybe 5B are candidates but I'm not sure which to use. Any tips?

  3. so I just found out if you don't want another Tager, or a Jin (I'm sure there are others) to do instant overhead jBs on you (or other air moves) you have to crouch and...NOT BLOCK. his crouch guarding hitbox is bigger so you get hit. so I guess the new strat vs ppl who whore this stuff is to just crouch and not block, which isn't going to feel very comfortable -_-

  4. I'm aware Tager's prejump frames are the longest in the game BUT... tager vs tager if one does 5C5D string and other holds up+back after blocking the 5C you will get hit by 5D even though you are clearly in the air already. other characters can block it just fine. What is going on? also Tager's crouch guarding hitbox is bigger than his crouching hitbox otherwise, so if they are crouch guarding jB is instant overhead on himself -_-

  5. Osuna: do you know who ykykck is by chance? he's really good, is he from SRK or something? I have yet to beat him in a match though I get close a lot of times. -_- also last time I played him I found that 720 seems to be guarnateed vs tager's own backdash if it's done at close range and held, grabs the recovery before you can jump

  6. I made a similar post somewhere last week. sadly the first suggestion "do a psychic collider" seems best hahaha. doesn't work if they are too far and/or jump backward though. I'd say go for psychic 623C and if that doesn't work try for 6A2C string cause even if they block it you kinda pull them in close again (as a bonus, if they dont air perfect block or barrier they will get owned by the 2C). If they are jumping really far away you can even try jump forward with jD to magnetize them at least. hope that helps a bit

  7. lol

    ...ok none of you guys have helped me


    But I'm starting to learn a little. I just have to be aggressive, and I learned inferno divider kills the ice car.

    are you serious.......................

    maybe if you would READ what people posted you wouldn't have to use inferno divider to beat icecar :I: