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  1. I would be very surprised if we end up waiting until December for anything new with the game. I would say that it's way more likely to be at EVO / ArcRevo that we get an announcement, and not long after until the actual patch.
  2. Eh, each XRD version so far has had a console release character which never showed up in arcade loketests, so it's not totally crazy to think about. Also so far every set of added characters has been in 3's so we could end up with a surprise come console release date (I don't see it being later than that just because of Evo, although it could be announced then like Dizzy was.)
  3. I read it more as being the same as Revelator, where there was story on disc and then another story block a couple of months afterwards. Could be all just downloaded though, not sure honestly.
  4. Yeah that's not Testament, sorry guys. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C4JvaZkVMAYWQB9.jpg:orig
  5. How about the fact that they (EVO Staff) are working with ASW to make sure the update comes out in time and that they're considering doing a demo/early access (like with revelator) so that competitive players can get used to the changes earlier. Check out the Rev 2 part of the announcement stream if you want more details or if you just want to hear it for yourself
  6. Looks like that's only the PS3 version of P5, there's another listing for it at 13th on the second set which I assume would be the PS4 version.
  7. Bear in mind ASW has the River City Ransom rights, and that was recently made into a new 3DS game, so its looking way more likely to be along those lines than BB/GG.
  8. It's $79.99 CAD, $59.99 USD
  9. Someone posted this guide on twitter: https://twitter.com/ch_breadsticks/status/783690437034807296
  10. Arakune's new DD is called F equals, and is 236236D during Curse (Air OK) Not too sure if any other characters got anything new, I can only think of ones that haven't, but checking out the wiki is probably a good way to start.
  11. It's not Es' You can see hers in this trailer:
  12. Me (PS3) and a friend I play often (PS4) have also been getting the same issue over the last couple of weeks, online seems far from stable at the moment.
  13. MLSTRM

    Terminology Used on Dustloop Defined

    C is chain, meaning you can cancel the move into itself. In XRD this usually only happens for 5P/j.P and sometimes 2P or other moves.
  14. The general (pre-character) patch notes are here: http://pastebin.com/yAEydtHL Nothing about changing the input buffer (And in fact very little overall that is new to console version at least, its mostly bringing arcade in line with console as of 1.02/1.03)