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  1. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Thanks for the correction, I'm just starting to learn It's really hard to even see some of the dakuten with the arcade stream quality though
  2. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    The Ky's name is apparently Kira Majinga (きらーまじんが)? Killer something? Written in katakana, it's something from some Dragon Quest games? In any case, I've never heard of him. Same for the Sol, his name is Garimasso (ガリマッソ) but I've also never heard of him.
  3. chump_fighter

    ASW making a new Dragon Ball fighting game (2.5D)

    Is this special button the launchers that we've been seeing in gameplay footage?
  4. chump_fighter

    ASW making a new Dragon Ball fighting game (2.5D)

    After watching the other videos, I think you're probably right about the throws. But it looks like there's also some dynamic camera angles for key hits, like launchers or moves that knock the opponent back, and those can be followed up with a forward dash or jump. The game is looking really stylish, it's pretty cool.
  5. chump_fighter

    ASW making a new Dragon Ball fighting game (2.5D)

    So there's some gameplay footage popping up, just going to mention some stuff that catches my eye. The first thing that stood out to me was that it looks like there's a dust-like mechanic that can be comboed into. I noticed a lot of the characters doing a few hits into one that launches or knocks the opponent backward, and then pursuing them after a face closeup, similar to Guilty Gear. I'm wondering if those homing flying animations are something like homing in Arcana Heart. Predictably, appears to be some sort of burst mechanic. There's a few frames where something resembling faultless defense appears around the defending character. You can go into a meter charging stance. These players seem to be somewhat competent despite how new the game is, I'm betting on some sort of Simple Mode. And hopefully it's a mode, and not autocombos bound to the lightest button like P4A. Frieza totally has a Dragon Install in the form of Golden Frieza, looks like SSJ2 Goku goes SSJ3 as well. One thing that I never even knew was a good idea, the game returns to round start position after a character is KO'd and the next one is tagging in. I always thought dealing with "oki" when your next character is jumping in was annoying. Environment destruction is sick, looks like there's some stage transitions too.
  6. chump_fighter

    ASW making a new Dragon Ball fighting game (2.5D)

    You take that back, Hokuto no Ken is awesome in it's own way.
  7. chump_fighter

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Regarding what you said about Afterstory A,
  8. chump_fighter

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Social game I think? Probably something similar to mobage, but with some sort of social aspect. If Chain Chronicle is considered soshage, it probably refers to games like Love Live.
  9. chump_fighter

    [XrdR2] Baiken Gameplay Discussion

    It's just your timing. There's almost a full second between the j.D input and the 66 input (40f, plus hitstop). If the dash doesn't come out, then you did it too early. If the dash comes out but they recover too quickly, you did it too late.
  10. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Isn't azami active on the first frame? Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying. I agree with the recovery part though, Baiken is pretty much dead if azami doesn't catch anything.
  11. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    Okay, I was pretty sure nothing had changed, but I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do it anymore. Guess I'll be putting Baiken practice on pause for a little bit again. Edit: Wow that whole combo was way easier when I didn't even delay the 5HS at all.
  12. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    I take it back, it looks like you're probably right. I tried a good number of times and I could never get 6P to connect there. VV finisher after kudakero was the best I could come up with. Has anyone else had any luck with this combo? Or does anyone know why it might not be working anymore?
  13. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    I'm fairly certain that they should still work, I'll test it when I get home, but I don't think kudakero's attack level was changed, and I don't think they made any changes to hitstun "decay"
  14. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Does anyone feel like the input buffer, at least on reversals, has been increased? I noticed myself getting way more reversals than I usually do, and I don't think I got better at them over night.
  15. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    It still seems to give you pretty big advantage on block and hit, but not quite as much as before. As far as I can tell, there's no reason to make the first hit whiff. Just make the first hit meaty.