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  1. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Thanks for the correction, I'm just starting to learn It's really hard to even see some of the dakuten with the arcade stream quality though
  2. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    The Ky's name is apparently Kira Majinga (きらーまじんが)? Killer something? Written in katakana, it's something from some Dragon Quest games? In any case, I've never heard of him. Same for the Sol, his name is Garimasso (ガリマッソ) but I've also never heard of him.
  3. chump_fighter

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Social game I think? Probably something similar to mobage, but with some sort of social aspect. If Chain Chronicle is considered soshage, it probably refers to games like Love Live.
  4. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Isn't azami active on the first frame? Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying. I agree with the recovery part though, Baiken is pretty much dead if azami doesn't catch anything.
  5. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    Okay, I was pretty sure nothing had changed, but I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do it anymore. Guess I'll be putting Baiken practice on pause for a little bit again. Edit: Wow that whole combo was way easier when I didn't even delay the 5HS at all.
  6. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    I take it back, it looks like you're probably right. I tried a good number of times and I could never get 6P to connect there. VV finisher after kudakero was the best I could come up with. Has anyone else had any luck with this combo? Or does anyone know why it might not be working anymore?
  7. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    I'm fairly certain that they should still work, I'll test it when I get home, but I don't think kudakero's attack level was changed, and I don't think they made any changes to hitstun "decay"
  8. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Does anyone feel like the input buffer, at least on reversals, has been increased? I noticed myself getting way more reversals than I usually do, and I don't think I got better at them over night.
  9. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    It still seems to give you pretty big advantage on block and hit, but not quite as much as before. As far as I can tell, there's no reason to make the first hit whiff. Just make the first hit meaty.
  10. chump_fighter

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    I was testing what to do with the new 6H on hit now, and found that GV connects from a decent range. I don't know if anyone could react fast enough to confirm all the options though. I was thinking something like 2S>6H frametrap, BB on CH, GV on regular hit, and GF feint on block, but I haven't been able to react quick enough yet. Maybe for someone more talented it's possible?
  11. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    But now what excuse will people make up for not playing?
  12. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Strange, I don't think I've seen either of these happen, but I'm going to try to test them when I get off of work. I'm assuming both of these only happen in training mode? And it only happens when dummy DI Sol is playing back a recording you made? And I've only ever seen danger time last the regular ~10 seconds, I think that's how long it should last, even in training mode.
  13. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Sorry for the double post, but I've been watching some of Jonio's stream from last night, just wanted to leave some thoughts. Ky's new 6HS still looks like a solid oki tool, seems to have huge advantage on block. It actually reminds me a bit of his old 6HS in GGX (I think it was that one.) Skimming through the Ky vs. Faust matches in the beginning, I only saw one of Faust's new items, the box of donuts. Seems like the big versions are really rare, but really funny. Later a giant chibi Faust came out, made me laugh. Near the end of the stream, a giant meteor drops and Jonio freaks out. Baiken gets a meterless combo off of throw in the corner. It also looks like Baiken players are having trouble finding how to get a knockdown after some of the longer combos. Answer looks nuts, looking forward to trying him out. Air Bandit Bringer just looks like it will always knockdown now. I'm not too excited for Sol's new 6HS. The animation is cool though. Also, I thought I had read somewhere that Wild Throw causes a camera angle change in Rev 2, but I don't think it does. Maybe that was removed after the loketests? Millia. I have no idea what they've done to her. It doesn't look like her new j.HS knocks down. There was a player doing something with the hairpin at the end of his air routes, maybe someone who knows Millia better can tell what he's going for. I think she has to a pin to get the knockdown now. There were a few Elphelt matches, I think the player was Fumo. Feels like she has the defense of a tissue. He did the shotgun loop off of CQC xx Grenade Pull, and an the unblockable setup after that, so maybe she's not as gutted as some of us feared. Still not sure what Ram's new moves can be used for. I-No's new hoverdash angle seems wacky, I'm wondering if anyone will find a good application for it. Raven predictably looks like he has to make more use of his excitement mechanic. It's kind of hard to see the changes for these characters (translator's note, I don't know these characters well enough,) but there was also some footage of Haehyun, Slayer, Johnny, Venom, Dizzy, Jam, Potemkin, Zato, and Axl, if anyone is interested in checking out some gameplay of their character. I didn't watch everything (it's 12 hours,) skimmed through a lot so I certainly missed some stuff.
  14. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    Hmm, I never had this issue. If others have though, then I can understand the change.
  15. chump_fighter

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    First to 2. I think it's more common to see it written as 2 out of 3.