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    Mist Finer Bug

    During training mode session today I found a bug with Johnny's mist finer stance. When going into the stance and performing a dash i released the button very shortly and pressed it again. Sometimes this would not unleash the sword slash but stay in the stance but now moving (dashing and slow walking) is no longer possible, the only thing i could do was release the button for the attack to come out. After that everything was back to normal. I could replicate this with all 3 versions (P,K,S) but have not tried in all 3 coin levels yet.
  2. funkdash

    Mist Finer Bug

    Just tested again in latest version on PC, this bug is gone.
  3. funkdash

    Mist Finer Bug

    Thanks go out to Dracula and the SchlossFGC for letting me record the video there.