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  1. So last gen when only 360 had a paid for service, all of a sudden ps, nintendo and pc are the odd ones out? What are you smoking.
  2. Cant you just load it in asyncronously with AJAX? As long as the main forum loads "fast" you can load the twitter stuff after
  3. Mai-ah

    XRD Matchup Directory

    Also the I-No threads are pointing to the I-No forum rather than this sub forum.
  4. well, they could have just changed Dizzy's name to match. ...
  5. We shall call it, the Wiki! Dont really get how it's different though. Do you mean just a random info dump where you chuck anything that might be relevant there? So where the wiki is a very organized structuure this would be a place to throw DL posts, tweets and evernotes that are useful?
  6. Anu eta when keeponrock.in will be back up? Not really sure who runs it but i thought it was going down as part of the maintenance or something.
  7. Well at the moment when i look through the matchup threads i always look through by MyChar vs OppChar and also the invserse, since you can see what the players of OppChar are having trouble dealing with. Like i never would have known about something like Sin 5K at round start to start Venom 2S if i didn't check the Venom forum. So i'm in agreement with consolidating matchup threads.
  8. The problem with the forums has been mentioned by Anne many times; stuff gets buried and hard to find. I can go on to Mizuumi's Melty Blood character pages and they will generally contain some basic strategy for a character like approach, oki, tech traps and general character advice. http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Melty_Blood/Roa/PS2 The irony here being that all the detail is for the PS2 melty blood which - while still has many similarities - isn't the same as the current AACC. But you get the idea about what kind of detail you can go into. Just a matter of being kept up to date. Honestly i even think some basic matchup details could be on there as well. Whats good at round start or something like IB 5K with Sin to stop Axl sparrowhawk. Just minor things that are known to work.
  9. Pretty much how anything is verified; by testing it. Even in something like the academic community, while things discovered and posted by more prolific researchers are given more initial credibility, the claims are still peer reviewed and tested by many others to verify what's being said. If someone claims some move is good to use in a certain matchup then other players will have to go and try and see if it's true. If it's not you can come back and ask for more clarification or say that you have tried to test it and it doesn't work. I know we have 'likes' on posts and all, but i think if there could be some other type of points or reputation system where if something posted by someone is useful enough info that you would say post it on a character wiki then they get more rep. I know im short on details here but the psychology of a points/progression system has been proven time and again. You have places like StackOverflow that employ very good use of it.