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  1. This is Alternate275 (AJ), the Tension Pulse host. I was wondering if you had some sort of IM that I could contact you by~

  2. Alternate275

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    Learning the Taunt Loop. The 214D is the most important waiting period? I've been waiting at the wrong inputs xDD
  3. Anybody willing to come down to Columbus, GA and play us (Crew Round 2)? And what's this I hear about a revival of Accent Core?
  4. Yeah, I stay playing Litchi and Carl and still enjoy it =P

  5. i thought carl and rachel were gonna be low tier till everyone posted they were broken,but there was still comfort in knowing they were difficult to master.

  6. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Concerning playing carl on a pad. Try this configuration. A = Square B = Triangle C = Circle D = R1 The logic behind this is leaving the buttons at default except the "D" (which is your drive button). The reason for putting it up at R1 is so that you can have access to R1 at all times with your right finger as your thumb occupies the rest of the face buttons. Hope that helps. It's obviously better to play on a stick though.
  7. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Yeah, please forgive me. Give me a list of pros that should be added to the first post and I'll update.
  8. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    I just did this with A.B.A in training mode. I performed a combo like this with the dummy's recovery set to Neutral/Back/Front (all 3, for a more detailed test) and got the miscounted black beat. MOROHA MODE: 2K, 5S, 2H, j.S, j.H, 41236S.... After I land, I've went from one of the following routes loop - j.S, j.H (Sometimes had to get start with 5S to keep combo going) or just for the heck of it (Though this isn't her BnB) 5S, 2S, 412H I found myself in most occassions going into whichever combos from the Moroha Mode starting combo, that the miscounted black beat occurred =/
  9. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Was only sharing my input as well. I also meant no heat in the discussion. I apologize if I came too strongly about it. Although I do want to bring attention to the "my statement isn't valid" because these on the receiving end of the conditional situations of recovering in just a single frame can actually be quite consistent. Anyway, even if my statement were inaccurate, I was assuming that if it was on a more consistent basis such as a combo that has a tendency to black beat often. This is why I opted to disagree to one measurement or another on the matter. Give credit or not.
  10. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Zeero, I'm aware that there are situations that grant the opponent to tech (even if it's a 1 frame window). But I'm also FULLY aware there are such things as miscounted techs in GGAC and MBAC. It's a situation in which the game suggests that the combo isn't legit because it thinks the opponent was granted an opportunity to tech, when in actuality, they were in a legit state of hitstun. I'll have to go through the character boards again to find out which characters have this side effect in some of their BnBs. I think A.B.A is one of them, so I'll start looking in there. Melty Blood infact has a list of these (although conditions may be different by larger or smaller margins) and it's no surprise that it exists in GGAC. Which actually when I think about it, endorsed even more reason to release GGAC+ to the states. EDIT: Now that I look at that statement again. How can you imply that 1 frame is too much for a GGAC player to perform? GGAC is full of 3 frame window executed actions and there are plenty of 1 frame maneuvers as well, eg: Anji's multi-butterfly, Bridget's yo-yo glitches, etc etc. Not to mention some FRC's allow for slightly different behaviors on individual frames, eg: Jam's 2D.
  11. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    But I meant miscounted in the sense where it'll say it's a black beat, but it's in actuality a legit combo.
  12. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Does BB have miscounted black beats like GGAC and MBACvB does?
  13. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Added that little extra bit of info?
  14. Alternate275

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Okay, I'm back from gettin' my a** whooped by a thing called life D= Anyway, any interesting discoveries that need to be added to the first post?