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    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Booted up the game about a minute after it was announced on the IPW stream that the patch was up, wasn't prompted at all on start-up. tl;dr: Patch isn't up right now. The dream is dead, crawl back from whence you came.
  2. Yo what's good man! I've been back in the lab by myself recently in AC, a couple of the Hartford guys are waiting for the PS3 AC to come out so we can all get back into it again, it's been too long.

  3. Sup Man U still play gg???

  4. As past of Old DM member we invite you to know our new venue Our new Name: Hall of Gaming 2 miles from the old DM... Saturday August 13 MVC3 tournament Come and take a look... Copy and paste to your Fighter friends.... Thanks for u Support! Hall of Gaming 220 N Colony St Suite B Wallingford CT 06492 203-793-7712

  5. Shoutouts to Blue IX and Kona making an appearance on the ECT SSFIV AE Singles stream! Also, since I'm finally done with high school and have some downtime before I head off to college, I should be available for some meet-ups. Been dying to play some GG and w/e anyone else wants to play. Where do you cool kids congregate now?
  6. Yes sir, still repping Noel?
  7. I couldn't bring myself to play BBCS anymore. But since CSII is out now I might have to dabble in that for a bit just to see how it is.
  8. So are you guys pro at FGs yet or what.
  9. This is good shit right here. btw Andrea, what are you looking for in games that you add to your tournament roster? Just the possible turnout?
  10. Why you so free? <3

  11. I'm just gonna place my vote on Guilty Gear, the other two games (well I'm not too sure about AH3 since I haven't been too up and up on the FG community as of late but I would assume so.) see enough play at other tournaments. Since GG barely has anything that you can call a scene in the US that's double the reason that we should have our time/place to get together to preserve what little we do have.
  12. YOU'RE STILL ALIVE! Please come out to a BB casuals event soon! It's been forever and I need real life Bang practice =3

  13. +1, game is too godlike. Too bad no online co-op