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  1. iora

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    A step by step guide to react how I reacted to the changes. "Let me see the Fiona stuff, don't really care about other characters before I'm playing the game" "Alright, nothing too different, good enough" "Let me see my Arcanas now...." "Luck... no changes, cool. Sin... the EF change is whatever, nbd..." "Water... cataracta - removed slow effect Are you shitting me? why. not like this. dang. ( : | ) ( : | ) ( : | ) ( : | ) ( : | )" Damn it arcana, I swear to god sometimes you just want me to stop playing how I play. Every version brings one change that just ruins something I really enjoyed doing. Mannn.... but still cool to the notes.
  2. iora

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Am i better off goofing around in Reload training mode? Or just playing +r and not using sidewinder? Need to get my hands warm for GG again, and Order Sol isn't gonna help me do nothing when Xrd hits... same with Robo... sigh the struggle to actually sol seriously is gonna kill me.
  3. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    That will be a great way to kill time at work. Thanks buddy :D
  4. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    i still like 693 for tk dp. 3 inputs, gotta be the fastest way to do it, and oyu just ride the side of the square gate. so easy.
  5. I like the look of all the plat changes. Losing Blue OH Pokes of Doom is a trade worth making for combos I like the look of more, more options with all this special cancel and gatling shit, and that FUCKING AMAZING OD 236236D SUPER. Its like Im playing extend again. Hype for Plat and Hype for L11. Hrmmm. Fun times ahead.
  6. iora

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    uh... what in the fuck are you shitting me?
  7. iora

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    lets play on the online. i play hyde. i need to grind to level this game. help me help you help me. :D?
  8. iora

    [LM] Online Matchmaking

    Throwing this out there that if anyone wants to play ever vs my godlike average bad water fiona, i am usually down Though i will be on UNIEL most the time to grind - BUT if you ever see me on, and wanna play my fantastic decent baddie-bad-bad fiona, just message me about it ^^ psn is iora_onthemoon Just throwing it out there. Why does ps3 not have that beacon system like xbox?
  9. iora

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    visible links to the old versions is prob a good idea. it was very helpful in the MBAACC wiki when my characters had no info in the new version, but some old info from the previous version. its at least a nice starting point. i second having a visible link at the top of each char page like "to see fiona's vanilla ah3 page, click here"
  10. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    i havent been on, since uniel..... because uniel haha i seen GAKU do ID combos with double jump j.h in the corner, and i think that went into 6p loops. couldnt recall the video i saw it in. his normal dust combo does close enough to not need to worry about ID. but theres better than j.d j.d, so you might wanna watch some GAKU videos and x copy his dust combos.
  11. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    in matches im lazy and don't sji either haha! its usually just something ending in j.h missile if i did a L3 steam so i stay heated, or j.d into dp if i didnt steam. the hit box on c.s is REALLY high and weird, theres a lot of spots where you are like "nahhh... no way" and it totally works. i just like using it because it helps me make my combo more stable rather than a straight super jump. dont ask, just works that way for me. next time im on gg, ill see what im naturally doing for heated 2s and let you know
  12. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    ... 5s© > very fast 8 > super jump cancel the 5s© or 2s > very fast 8 > dashing 5s© > super jump that should be the way to do it - theres a explained example with millia in the wiki if you want a little more walk through just read the wiki, you will understand the whole thing easier ^^
  13. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    side note that a lot of the cast after heat 2s can be hit with grounded 5s© then you can super jump so you can do like 5p 6h frc dash 5s© 2s dash 5s© sji air combo and get some meaty damage that way robo is low, but still strong. you just gotta work a little harder for a lil longer than you did in vanilla ac
  14. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    heat 2s is really nice once you adjust your heat gameplay, and i like keeping meterless combos until i get above 50, so then i can do really high dmg stuff with the meter. just my feeling though, but i adjusted to the new heat changes and how his heat gauge got adjusted well. and he DID get air dp, which is hella nice. and post command throw we do get the option to sacrifice damage for good positioning and to be in 80 heat.... he is worse overall as a character but the changes were good imo. i like this iteration a lot in terms of fun factor and options, but he probably is a lil worse overall for it.
  15. iora

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    yep, i check dustloop often and usually just check the sections i read for new posts, and respond if i can this channel has short vids that might give you combo theory ideas http://www.youtube.com/user/nagao08/videos