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  1. Happy Birthday ^^

  2. 632146S FRC (66?) xN Also, all of these are mostly not necessary considering..couldn't you just do any higher stun normal and rc it into (66?) any other normal-RC etc.? I'm pretty sure chipp could have inescapable lockdown with something like 6HS RC 66 6HS RC, and I'm sure everyone else has something similar.
  3. SugataDesigns

    I-No - Sakuran (Combo Vid by Me! :)

    Needs more work!
  4. SugataDesigns

    Bridget Unblocks

    Counterhit, Heavy Slash Set 6 (AKA forward set).
  5. SugataDesigns

    Accent Core Players Guide

    Yomi refers to foresight. You generally "yomi" something if you guessed at what action the opponent would take and took an action beforehand as opposed to actually reacting real-time. As an example, if you used a slow anti-air against an opponent, hoping they would go for an air dash, and they do, then you "yomi'd" your slow anti-air. I don't know the strict definition, but that's my understanding of it.
  6. SugataDesigns

    Accent Core:Chipp Combos

    It depends on the attack as you said, but you're pretty much guaranteed a lot of things off a succesful slashback, considering it lowers Guard Stun to 2 frames IIRC. That basically means from the end of those two frames until the opponent recovers, if you can get any attack active, you can do whatever with it :o~
  7. SugataDesigns

    Accent Core:Chipp Combos

    Definitely. I didn't mention it in my post, but I guess I was thinking that if you think you'll finish the character off through a throw, try just adding in the 3 extra hits off of a down slash or low kick rather than a gamma blade... as you might hesitate one frame to many to get that successful gamma blade in. I personally think the tech throw loop is worth it... but yar. I've been punishing myself with the gamma blade timing and I usually get it off without whiffing it (took a lot of practice though @-@). The reward seems to be worth the effort, but yar, its not meant to be your only knockdown option, just another that you can add to your repertoire.
  8. SugataDesigns

    Accent Core:Chipp Combos

    Gamma blade after a throw has a very tight window for execution. The best application for it is to begin a tech throw loop, as the extra damage you're getting off of only a gamma blade and a 4 hit gatling isn't really worth it at all as the character is OTG. If you whiff it you can eat a combo, so be sure that it will connect if you use it. My best advice is to practice it A LOT before using it while playing with others. Just remember if you're going to be using this technique, you're giving up knockdown, so make sure you can tech throw loop as otherwise you'll lose knockdown for crap damage. From my experience, I've only encountered one or two times when the gamma blade into a simple 6 hit combo would finish off the player. Usually if I notice it will I'm too excited and always think I'll whiff the gamma blade, so I end up just using the knockdown. Point is, I have yet to actually use the crap damage version over the tech trap version. Yar.
  9. SugataDesigns

    Bridget Basics

    There's a reason Bridget is bottom-tier. It means he's one of the worst characters in the game. I don't doubt that. But to say he deserves his own crap tier is pretty exaggerated, IMO. There's a reason he's alongside Johnny & Anji instead of being below them. He may not have the Abare & Damage that they have, but he has far better zoning & movement, which counts for something.
  10. SugataDesigns

    Accent Core Character and System Frame Data

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3253 Just with normal dashing instead of a Rolling Idou.
  11. SugataDesigns

    Bridget Basics

    Well, I'm coming to the point where I'm starting to incorporate rolling idous into my air combos to extend them. With the yo-yo anywhere on screen, from a counterhit 2S or anything that launches them nearby, I can get jS.j2S.jS.j2S.214K.jS.j2S.214K.jS, but after that I can't get the 2S to connect. Should I just end with jK.jS instead? Thanks!
  12. SugataDesigns

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Bitch be packin'. What's unrealistic about that?
  13. SugataDesigns

    I-no vs Axl

    The same could be said of all religions.
  14. SugataDesigns

    Accent Core:Chipp Combos

    I'm guessing this only works on Potemkin?
  15. SugataDesigns

    Bridget Q & A

    FB Roger rush has great stagger time, giving you enough time to do anything you want, really It can be glitched into mid-combo, if you're referring to having a hard time hitting with it.