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  1. Combo Breaker

    https://combobreaker.org/ Games: Rev 2 BBCF KOFXIV and Much More!
  2. [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    It's flausible, and GF Feint after 6H CH helps confirming if it was on CH or block, allowing for a Fafnir followup if it was CH.
  3. [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    So immediately I went into testing and found that Air BR Knockdown does more damage and grants better oki in some cases than regular VV Ender. 6H RRC Combos do big damage if you have 50%. 5H CH BB works on Crouching Baiken, can lead to big damage. 5K still works as an AA, 1st hit is much weaker to link stuff off of. 5P could work as a replacement off certain links. Safejumps on Azami DP followup work. Answer's 1F Counter can be OSed with 6P and can lead to big damage.
  4. NorCal Regionals 2016

    So NCR is happening this weekend. A bunch of Anime games are going to be side events like Xrd and CF. Early Bird Registration ends the day of this post, but you can still go and sign up late at their website. http://www.norcalregionals.com/ Tourney happens April 14th - 16th, 2017. Try to make it, grind out in some games, enjoy some casuals, all that good jazz. Make your time worth it here!
  5. King of Fighters XIV (PS4)

    Could be. Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
  6. Answer Discord

    Uhhh.... What?
  7. [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    Maaan, I was looking forward to more exciting stuff from Sol. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Adding discord info into dustloop

    I second this. There is a lot of stuff that gets lost in the archives of Twitter and Discord, specially stuff with Sol that players don't know exist and miss out on good setups and highly optimized punishes.
  9. [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    It looks like he's about to do Power Geyser with the Sword.
  10. Guilty Gear Rev 2 Thoughts?

    Is it confirmed that the DLC is going to cost $20? And it is splitting people up, even if it's just $20, it’s a pall wall and the game is not even one year old. It's not splitting people up, just a mere $20 didn't stop people moving from SSFIV to AE. Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
  11. [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    Cross the Fingers they revert 5K back and give us SideWinder.
  12. Guilty Gear Rev 2 Thoughts?

    No, it's just an update, every console and pc is getting it for a mere $20 Upgrade, this is not splitting people up.
  13. [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    It's kinda rough for Sol on 5K, but this is still a lokestest. Not too bad. Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
  14. Answer looks pretty Tight REAL NINJA HOURS Also Big Bap Baiken.