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  1. If you're posting a colored lineart, please link to the original artist! Even if you colored it, posting it without credit is as good as claiming you did all the work. Lineart from @hesuke_74 on twitter: https://twitter.com/hesuke_74/status/606883927052001280 "When posting images: Use thumbnails for larger pictures, and link to the original.NEVER hotlink images.Post the artist/source when known."From Zepp museum rules. Please only post images with source, and try to get permission to post the image! ALWAYS link to the original work! Support your artists!
  2. Contributing accurate information and gameplay discussions is rather hard to do when you don't play the game in question. As I stated, I still post as much info as I can in the AC+R Jam forums, when the rare times it is needed, so I don't see your point. Anyway, this discussion is pretty irrelevant to the point of the thread. Let's talk more about how to encourage discussion than why I don't post as much :p
  3. Blazblue in our local scene is very dead, and Persona is not much better. While I mash around in UNIEL (with Yatagarasu and Battle Fantasia as games I'm interested in playing), AC+R is my one main game I'll keep playing forever. But again, that has very little to do with the site itself, and certainly my lack of interest in Xrd isn't the common trend.
  4. Hmm, no. It's just a matter of the game cycles. I generally only play Guilty Gear, and Xrd hasn't been well recieved by myself or even my scene in Columbus. Generally we all played characters that weren't brought back to Xrd, and the new YRC mechanics along with the lack of any interest in new characters left a bad taste in our mouths. We're all still invested in AC+R, however Dustloop as a site has not been since before Xrd even came out. This isn't an issue of site moderation, or even anything I think the moderation team can change, it's just the game cycle. I still direct new players to the forums when I can, and any questions regarding Jam I encourage people to post in the forums over twitter so I can give a more complete answer. However, until my scene cares about Xrd, or Jam is made playable, I probably won't be rejoining in full. I still want this site to suceed, and I'm glad my voice can be heard here to give advice, but overall lack of interest in the content is all it comes down to.
  5. @mAc Chaos I was toying around with the pros and cons of merging all Character forums into one big forum per game, and part of that was this issue: (linked offsite due to resolution): http://i.imgur.com/1LynmAo.png Simple fact is we got too much shit. Blazblue's got 30 characters, Guilty Gear has two different character discussion boards (Which it should, Xrd and ACR information should be kept separate), and you can't even see the Persona boards, let alone the misc fighters. And this is after scrolling halfway down the page! In addition, I agree that the discussion is too split out. Players of one character can't communicate with other players easily, and it kinda makes overall game discussion hard to promote. For instance, Jam's 3F 5P can punish Slayer's Under Pressure if IB'd, but I've ran into Sol and ABA players (and Chipp players in Xrd) that didn't use this same punish with their 3F normals. This disadvantage of course is orginization. It's handy having all of a character's combo, video, matchup, etc, threads in one location. I have feelings on the other disscussions going on in this thread, but having been out of the loop for so long (and honestly not intending on really getting back into things, whoops I'm terrible), I'll keep that to myself. Also, I don't know if this is possible, but if @shtkn can add it, a feature where you can tag users in your posts, alerting them to the post itself. Could be nice for shoutouts or getting second opinions on posts, etc. Yomi forums use this, but I don't know if it's possible on IP forums.
  6. This is the thread for discussing Jam combo theory and finding new combos for the new release of GGACR. Post how to deal with character specific weights and hitboxes, new combo routes you may find, and anything else you can think of that can go in this thread. See next post for list of BnBs and Hitconfirms. --- Her old routes to get to wall loop really don't work since FBPB isn't wallstick anymore. Anything that was ryujin -> charged ryujin still works, but D Ryujin doesn't have nearly as much untechable time so if they're really high up it doesn't work. Wall loops are harder to do it feels. You have to be a lot more consistent and tight with your inputs. How you do your loop also depends on what cards you have. Basic 3 card loop from starting position I've found is like: cS fS 236D land 6H H dash 5K 2H(1) 6H H dash 5K 2H(1) 6H 236K 214D cS 2H(1) 623D Works on everyone but Chipp and A.B.A. I've found so far. Faust also needs to be lower on the wall after ryujin to pick him up with 6H. Chipp you drop a rep of the Wall Loop and just go to 236K 214D etc (It still does more damage than on anyone else, RIP Chipp). ABA specific: cS fS 236D land 6H cS 2H(1) 6H H dash 5K 2H(1) 6H 236K 214D cS 2H(1) 623D (Does about 200 damage on ABA and still gets knockdown so it's still good). You can only do the 236D 6H if they land somewhat low on the wall. It's a LOT higher than you'd think it would be, you basically land then IMMEDIATELY do 6H and your hitbox basically hits the bottom of their hurtbox and you get your bounce and do shit. If they're higher than that you can do sjc jS jH 236K 214D land cS 623D for not nearly as much damage but workable. Without cards you should just be doing her old shit into knockdown/charge card. Sending them high in the air and doing 22D is workable. There's some new stuff out there for sure using 6H ground bounce/special cancel but I don't know if it's optimal... Crossup 236SH is now comboable if you use a D Ryujin. Video of "General BnB with low wall stick": Getting the dashes are very important since if you don't get close enough on the first one you won't be able to get the third rep. Some characters like the Sols or Justice a third rep is needed otherwise they're not falling fast enough and they magically make the 236K whiff (magic). --- Some hitconfirming character specific notes... 2D 236K 236D still works on May and Millia 2D 236D DOES NOT work on Ky, Robo-Ky, Dizzy, Venom and ABA. Maybe more, I'll test. You'll still need to do 2D 236SK 236D like the old days. 6H H 236D DOES NOT work some characters, like Eddie. I'll have to test more. 6H 236D is still available though.
  7. Or Faust, haha. I've found just doing the 2H 6H>H 2H 6H 236SH route the only one worth doing to him, since you can't delay the followup at all and get the height. Fuck Faust tho.
  8. Hi! Welcome to the forums. To answer the dashing question, it's a link. If you're not dashing at all, you're inputting it too early after hitting 6HH. You just need a small dash, 5K has a deceptively long range. To answer your second question, 6H > H is the proper input, you can keep holding forward, but it's not necessary. If it helps you get the dash, do it either way. I personally keep the direction held, but that's just me. If you're still having timing getting 6H > H > dash, try holding FD after doing the 6H > H, and watching for Jam to start blocking. It'll help you visualize when her recovery is finished, so you have a better idea of when to start dashing. Finally, just because it's a bit of a gotcha, but the 6H > H needs to be delayed somewhat depending on which character you're fighting. You generally want them stuck as high on the wall as you can get them, to give you more time to dash 5K.
  9. Another drawing of Jam~ Click here for Tumblr Click here for Pixiv
  10. Amadeous

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Ya'll need to take a class on Network LAN and WAN basics, goddamn.
  11. Drawing I finished up today~ Wish for Xrd. Can't wait to see her come back. Click Here for originial size on Pixiv and Here for original size on Tumblr.
  12. Yeah, on pretty much everyone other than Faust, you have to delay the followup to 6H. Timing varies depending on character, but if you do the followup too soon you'll just OTG them and they'll tech out. Notably are Faust, for the reason of you barely delay it at all (it'll whiff otherwise) and ABA, who you delay as much as you can.
  13. Jam's birthday is the 8th so I finished a drawing I've been working on for her. Fullsize on: Pixiv Tumblr
  14. Amadeous

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    She's about the same as what she was in AC only does more damage now is the reason I got when I asked Ruu the same question.
  15. Finished a Jam drawing, this one is [NWS] so I'm putting it behind a link: STRAWBERRY JAM If you don't have a Pixiv account and can't see it, use the tumblr link: On Tumblr
  16. Amadeous

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Abare and fuzzies. If Kliff touches you he can make it HURT, especially if he has corner + meter. 70% damage combos are not unreasonable in those situations. In addition, he can use his jumping normals to play a spacing/fuzzy guard game and really be a threat to characters that can't deal with it. However, his speed is very slow, he's very floaty, has no reliable reversals, gets stunned very easily, and while his normals are HUGE they're also very slow. Properly fighting Kliff involves a lot of whiff punishing and playing a solid ground game against his jumps. Kliff only needs one chance to win a round, but most characters can kill him before he even gets that. Summed up: his damage is insane, mixup predictable but scary (due to his reward off of it), neutral game is terrible.
  17. Amadeous

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Pretty much the only generally accepted feelings I've heard on that tier list is that Testament and Potemkin are stronger than they appear on that tier list. That tier list is from the last ArcRevo and a LOT of tech was found for both of them since then so it makes a lot of sense.
  18. Amadeous

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Chipp has literally every tool a fighting game character could have; except defense. He's much like 3S Akuma: very strong but needs to be played at the absolute highest level for results. He's just a lot of work to play well so not many players play him to the point to do really well in tournaments. As for the others; Kliff does one thing. He does it VERY well, but as long as you can play around and counter that one thing, you can beat him. Sol didn't change much from AC, and is pretty basic overall. His biggest change was Special Fafnir instead of FB Fafnir, which doesn't give him much. I-No's always had weaknesses, but this was the first game where she wasn't outright bad. She still has her issues of her double-edged sword (her dash) and her reliance on meter and execution.
  19. Whether you're knocked face down or face up depends on how you were knocked down. Being swept, like from 2D, knocks you down face first. Being sent flying like from Jam's puffball knocks you down face up. The characters that don't have unique down animations still use both these values, you just have to pay attention to how you knocked them down to know which it is.
  20. Play me in Guilty Gear

  21. 6H into 6P isn't a cancel, it's a link. You need to wait for 6H to recover completely before you input the 6P. Think of it like playing Street Fighter, or Slayer. If you do 6H xx 6P and not getting a 6P to come out at all, you're hitting 6P too early. If you get a 6P, but the combo counter resets, you're doing it too late.
  22. I honestly have no idea. I have the same issue too though, the 6H H will OTG a ton. I figure it has something to do with her hitbox, the way she falls to the ground means she hits the ground sooner than Potemkin or Robo-Ky despite being around the same weight. I've found a way around this though, in two different situations: 1) If she's stuck high on the wall and you're doing 6H to catch her as she falls, link 6H into cS, then just go to 2H to continue the combo. You're gonna lose damage obviously but you'll be able to set up the rest of the combo to get knockdown. 2) If she's stuck at a more average height after the 6H, DELAY THE FOLLOWUP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Just wait as long as you can to do the followup, longer than on any other character. If you do this, you can stick her high enough to get in a dash 5K to do another rep, but I find it very hard to get 3 reps of the old wall loop on her.
  23. Amadeous

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I should be available for a while if anyone in MW/EC/SE wants to play. Send me a PM here or ask me on Twitter.