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    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    ABA's and HOS's old stages crash the game. The other old stages are fine.
  2. Amadeous

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I'm pretty sure you can't pick the old stages online for some reason.
  3. I can bring a video together. Generally Jam's gatlings are freeform enough and safe enough that blockstrings are an extension of her gatling chart. Some important things to keep in mind though: 5K gatlings to 2S, which gatlings back to 5K. 6P and 2P do the same. 6H is +3 on block and is throw invul. Be careful being predictable with it because it can be slashbacked by aware players. Nearly any non-heavy slash normal she has can be gatling'd to 5D. Makes people keep paying attention. 5K 6H and 5K tick throw is a legitimate mixup against characters with slower Heavy Slashes. Puffball is your safest blockstring ender, just be aware that overusing it can be punished due to its long startup if not spaced well. Try not to use IAD jH in blockstrings. People can IB and throw you as you land. If you do, try to use jH j2K to make it safer. I'll try to bring together a video this weekend. Here's a link to Jam's frame data page on the wiki, hopefully it helps you understand what you can and can't do: http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Frame_Data_%28Jam_GGACR%29
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    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs Auctaway. Your Eddie pressure is legit, first time I've had to deal with that FB used well in pressure, makes the corner a lot more scary. Hate to say it, but my buttons were messed up, couldn't find my normal RC button hahahaha. Good connection though, let me know if you wanna keep playing some!
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    [GGACR] Jam ACR Changes and Discussion Thread

    Quick tutorial video for players who didn't necessarily play #R/Slash enough and can't find a use for her new 3H. It's amazing when you RC it.
  6. Figured we may as well have a thread to discuss her changes in ACR as of the current loketest. Otherwise this thread will be updated whenever the new loketest comes out. [Final Change Log in GGAC+R] + : All charged kicks can now be used at any time (assuming you have the proper card), by pressing the D button rather than the K for the kick's input. 236D will give you a charged Ryujin, etc. + : 6H is now special cancellable, can combo into charged Ryujin and other specials for newer combos and big damage. Groundbounces on air hit. + : 6HH is now cancellable into charging cards/charged kicks. + : Mawarikomi (236S~P) now has strike invulnerability on frames 1-4. + : Ashibarai (236S~K) is now cancellable into charging cards/charged kicks. + : Charged DP is now 3F startup, air blockable, forces prorate. + : FBPB no longer wallsticks, but has more invul and is cancellable into charging a card/charged kicks. + : Orb super has reduced recovery (9f down from 17f), knocks them away and knocks them down, don't lose tension if you get hit before super flash. + : 100 Fists super is now 7F + 1F startup from 7F + 28F startup. No word on changing damage or tension cost though. + : 6H H Followup knocks them farther away than before on block. + : New move: 3HS. 8f Landing recovery (sounds like her old 6H) + : Can cancel 236S~K into 22X + : 22K/S/H charges down to 53F from 57F. + : 22D charge to 50F from 64F. + : Last hit of charged Kenroukaku launches, increased untech time to 90F + : 22D gives one of every card +/- : Change trajectory, proration, and the CH wall-stick properties of charged Ryujin. +/- : 2H now floats lower on hit. +/- : 236S~K now knocks down instead of stagger. +/- : Can't use the K button to use charged kicks anymore, must use the D button - : FBPB no longer causes wall stick. - : 5K prorate to 80% from 90% - : 6H now is GB +10, was GB +20. - : 2H Untech time to 22f from 25f - : Ryujin can be air guarded, no FD needed - : Gekirin hitbox around her foot slightly smaller, crossing up is MUCH harder now. - : DAA recovery now 16F, was 12F - : 6H is +3 now, down from +5 in AC Shoutouts to St1ckBuG for translating some of them on his twitter, along with Shinjin for translating the .pdf. Shoutouts to anyone else who posted vids/info. Overall I'd say Jam didn't really shift much. According to Ogawa right now she's one of the strongest characters, very good and solid before she gets any cards, and once she has 25 meter + knockdown she can go for 22D and just becomes better in every way. She might have lost a bit of abare? But once you get the cards it sounds like her damage is just as high and easy to get as it was, if not better. And her cards are really easy to get now, and since they're faster + you can cancel into them from stuff like 6HH and FPBP you can get a little oki afterwards? Her wall loops are relatively unchanged, spend cards/meter for more damage it looks like lol. So yeah she's still kicking ass and such. As for how her matchups changed, I'm a little worried by Faust and Testament now. Testament seems to have become even stronger at zoning while sacrificing pressure, which is more of a problem for us of course. And Faust is just REALLY good now apparently, and it wasn't a fun matchup in AC. But the game's new, so who knows?
  7. I-No j.K has a pixel one might say is NSFW, but otherwise, no, there's nothing new in the game that's outright "Nudity". Just something the ESRB might have rated this time that they didn't see last time.
  8. Added some more combos with video links to second post. Mostly things I've already posted in this thread, but now with video tutorial!
  9. While it's a little early, Happy Birthday Jam Kuradoberi! (2/8) For full res please see my: Pixiv|DeviantART|Tumblr
  10. First, the Foreword by Zeth: NOW THEN, READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: OFF TOPIC WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. THIS THREAD SHOULD BE USED FOR FINDING MATCHES OVER THE PLAYSTATION NETWORK ONLY, AND DISCUSSING RECENT MATCHES AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS. PLEASE KEEP IT FIGHTING GAME RELATED. FAILURE TO STAY ON TOPIC WILL RESULT IN AN INFRACTION. SEVERELY OFF TOPIC BEHAVIOR SUCH AS TALKING ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE ANIME OR YOUR SOCIAL LIFE WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE 5 DAY BAN. IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT SHIT, THIS ISN'T THE FORUM FOR YOU. MODERATORS, THESE RULES GO FOR YOU, TOO. IF YOU DECIDE YOU WANT TO POST OFF TOPIC SHIT, EXPECT A SUPERADMIN TO BE INFORMED. YOUR JOB IS TO KEEP THE FORUMS ON-TOPIC, NOT ACTIVELY DERAIL. I don't want to be a hardass about this shit, because believe it or not I want to do shit other than scan this shitty thread for dumbasses, but you guys have given me no other option. MAYBE if you can stick to these rules for a while I'll let up a bit, but I'm really doubting any of you guys can manage that. Oh, and if you can't? No PSN match finder thread. The PSN ID thread is enough, and you'll have to search through that yourself for who to fight. So think before you post. Go.
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    [GGACR] Jam Match & Combo Video Thread

    Teresa in latest Mikado 3v3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Ejwd0n8kBGw#t=490 [v Kazuki ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1Ji_2MG6Qr0#t=19 [v Nasu ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1Ji_2MG6Qr0#t=155 [v En ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1Ji_2MG6Qr0#t=289 [v Nage ]
  12. Amadeous

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    Thanks SuperJ, I'm glad we can clear that up. Errol was right about 2/3 7-3 matches technically being closer to 80%, but wrong about it being based on rounds (seriously tell me where you heard that one from). Proceed with your silly Kokonoe arguments k thx
  13. Amadeous

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    First I've heard of that hah. Who made that a standard? It's always been based on a match. Actually I thought of it. That standard is stupid. Bursts carry over between rounds so if you use your burst in round one you'd have different resources and therefore a different matchup in the second round. Fuck that matchups are based on matches. This ain't DnD we ain't doing no roundups.
  14. Amadeous

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    Hold on back up. Errol go take your math class again. SMH.
  15. Gonna post some more combos I figured out based on that above video, no video links for these though. (Midscreen, 3 cards) CH Puffball, 236SH, (236SD) 236D, land 2H 6H 236SH sj jS jH 236K 214D, land 623D: 230 on Slayer with FBPB, 210 without. Note: FBPBless version is more difficult due to higher bounce on 6H. Adding a 2H 6H in place of FBPB seems to help though. AA jS jc jS jH 236K 236D, delay 623D, 236SH, cS jc jS jP jS jc jH 236K 214D: 240 on Slayer Note: The delay 623D should be as such so you're only hitting with the last one, maybe 2 hits of charged Kenroukaku. Adding the FBPB on the first combo should probably only be done on characters who are close to dizzy/have low stun defense ratings like Chipp. In my testing Chipp and Dizzy were ALWAYS stunned by this combo which is terrifying for them.
  16. So I dunno if anyone has much Faust experience, but he's a bitch to wall loop. If you try to do the default loop, you can't get more than 2 reps on him due to his hitbox. You can't delay the 6H H followup very much or it whiffs, which means he's always too low on the ground for a pickup. The thing I realized though is that since his air hitbox is HUGE, this makes it easier to grab him with H Puffball mid-combo. So this is what I figured out for a replacement to the basic wall loop, gets about the same if not more damage for 3 Cards: From midscreen: cS fS 236D land 6H H 2H (2 hits) 6H 236S~H superjump jS jH 236K 214D land 623D There's no dash in between the 6H H and 2H, and 2 hits makes it a lot easier to connect the 6H after the 2H. Superjump might not be needed but it seems to help make it more consistent. Gives you corner knockdown and about 260 damage. This combo works on Potemkin very easily too, and nets you a bit more damage than just 3 reps of a wall loop when he's at full health.
  17. I don't think it was ever an issue. I know I brought it up for all my matches and people were understanding, asked who I played, and said I could since I stuck to Jam. Dunno how it worked out in other matches or if people even remembered but I never heard about any drama. Hell I know in casual matches some people were using macro Justice and still were losing lol. Basically macros aren't an issue.
  18. Holy shit NEC was huge this year. It sucks the hotel was NOT ready for us to go in this hard but I still had a great time. I'm gonna try to avoid doing too long of a shoutouts list here, if you're not on it I'm sorry but I love you too: Shoutouts to Big E for organizing and running these huge events, much love to you. Shoutouts to St1ckBuG for keeping everything running even with the anime tournaments blowing the FUCK up this year, huge entrants in all 3. Wish we could've played GG more than our one match too! Shoutouts to all the players I played against, off the top of my head Mynus, Mahouko, Alzerath, A3R, Skeletal_Minion, Digital Watches, Shinsyn, Shinobi, Bob Washington, Blacksnake, Zidane, Jais, Kenji, Kirbster and probably more that I'm forgetting but I was fucking blown away by the skill level of this tournament. I have to level up so much still! Shoutouts to Montreal folks, I missed you guys and I wish we could've spent more time together and played games! Waiting on MAD next year is gonna kill me! Shoutouts to the other Midwest guys, Good Guy Kyle W and Fleshpounder, Mark I'm so glad to see you doing well! We need to play more! Shoutouts to Chicago guys too, I consider you my second scene (for) now and it was great seeing you all before Frosty! See you all in a couple weeks! Shoutouts to Yakitori boy and Karaoke happening Thursday night! Going to the venue on Thursday was a great idea, so glad I did it. Shoutouts to the guys I met and hung out with at the Copa but didn't get to play against! BBQ you're even more swag in person than on twitter, Sogos I miss you ;-; UNBAN SOGOS! Shoutouts to meeting guys from my scene that I didn't know existed! SoingoBoingo we're gonna play this Wednesday right? Shoutouts to my kouhai Kitsoru for having a fucking mazing Jam cosplay and for being able to mash out people's subs (good job senpai noticed you now go practice wall loops). Shoutouts to my senpai Doren2K for deconfirming, reconfirming, then deconfirming his presence within the span of about 3 days for this. See you at Frosty this time! Some specific ones I want to say, games related: St1ckBuG, that match was too close. To be honest, if it were a set, you would've taken it. We'll have to play more next time. Hopefully we can bounce Jam strats back and forth some, I know you're focusing on Zappa nowadays but you're still a strong Jam player Mahouko, THE BRIDGET TRAIN HAS NO BRAKES! I think you have the heart and mind of a Jam player and picked the wrong character! Doesn't matter though cause your Buri is godlike and I want to play against you more and NOT BLOCK! Mynus, so much for our MM happening lol. Glad we got to play at the Copa and good shit in Tournament! I wish I could've played better but hey that's my problem. Next time it won't be so easy! Digital Watches, your Axl is still too strong, and your Justice is pretty fierce too. I need to find some guys close by cause I'm gonna grind that matchup and figure it out for MAD! Also good call on the Red v Blue teams, it was PERFECT for this event. Shinsyn, I don't think we got to play but I was watching your matches, holy shit I cannot believe your Chipp really started only about 7 months ago, please don't let me be seeded against you for frosty, I don't want to die ;-; Kenji, I had no idea you were from Columbus originally! It's cool to meet you and damn you're a strong player. I'm gonna talk to Sean Howard about making it to Frosty Faustings if I can! Kirbster, we only played a bit and your stick was acting up, but I could tell you play a very patient and smart Jam. Keep it up, I want to see you get stronger and I know Montreal is a scene to thrive in! Zidane and Jais, I wish we could've played more, both of you guys are probably the best players in America right now, and you deserve those awards. One of these days though I want to go even with you guys, so I need to get back to playing more. Circuitous, Good shit in that tournament match! I'm coming for you. I'm probably missing more, in fact I know I am, but this has gone on longer than I expected at this point. Great event, hope to see you all soon, stay beautiful.
  19. Room number for me is 202; I have A Guilty Gear setup
  20. I'll be there Thursday evening and I've got a hotel room booked at the Clarion as well, I'll probably tweet out/post my room number once I get settled in
  21. Why is this conversation going on? St1ckbug's made his ruling, let it stand.
  22. Can I note that since I'm a Jam player the macro glitch isn't too useful? *holds macro, mashes input for DP during blockstrings or something* *gets reversal 22K* Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  23. What Watches said lol. I'll be there along with Circuitous (maybe hopefully) on Thursday and I'm pretty sure Shinobi and other guys from Alabama are coming in on Thursday too. I'm gonna have figure out teammates for 3v3/5v5 too ugh. Anyone want some random Jam player that talks too much?
  24. Amadeous

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    Went down to Nashville TN with a bunch of guys last weekend, recorded some sets of my play along with other good matches. Wanted more matches recorded but sadly only one recording setup. Alphakami (KY) v Amadeous (JA) Alphakami (KY) v Kyle W (MA) Amadeous (JA) v Boom Cube (HO) Amadeous (JA) v Circuitous (PO) Amadeous (JA) v Kyle W (MA) Circuitous (PO) v Kyle W (MA)