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    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    Whenever I click on an award icon to view a user's list of awards, it directs me to a page that gives out errors it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/XI6LyCC.png ...before redirecting me to the user's list of awards just fine. I'm on Firefox, using Adblock Plus and NoScript. Just wondering what's up.
  2. I can bring Guilty Gear AC+R, BBCP, and a PS3 + Monitor of course. I'll also be bringing an LGP for recording to an SD card.
  3. Worked around with that "Do 623D when they're high in the air and pick them up when they land" idea. I got down a basic idea: If the last hit of 623D lands, you can pick up with 6H (whiff) H. Otherwise you'll have to catch them as they land with 6H H and a normal wall loop. The main combo I figured out was: 2D 236D land 623D land 6H (whiff) H 2H(1) 6H H dash 5K 2H(1) 236K 214D. Averages around 200-230 damage. I only focused it on characters from starting position, as long as you get only one of the first hits of 623D to land then the last one, it should be universal. From starting position it works on: May, Slayer, Eddie, Venom (have to do 2D 236SK), Baiken, Bridget, Faust, I-No, Justice (it's really easy to do), Dizzy (have to do 2D 236SK), Chipp, Jam, Kliff
  4. Amadeous

    [GGACR] Jam ACR Changes and Discussion Thread

    Hey so we all know that the mook had pre-patch data and it was mentioned in the patch how "Jam 22D Recovery increased" right? Well I did some digging and the mook gives this data: 50F Recovery, Jam gains 1 of each charge on Frame 5. And I recorded a vid of myself doing 22D in ACR console, which has the patch. The recording was only at 30 FPS, but I got this general idea: 50F Recovery, Jam gains 1 of each charge on Frame 18~20. I'm not sure when exactly she gains a charge, but it's clear it's not really the recovery that was changed like the patch said. It was the frame on which she actually gains 1 of each charge. So uh...whoops?
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    [GGACR] Jam Match & Combo Video Thread

    Teresa visited A-Cho a while ago. Had a good set that was recorded. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZjBIFqiKUM&feature=player_detailpage#t=2403 Vs. , , ,
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    [GGACR] Jam Match & Combo Video Thread

    Kuni v Teresa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6IuGRwrJoA
  7. Amadeous

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    Alpha Attack @ Arcade Legacy, 10/12/13 Tournament: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xtAgO93GAg&feature=youtu.be Finals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UP76fUBfug&feature=youtu.be
  8. Not bad damage at all, but I'd want to test dropping off the last 2H 623K so the combo ends in 214D. I feel like getting that knockdown and forcing them to wake up in the corner is more important than the maybe 10-20 extra damage it adds. Definitely a great find though.
  9. Gonna bring my laptop + LGP for recording purposes to this. If you want to record these money matches/any other exhibitions, let me know on twitter or something
  10. Rooms booked for Thur-Mon. Gonna get there Thursday for maximum time on Friday to hang out.
  11. Amadeous

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Dunno about any special tricks, but it might help to know there's a 10-frame "FRC Reject Miss" mechanic. Basically if you press 3 buttons during a move, you can't attempt to FRC for 10 more frames. So you can't mash it, of course.
  12. @FaultyD: no, you can't Negative Edge slashback inputs. You can't SB with this glitch.
  13. That's fine Essay, and I appreciate that. I was giving a general 30% based off of my own experiences. I've met a lot of other pad players who play competitively, as you say, so I may have been a bit high with the number, but that doesn't refute my point. There are a lot more pad players that use macros than Justice players that use macros. I feel it's a fair compromise to ban macros specifically for Justice.
  14. I shouldn't have to completely re-learn a button layout because of a dumb glitch that hardly affects my character. Imagine if you had to completely relearn your stick layout for Faust because of Burst Cancelling that Jam can do. That would be pretty stupid don't you think? It's not fair. I'm just suggesting we all reach a compromise so we affect the least number of people possible. Will it suck for them? You bet. There's no perfect solution here. I can tell you right now I can re-learn how to FRC with 3 buttons on pad no problem. Hell, Jam doesn't even really have any FRCs that are hard to hit on pad other than 236P, and that I'll just learn how to FRC with S, K, and H instead of P, K, and S like I do now. That's not a problem. But being told I'm a worse player or cheating or lazy because I've learned how to use a macro that was built into the game for players in my situation to use? Well, if that's the attitude I'm going to face at Frosty Faustings, I'm rethinking on going this year.
  15. Just to clarify; People mentioned that "Outside of the Justice glitch, it's impossible to tell if someone is using macros." Well that's only kinda true. If you're holding down the macros you HAVE to be FDing unless you have no meter (which means you can't backdash either), so if a Baiken player is FDing a bunch and 1f countering all your moves they're PROBABLY using a macro. And since FDing pushes out more this means stuff like mashing VV out of it isn't so great cause it might whiff (which can be played around of course). Of course this doesn't apply to reversals from wake up so there's no way to tell there. Not saying this isn't really fucking annoying for TOs to monitor still, but hey, more info is good.
  16. A) Friend of mine pointed out how, when done during a blockstring, you HAVE to be FDing to use the macro glitch. Just another point to think about. B) I wasn't saying don't ban them at all. That argument is for banning it for ONLY a character who it is a major problem with. Re-read my post.
  17. Right so I'm sick of being called a cheater and/or lazy because I think it's silly to re-learn my entire control scheme because of some stupid bug. So I'm not really going to get into this debate anymore. However I do want to drop off some food for thought. Concerning mainly two points: A) That "mashing" inputs while holding down the macro will always result in easy reversals, frame 1 links, etc. and that B) A character specific macro would "introduce more drama" than a full ban on macros. A) I've seen a lot of talk about how you could, theoretically, mash 214 during blockstun or 623 on wakeup and always get a frame-perfect special move as soon as you are able. But let's think about that, shall we? Let's look at a link in the game. Since I'm a Jam player, the first one I can think of is her 6H, 6P. Now, this is by no means a hard link. I'm not sure on the exact frames to do it, but it feels like maybe 3f-5f? It's tricky to time if you don't know the exact moment to 6P, but once you know it you should be able to do it pretty consistently. But that's it. It's tricky to time. Timing implies that I'm not hammering on 6P as soon as I do the 6H. Anyone who does links can tell you this is silly. That's not timing anything at all, that's mashing and hoping you get lucky. Now, how is mashing inputs on wakeup any better? You're not timing anything, you're hoping you get lucky and get close enough to a reversal input. And in a game "where frames matter", close enough sometimes isn't good enough. You'd still have to time your special input to get that reversal...in which case why use the macro in the first place? You can't tell me that pressing the button would be so much more of a handicap in this scenario that it could mess up your timing. In fact, there's ONE thing that would give you an advantage to using the macro here. Because it's negative edging, that means you're NOT pressing a button and committing to the attack. So if you do 623(Macro Hold) and miss your wakeup timing and you're too early, nothing comes out. But that still happens if you miss your wakeup timing with a button press...in addition, I'm sure many of you are aware of double tapping buttons for reversals or links. When done with a special move, this means you have 4 times the chance to hit that frame link. Once for the initial button press, once for the negative edge, then again, once for the second button press, and once again for the negative edge. At least, that's how it was explained to me. Someone explained to me how apparently, the game holds inputs for specials much longer than for normals? So this point is whatever wrong sure. Point B then. B) A full ban on macros would somehow cause less drama than banning it for one character. Bear with me here as I'm going to pull some arbitrary numbers out of my ass here, but the point is less the specifics of the numbers and more of the general idea, so try to understand. We'll say there's 1000 Guilty Gear players in the country. How accurate this number is, I don't know. That's not the point. Of these 1000 players, we'll say 300 of them play on pad. Guilty Gear is an execution heavy game and many players are pushed to learn stick, so I feel this is a fair ratio. We'll also assume for simplicity's sake that no stick player uses macros (ignoring this glitch's existence here). So, of these 300 pad players, not even all of them use macros (again, ignoring this glitch). We'll say it's pretty half and half, so 150 of these players use macros for FRCs, FDing, what have you. That's 150 players that would be affected by a full macro ban. 150 out of 1000 doesn't sound so bad, but stick with me. Now, let's look at banning macros for Justice players due to this glitch. Again, 1000 Guilty Gear players in the country. Of these 1000 players, we'll say 50 of them play Justice, stick, pad, macro, or not (As there are 25 characters in the game, 1000/25=40, so I feel 50 is a fair number, especially for a new character). So, of these 50 players, maybe 20 of them play pad, and 10 of them use macros for FRC, FDing, etc. So 10 players would be affected by the ban. "But," the argument I've heard, "banning it for only Justice players would cause a bigger fuss than banning it across the board!" Even if every Justice player was against the ban, there would still be 50 Justice players to the 150 Pad players that are only affected by the ban. Now, these numbers are arbitrary and out of my ass, but I hope you see my point. A complete macro ban would affect more players and lead to just as much, if not more drama, than a character specific ban. ...like I said. Food for thought.
  18. How does having a button input on every frame make doing inputs for perfect timing BDCs during opponent's pressure any easier? Please. Explain this.
  19. Nah, I think we have enough Axl and Dizzy players around to keep that from happening at least.
  20. Brett's suggestion would be fine with me, so long as everyone is relatively educated about the glitch. Here's some points I want to make about my argument (banning macros for Justice and arguably Baiken, letting it rock for other characters): -It affects the least number of players. -Players that are affected can learn to play without using macros to FRC. -Using the Negative Edge Glitch with the macro is a minimal impact to high level play (regarding frame 1 reversals, linking combos, etc); It's not a true 1 frame as timing is still involved for the directional input, along with the decision (in the case of a reversal) being made. -Many players that join tournaments would have no idea why and would not understand why macros are banned, alienating them from tournament play. -It is unfair to Justice (and maybe Baiken) players. However, it's unfair to more players to ban macros across the board. -It sets a precedence of debating on what is "too strong" or affects the game too much if more uses for the macro glitch are found. And that's the points I can think of re: banning macro use for specific characters. I'm gonna drop out of this thread for a bit and think things out a bit more, but I'm going to stick with this proposal.
  21. Okay, you can mash 214 during a blockstring while holding macros to call out any lows. I'll just throw out lows that recover fast enough or use mids and highs in my blockstring. Mashing out frame-perfect reversals is not a matter of execution, it's a matter of making a decision. Even if there's some perfect player out there that can mash Volcanic Viper any time the opponent leaves a gap, guess what, it's his opponent's fault if he loses to that; they should've been baiting the DP. As for people arguing that using the macro glitch to make combos and links easier to do: so fucking what? All these things you list like Grab -> Gamma Blade, these are things players already do with consistency. 1F links are nothing new in fighting games. So I ask why is it such an unfair advantage that they're made easier? It's not like landing that 1F link in a combo (especially Guilty Gear) automatically wins you the match. If you want to try to use the macro glitch to do 1F special links easier go ahead! I'll be assuming most players grind training mode enough where they can do that anyway so nothing changes to me! And like I said earlier; A character-specific ban should obviously only be put in place if that character's communities agree to it. If Baiken and Justice communities say "Hey uh if you're gonna ban macros for us then we'd rather not play" or something, then fine! We look at banning macros across the board OR not banning them at all, and put a softban on them for those characters. And considering a softban has been on macros for years judging by some of the responses in this topic, that isn't anything new. P.S.: Honest question, just trying to make sure. I've been to a lot of majors in the past 2 years or so, and I know I'm new to the GG scene. How many people who are arguing "macros need to be banned" have actually gone to a tournament outside of their scene in the past couple years? I know this mentality is a regional thing, but I can say I've never seen a tournament held in the MW to ban macros, and I'm pretty sure the EC doesn't either. So why is this a big deal that macros should have never been unbanned?
  22. So far the only reason I've seen for banning macros globally in this thread is "because it's not that way on arcades and it gives people who use them an unfair advantage." Well, on pad (or modded sticks with a smaller throw) it's easier to block Eddie "unblockables" because there's less travel time between 1 and 4. Clearly we need to ban all pads and modded sticks; it's an unfair advantage after all! And it's not even like the arcades! How shameful. What 4r5 said is right, what Dusk Thanatos said is right, what Digital Watches said is right, what shtkn said is right, what I've been saying is right. Banning macros is a ridiculous out-of-date idea perpetuated by people who don't even know how they work. If macros are really a problem with this glitch, WE'VE ALL AGREED it's only a problem with Justice and ARGUABLY with Baiken, and so it's not a big deal to agree not to let players use a macro when playing one of those two characters. Also; as a counterpoint to "macros are unfair because you only press one button instead of three": How do you expect to negative edge off an FRC? It's damn near impossible to do Baiken's Instant Overhead Yosanzen FRC -> Tatami without negative edging the Tatami input, something that's MUCH HARDER to do when you're using a macro. Anything else done this way (negative edging a special directly after using a macro) is harder as well. So uh...how, again, are macros magically easy mode buttons for people? And since when does being able to FRC easier make you good at Guilty Gear? I thought you would be good at the game because you could make good decisions, had good fundamentals, could read situations well...all those sorts of things that make fighting games 2 player games.
  23. I still feel like it wouldn't be that hard to enforce a character-specific macro ban. Character select -> they pick Justice -> make sure they don't have macros mapped... If they pick a problem character they don't map macros. Anyone else is no big deal. Considering most players check buttons before a match anyway it's not like this would really interfere with tournaments. Not seeing why this makes it too hard and we have to ban macros for everyone or not ban them at all.
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    [GGACR] Jam Match & Combo Video Thread

    Kakarocks showed up in this last batch of A-Cho, spent a long time on the cab and really kicked some ass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O7Gs-Bpdpc
  25. Apparently it's plinking SB and FD. Yes, apparently this works. No, I don't know why. Anyway, my vote is still towards "Ban macros for Justice players" (or perhaps just using the glitch in this way, as this is much more obvious); any other problem issues can be dealt with as they become apparent.