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  1. I wish you could 236K through Megolomania. "YOU LITTLE SH-WHOOOOOOCHAAAAA!"
  2. This is how I now imagine Sol acting. All the time.
  3. Honestly I think the nose is fine. If the right side of her head (her right, our left) was brought in more, and the eye changed to accommodate, it'd help a lot. I suppose you could argue to recess the bridge of the nose more, but that seems more subjective than objective.
  4. Sorael, I really just want to say that you need to brush up on facial structure. The coloring's amazing and the anatomy's fine everywhere else, but the head just seems to be shaped wrong, and the facial features seem to be pasted on, with no respect to the planes of the head. Something like George Bridgman would go miles for that drawing.
  5. Yeah I know, I got out of GG for a while so I didn't post here, and now I don't have a PS3/360 so I can't even play BlazBlue. It's terrible.

  6. Some progress on my Jam picture: http://zodion.net/bn/aRGH%20FREAKING%20LEGS.jpg'> http://zodion.net/bn/aHAHAH%20VICTORY.jpg'> I think the names in the URL speak for themselves. I'm planning on drawing a new lower body on an entirely different sheet of paper, then splicing them together with photoshop. EDIT: 4 HOURS LATER, I HAVE A LEG THAT WHILE IS NOWHERE NEAR MAKING ME HAPPY, IS SOMETHING I CAN WORK WITH. I'm going to take it into Paint Tool SAI to clean and color it, and hopefully there I can actually do something with the legs to make it not look like crap. Ugh.
  7. Working on a picture of Jam myself, doing a bit more action. http://zodion.net/bn/jamcomplete3small.jpg Will post later once it's actually...done.
  8. Amadeous

    Blazblue Doujinshis [NSW] 18+

    That and sprite sex. Don't forget the sprite sex.
  9. If I recall correctly, Zappa is (unknowingly), a very powerful medium and conductor of spirits. Basically, S-Ko and the other ghosts were drawn to him because of this, but as of now they've taken a liking to him and want to stay with him.
  10. Amadeous

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    Alright, so that helps make a bit more sense then. Asians already have a natural disposition towards the magic of Chi, and more training brings that to the surface. Now the question is why Jam's trained to use Chi so effectively. The best guess I can hazard is that many surviving Asians after the Crusades started to learn Chi in order to better protect themselves should it ever happen again. If that's the case, Jam could just be more of a prodigy than other people, with her strength and control being at a high level for her young age.
  11. Amadeous

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    From her fighting quotes against him, an annoying weakling that keeps getting in her way. She doesn't seem to appreciate him hitting on her either.
  12. Amadeous

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    Here's a question I've been pondering, but I haven't had access to the supplementary materials so I'm wondering if it's been answered there. My question is why is Jam so darn good at manipulating Chi? The most information we get is that she's naturally disposed to using it, but I'm not entirely sure that's a good reason. She seems to be nearly as adept at using Chi and Ky is at using Lighting, another form of magic, but Ky's also a warrior and has a piece of the Outrage. Jam's just a chef who happens to kick butt. Baiken also uses Chi, but only clearly in her dust, and it seems rather weak, especially when compared to Jam's manipulation. So I'm wondering if in any of the voice dramas or manga this is answered. Right now my guess is that her hairclip might be a piece of the Outrage. Angi's fans show that they clearly don't have to resemble weapons, and since Chi seems to be a type of magic that is best used through hand to hand combat, it would make sense to not be a real weapon. I'm also aware that a headband is usually used to help one concentrate, so the hairclip could be something along those lines.
  13. I made another drawing of Jam...but it's not done yet. ;-; http://amadeousfenrir.deviantart.com/art/DONUT-CHAN-MAKING-AN-ENTRANCE-72629010 I decided to give her a different outfit from her normal one, going for a more casual look. Also her...can-thing...says "Jam" now because I can't write whatever it says on it normally. I can't wait to ink and color this though. ^_^ Oh, and I've taken it upon myself to start calling Jam "Donut-chan", because of her hair and that she loves to cook. <3 Donut-chan.
  14. Oh wow, some of this stuff makes me cry. WHY CAN'T I BE THIS GOOD? Here's my only GG fanart, made recently: http://amadeousfenrir.deviantart.com/art/Guilty-Gear-Fanart-Jammie-69811970 <3 Jam