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  1. Play me in Guilty Gear

  2. "Man, I remember when #R wasn't out in the states, and we had to run modded PS2s and import an actual disc from japan (Okay, not if you had the cool kind of mod, but still). Just bite the bullet and JP PSN it. Ultimately you spent 3x the money on your stick anyway, so it's kind of silly not to have the game when it's so easy (There's a handy guide posted for doing it, too). " Thank you Watches for saying everything I've wanted to say

  3. Yeah that's the one. Didn't realize it was on Youtube. If I discover/think of anything I'll be sure to let you know!

  4. 90-hit 100% damage combo on Potemkin. It's from a CMV named "Hurricane Streets". It might be removed from Nico, tell me if you can't find it.

  5. Been had that +R. Sup?

  6. well, I guess that's okay. cool!

  7. Hey do you have a Ky CMV named "Holy Diver"? Apparently Shinobi made it but doesn't have it anymore and was hoping someone somewhere would still have it. Thanks.

  8. Thanks haha. And thank shktn for that, I had to run one too and it was <_>

  9. ok, see you in 2 years then

  10. going to EVO this year or still too poverty?

  11. Hey since you've had the chance to actually play +R against other people, how's IAD gekirin still? I know from messing around in training mode the crossup hitbox was nerfed A LOT, I can only seem to do a crossup on Potemkin. Wondering if you've had luck with crossing up with it in a real match or if IABD gekirin is the best use of it now?

  12. Any chance of seeing you at EVO this year?

  13. Yeah from now on just like, PM me here or get at me on twitter and let me know. Better than driving everything further off-topic.

  14. sounds good, thanks again for taking the responsiblity

  15. I assumed you were gonna make it ASAP, but if you want to hold off that's fine, sounded like people weren't too happy with it in PSN General

  16. probably this weekend then, since I normally play earlier cause sleep. I want to see your Sol and Slayer progress!

  17. why havent we played guilty gear yet

  18. Just so we're clear, I'll pick you up from the airport at NEC? Sanoshi's flight comes in around 9 pm so if you're flying in at 9:30 we can either just wait for you or leave and let someone else pick you up. Up to you.

  19. Hey Teyah, since you've got mod powers on GG Online Play and as of now playing GGAC online is HIGHLY region dependent, would you mind editing the OPs of the XBL/PSN directory threads to include everyone who's posted their info and sort them by region? It'd be really nice. Thanks.

  20. You can go ahead and edit my posts in the Chie matchup forums to put some stuff in the opening post. Hell, you don't even have to follow the guidelines I started with.

  21. lemme know how the pot bonus for GG at NEC is shaping up, if I can I'd love to contribute to it

  22. Just wondering if Robo-Ky's ACR changes as of the last loketest are as big a deal as I think they might be. I just see "builds heat while blocking/IBing/FDing and also backdashing and I start to think "welp he's done"