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  1. I know I went into training mode and did it a few times on non-crouching/non-CH, but yeah must be connection-height specific. If anything it should be easier than 2P though since 5P is 1 frame faster.

  2. How tight is the j.2K -> 5P link? I was playing against Luis in some casuals at SJ and I managed to do it without thinking, tried it in training mode and it seems REALLY tight, I'm almost thinking you have to start your dive kick at a certain height. Also in case you didn't see, Buckeye Airdasher Cup is tentatively marked for late winter/early spring, I'm gonna try to help bang out the details as it goes.

  3. I got added right around the game came out, just been organizing as much info as I can. Haven't been able to as much due to personal things coming up, but those are dealt with. Anyway! For Chie specifically, learning your range, pressure, and neutral game is the most important! Being able to not only get in through the opponent's pokes (because 90% of the time, theirs have more range than yours), but also STAY in and not let up momentum is key. Match videos are good for this, but also attacking a blocking training dummy can help.

  4. To answer your question, nope I don't play BB much at all lol, I just wanted modship there because at the time, I wanted to be able to speak about the wiki since I was one of the few really working on it. Even then the general consensus is BBG mods are just there to be janitors, and don't really discuss the game that much. So...shrug!

  5. I'm already giving zero fucks, just now I won't get arrested for it! Thanks!

  6. well time to find a new avatar then, just a matter of looking through my gigs of jam art. also thanks~

  7. Eh, GG's got kinda a rep for hard execution, but it's really not all that bad. Speed you'll probably be used to since you've played BB (unless you're fighting a good Chipp, but that's his character).

  8. Looking at the last loketest she was baaaaaad haha. Hopefully she gets something back, because right now she's got way too many holes open in her zoning for her lack of mobility and huge hitbox to not matter. Also Justice Install (the move where she gets her airdashes and such back) is strong but if you don't finish the round with it GGs. Hopefully she'll be stronger in the final for sure.

  9. I spoke to my lawyer about my life insurance. He says it's probably for the best if I just let you have Chie modship. That said, if I end up really liking the game when I play it, I'd be happy with working on the wiki and grunt work on the forums.

  10. Thanks, not sure if I'm going to try something new with coloring style yet.

  11. From what I've found, if the followup kicks land you're generally unsafe on hit/block if you're basically inside them as you're landing, because of the frames of landing recovery, and you can be grabbed out of that. But I haven't done any real testing and you miiiiiiiight be able to 1f jump/6H to bait a grab. The first initial dive kick will always be safe though if the others don't come out.

  12. I actually edited some lines and I like it more now, but I think I'm expecting too much of myself :/

  13. arts~ (actually not all happy with this, it's just not as good as I wish it would be) http://i.imgur.com/pQjiB.jpg

  14. Oh, yeah. Lol that would be around 200 dollars. I got a PS3 Slim so I have to keep my PS2 around, hopefully it doesn't die :(

  15. What, really? I figured you could get a used PS2 for like, 60 bucks these days. Sheesh. I guess you could try emulation, but you'd need a badass computer and it would probably cost more than the PS2+game anyway. Truth about that last statement though. As long as you have one person to play against you can get good.

  16. I know a lot of people still play #R because it was the only one with online for a while. Hell I think even now lots of people prefer Slash, mostly because they dislike the Force Breaks and Slashbacks. Personally I started with Accent Core, so going back to #R was hard for me. As for execution requirements, it really depends on character to character. Though honestly, I can't imagine the game would be that fun to play using a delay based netcode. I can normally do pretty well in delay 2 and I can manage in delay 3, but I've fought an Eddie player who struggles in delay 3 and can only barely get by in delay 2. Really I think the best part about getting GG on current gen consoles is we don't have to haul around PS2 sticks and CRTs.

  17. I really only play GG seriously. I enjoy BB and KoF13 enough, but I've never given them the time they need to sit down and learn everything that I have to, in order to be competitive. They're fun games though, and I like them. As for the GG that's been announced for PSN/360, it's looking like a revised version of Accent Core. AC is the latest release of GG, introducing Force Breaks (EX moves), Slashbacks (parries), and revising the balance. ACR (the version for PSN and 360) is going to have some minor balance adjustments along with having a playable Kliff and Justice, two characters that were always considered banned. Your friend probably plays #Reload or Slash, older revisions of the game.

  18. Way to dodge the point I was making. Stay free, eat a dick, etc. etc. When you go to MI chat to talk shit about me and cry about this, be sure to say hi to them for me.

  19. The funny part is I've talked to Proto and Luna about this. They don't like the feel of combos, and Proto feels that the game is too hard for new players to get into. Both kind of silly reasons, at least to me. And talking about playing it does not mean you play it. I talk about KoF and BB all the time, but I hardly touch either of them. And fuck, why don't you ask Brandino for advice. Seriously. If you all talk about it so much, you'd ask him for help. So I don't get my information from offhand snips. If I'm wrong about all of this, prove it. Go in on Guilty Gear like you're all so ready to do. Pretty much every GG veteran is willing to help if you ask. Hit training mode and learn your character, get your matchup experience against each other. The Buckeye Airdasher Cup is coming up in early August, plan around that and come on down to prove me wrong. Or you know, keep spouting bullshit in an attempt to save face. God knows you've got the experience for it.

  20. Is that why all the quotes I see out of MI chat are nothing but why you guys don't like GG. And certainly you've all been asking Brandinoli to bring it every casual meetup he shows up to, asking him for help with the game, and in general giving two shit about it. I mean if you don't like the game, fine. Come up with better excuses than "I don't want to try" and for fuck's sake, don't pretend that you really care about it when you don't.

  21. I'm more or less annoyed by you putting up a front of being interested in the changes when you don't even understand the basics of the character. Or acting like you're interested in this game period, considering I'm fairly certain most of MI's stance to GG is "man this game is too hard and I don't want to get bodied by good players ;-;". Like, I'm not expecting there to be a scene there for anything more than a week.

  22. ...Why? Like Circ said, we're all clamoring for information regardless of which character it is. And I'm pretty sure plenty of people have been looking at Robo-Ky's changes anyway. And I really hope you're not counting yourself as a "representative" for Robo-Ky, since you don't even play the damn game.