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  1. Just letting you know I'm gonna start to finish up the skeleton for the Eddie page soon; adding in all the frame data and such for his normals.

  2. I was thinking of doing Axl and Eddie next since we have people looking at doing those ones, and I'll go ahead and take May too then. I already finished up O-Sol this morning, so you don't have to worry about doing that one. Thanks!

  3. Just curious what pages you want to work on next on the wiki. I'll take whatever you don't want.

  4. Stormlocke I was just wondering if you wanted to work on the Robo-Ky wiki page and customize it yourself. If you're too busy or not interested, if it's cool with you I'll probably copy and paste a lot of your guides from the forums for the page. Thanks!

  5. Oh shit, it's TB's birthday. Happy birthday dude :D

  6. Alright, his skeleton is finished so whenever you get the chance you can go ahead and work on it. Thanks a ton! (Also what do you want for your birthday)

  7. Yo, tonight after I finish up the I-No frame data I'm gonna start on the skeleton for the Sol page. I'll try to transfer over all the current info unless you're fine with re-writing it.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I've been filling out the skeleton for the I-No wiki page, but I still need to fill out the frame data. I'll be doing that tonight, so if you want to start adding in-depth detail now go ahead.

  9. Well like I said I'll finish up I-No first, after that I'll probably work on Faust, Millia and Venom. I think DI0 said he'd do Sol's page too so I'll ask him about that, if he's waiting for a skeleton I'll do that after I-no first.

  10. I've gone ahead and started to work on some of the other wiki skeleton pages, I feel bad asking you to do them, haha. I'll finish up the I-No one soon and probably start the Rob-nevermind, I'll start one that you haven't beaten me to! Haha, good shit.

  11. Alright, cool. I'm gonna try to meetup with St1ckBuG at Final Round and actually learn something from him, too, so I'd be happy to be whipped into shape before then.

  12. You said you were gonna be able to netplay accent core this weekend right? If you're not too busy actually playing offline, that is.

  13. Thanks for helping out on the wiki! I believe Shaffler has started the skeleton for the Bridget section, but you should still refer to the Jam , Ky, and Potemkin pages for a better idea of how to finish it. Thanks again!

  14. Woo, thanks! I'd get started on some of the other pages but work is killing me right now; going to be out in Atlanta again early March. Maybe I'll have some free time there.

  15. If you're doing the GG page skeletons can I request you do Potemkin's soon? I might have a friend come in to work on it and I'd think he'd prefer not to have to deal with the frame data. Thank you so much for your effort so far though!

  16. I know I've seen "Amadeous" used before in other games, buthaha nope I don't use anything other than my listed PM. Hell, the fact they were playing Rachel should've been your first hint...unless they were mad free.

  17. Happy Birthday Mr. Super Administrator Man, keep up the great work!


  19. Dustloop appears to have glitches on my iPhone and now your avatar is pasted in a row over the top header. I demand to know what witchcraft did this.

  20. Well I want to do one for Jam obviously because <3, but the other one is just with Lambda and Tartar being adorable.

  21. Oh and I have to work on a valentine's day picture too, probably going to do two of them :

  22. Tomorrow! That's why I have to get it done lol :3

  23. Heehee, unfortunately last night I started shading and it was just URG so I'm gonna have to scrap it and finish it tonight. Ah well :