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  1. I'm starting to think I'm not gonna be able to make it, sadly. I've got student loans on the way to pay back and cash is running a bit tight. I'll try to make it out to FR at least though.

  2. Doot doot working on Jam's birthday drawing :D http://i.imgur.com/WnHhp.jpg

  3. yeah that's the thing, if I did go I'd have to go on Friday which is when GG and BB are being played right? I'd probably miss it in that case. At this point I'm really just looking forward to PowerUp obviously, I'm thinking of going to Arcade Legacy's grand opening instead of WB to try to drum up some GG hype. I don't think I have the money for WB right now, sadly.

  4. I still need to check with my boss, I'm out in Atlanta the 6th through whenever for some IBM training course, I'm really hoping I can fly out early on IBM's dollar to make it.

  5. Well I got back from Michigan's ranbats yesterday night, glad to finally be going to local scenes and drumming up the guilty gear hype. The good news is that I managed to win first place and get some people who wouldn't normally be interested in GG to watch and get hype. The bad news is I got burst grabbed like, 4 times by the same player and fought a potemkin who made me look free whenever he scored a knockdown. Must practice harder!

  6. we need to get you a spinning tsubaki avatar


  8. Sorry man, I just made a gut call to close the thread. I really don't think much more could've been gotten out of it. Sadly, yeah it was only one idiot, but when one idiot manages to derail the conversation to "complaining about how new members shouldn't try", well that's just sad. I'll probably open it up in a few days when they've cooled down.

  9. Do you use any IM/Skype/whatever still? I'd be nice to chat without having to deal with IRC

  10. I finished up that Jam dress, posted it basically everywhere lol. Maaaaaybe if I get bored I can try a green palette but I think I have more drawings to work on first.

  11. Haha, sorry to burst your bubble but you're far from the first to make that joke. Thanks though!

  12. Sanoshi :D we need to draw together again sometime, maybe I'll be able to draw something that doesn't look so bad ;-;

  13. alright, my plan is just to record the game directly so I won't get poor quality images, then just go frame by frame and try to cut out the sprites. The real worry is the FB, some of them might get obscured by the FB flash effect, but I'll do my best to work around it.

  14. I'm thinking tonight I'll get around to getting screenshots of AC only moves for the GG wiki to pull the sprites from those, so far off the top of my head I need to get Jam's 6H, 6H H, and Ky's 6H, any other moves I should get?

  15. Well, finally managed to get some footage of me v. DI0. It's pretty long at 40 minutes, and looking over it myself I'm already seeing what I'm doing wrong. Netplay was set to delay 3 if it matters, thanks for your help. Edit: forgot the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfFlP9JMqmc

  16. Hey St1ckBug, I've been trying to get better ever since getting blown up at NEC, and training with DI0 TrollBadguy. I'm thinking soon I'm going to record some matches, you mind if I ask you to do some analysis on them?

  17. bleeh I'm sorry but I think I'm not gonna do that green jam dress, the pink just works too well ;-;

  18. do you still have that link for the colored jam picture I sent you last night on facebook? I'm at work and I want to have it >_>;;

  19. I designed an outfit but I am debating how to color it, sleeves/underdress being the same color, maybe a white, with the rest red and other colors? I'm not sure, seems that's what I always do an I want to try something new. http://amadeous.tumblr.com/post/14949571951/whoops-i-made-another-sketch-i-swear-ill

  20. Sorry man, I don't think I'll have the cash for it. See you at Winter Brawl though if you're going.

  21. Just wanted to say good work on the Tsubaki wiki page; helped out when I worked on the Jam page.

  22. If you haven't seen it yet and still want to like, actually learn Jam, I've pretty much finished up her wiki page: http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Jam_Kuradoberi

  23. Ayo, just so you know, I'm definitely going to make it to Winter Brawl in February, but I'm still hoping I can make it to FF. Also if you get some time I've been working on the Jam page on the dustloop wiki, hopefully I'll be able to finish up what I can today.

  24. Not yet, I still want to go but I dunno if I'm gonna have funds; I'm planning on getting a car within the week here so I'll know by Sunday.

  25. Alright, sounds good. I know it's only like a 90~ minute flight for me so I should be able to get out that day, but I'm not sure about getting a ride to the hotel out there.