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  1. Haha, nah. I'll probably start looking at prices and such later in the week, have to work late tonight.

  2. You still looking for someone to split a room with at Frosty Faustings? I'm still debating on going, and I'd like to room with a group or something to at least help with keeping costs down.

  3. I'm thinking going Kim/Kensou/King. Team Racist

  4. Not sure on who's actually going to run it, but it sounds like Brandinoli'll be hosting the hotel and everything, and as of now it'll be a 10 dollar fee to cover food and such.

  5. No idea, they're still planning on it. Probably going to be a hotel in the Detroit area, by the sounds of it. Hopefully it's on the weekend though.

  6. Yo I'll look with my parents about seeing if I can go up to Michigan if they have their New Year's Meetup, do you want a ride? I'll have to check with my parents if you're driving up so you can leave the car at the house, plus I dunno if you could stay a night if we head out in the morning.

  7. Yo would you be interested in going up to Michigan sometime by the end of the year? There's some planning of a New Year meetup some place and I'm debating on going, and I could probably pick you up on the way if you needed a ride. Bolverk-GTM might end up riding along with us too.

  8. I miss staying up till 4 in the morning on forumspring.

  9. We need to play GG again sometime D:

  10. I just read through all the old forumspring RP shit we all used to do. I miss staying up till 4 in the morning doing dumb shit like that ._.

  11. lol, no problem, you going to NEC? I'll be there getting tips from st1ckBuG probably lol.

  12. D: well don't worry I'm sure you'll find something

  13. so apparently I'm making 8k more a year than I thought I was going to originally, haha. Shit's awesome :D

  14. woo survived my first week at work \o/

  15. Well you haven't showed up as online for me for like, over 2 months so I'm assuming Pidgin is being dumb. Went ahead and tried to resend friend request to see if that helps.

  16. Woo thanks! First day went well, though I couldn't do much since they didn't get my laptop in D: Also are you on MSN much anymore, or has my Pidgin decided to drop you from my friends list?

  17. Fuck yeah I start working tomorrow~! Makin' money :D wakin' up early D:

  18. Get on skype sometime so I can dump a bunch of drawings on you :D

  19. I think you might be able to get into IRC if you use a dedicated IRC browser like chatzilla instead of just going through the webchat.quakenet.org browser in-window. That's just my guess though.

  20. Try getting back into IRC, I just got done being splitt'd. Also, good work on the GC update =w=b

  21. Oh haha, now I got netsplit too! OHC confirmed for being dead for a while then =A=

  22. yeah no kidding, OHC is super dead right now too. I need someone to talk to =A=

  23. Did some digging, apparently the netsplit was caused by a DNS going down somewhere and so everyone who got d/c'd won't be able to access quakenet.org till it gets sorted out! Ain't that fun :I

  24. https://sites.google.com/site/ggxxaconline/setup Get this set up and PM me if you want to play sometime, I'd like to see what you got a Jam :D