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  1. today was payday for me.

  2. Zenmetsu

    Honnou Bi-weekly GO! Stay sharp in summer!

    Too bad I couldn't make it last night. Seems like the showing was larger than Wednesday. I was up all night working and as much as I'd like to extend my stay in Norcal my boss needs me back down south so I'm leaving by 2pm.
  3. Zenmetsu

    [CS2] Litchi Changelog

    The post lengths in this thread are huge.
  4. Zenmetsu

    [CS2] Litchi Changelog

    Damn I finally get what HeartNana's avatar is from.
  5. Zenmetsu

    [CS2] Litchi Changelog

    うおっまぶしっ! Edit: Well if it's anything like all the other loketests, nothing matters until the final product so I'm down for riding on the nerf/buff lawllercoaster. SIPPIN' LMAONADE WHILE WATCHING PEOPLE RAGE
  6. Zenmetsu

    The Future of NorCal INSTALL! γ-3 [Monthly Ranbats]

    So many Asians. *Shoots self*
  7. Zenmetsu

    [CS1] Litchi vs Hakumen

    I felt like I just read a bunch of generalizations.
  8. HI GUYS Sorry to render and Mike Z for bailing on the 3v3 early! Thank you Id for dealing with all my demands and overall pushiness. You're real chill -- hope I wasn't too pushy! Uuuuuum. HI.
  9. Looks like I missed all the drama regarding tournament organization because I'm out traveling. From experience, I can say that organizing a tournament of this caliber is so stress-inducing on the group running it that it has the potential to break even the most tight-knit friendships. I'd elaborate but it's not my business to have to go into details and I'm sure most people could get the gist of what I mean by reading through the last few pages. It's too late now, but my suggestion is that the next time there's any animosity (which will be inevitable as you do more major tournaments!) you guys either discuss the aftermath IRL or at the very least within the privacy of PM's. We're all big kids, except Ray who is permafifteen. Major props to Korea John for organizing something huge. From my perspective as a regular attendee, it was successful and smooth. Kind of like when giving speeches, the audience usually can't tell the speaker made a mistake unless they explicitly state they said something wrong. All the last few pages did was make me curious about what went wrong, when it's clearly none of my business.
  10. how did u know i was black?

  11. Only if you're good at whitewomenworkout.

  12. i read u good at litchi and to get at you. wanna play with me one day? i just started playing blaze blu.

  13. It's pronounced 'wa' but the particle is spelled using the 'ha' character. When typing in romanji I don't feel like either is right or wrong, but when typing in Japanese it definitely needs to be 'ha'. Also, Hokuto no Ken is great.
  14. For some raisin I think secret challenger Rod would take the cake.