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  1. Venom's library of ball formations

    It is not necessary to get black balls to enhance BRO. Regular balls can enhance it. The fastest way for that is just set then BRO. If you want the fastest way to get a black ball: Set > CR or SA QV > CR or SA Holding 2 ball then releasing is easier to charge but slightly slower YRCing can give a lot of black ball possibilities But because you want black ball into BRO. I'll say just a regular set or QV then CR or SA However, the opponents pressure is situational and matchup dependent. You don't need to directly make a sequence. You can move or wait then complete
  2. Venom's library of ball formations

    Venom library of ball formation: Venom P formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJWtIzVUdtXp2MvjSVZr1AmH Venom K formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJWNC7tg0bWH_LXkDGWsW_wE Venom S formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJVVJWuEhw_vqQRGTTbc7auW Venom HS formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJXrCn7TzkF5X77yKwTBpD5z
  3. Venom's library of ball formations

    Thanks, finally I made it visual
  4. Dizzy info/guide

    The guide visually translated with more additions: I'll add more vids of course but currently this covers the guide visually. Hopefully it will be useful Dizzy theory: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJX-ATWk_OobeMGhL1mxz7-f Dizzy normals: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJUPSRS3mpThNbvoJP1Lbb Dizzy Specials: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJXeCFzjU30P2f1-f0EShLaX Dizzy combos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJX3D00Jz_yy9p64gMUJb6yp Dizzy j.236P/K: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJUlNyoB3PKv8MMfb3xwqsCv Dizzy 236S/HS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJW6tQsngN1wO8FrOymbWHkb Dizzy 236P/K: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJWqKvCRgWPFuvmQNIt02m_4 Dizzy 214X: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJWuDeeN4LxdFhyi3JAzoUzX Dizzy 421S/HS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJW3dMzCkXVoJmUvHkZoIw04
  5. Venom's library of ball formations

    Will make the guide visual in my YT channel: and I will add more content
  6. Dizzy info/guide

    Guide is visual now in my YT channel Dizzy normals: and I'm adding more content
  7. Dizzy okizeme compliation

    Thanks, this is very helpful
  8. Dizzy info/guide

    Additional little thing about 6HS: 6HS/Charged 6HS YRC is good technique. You can charge and make a fient or do it to escape from blocked strings.
  9. [Xrd] Dizzy Gameplay Discussion - "Onegai, yamete!"

    Hey, thanks for the helpful posts. I think Dizzy is different in Xrd. I didn't play the older games but watched some videos and felt its different because in Xrd, there are different stuff, mainly YRC. I think Time management is very crucial thing , YRC allows different things in Xrd like combinations/sequences, buying yourself time to put more summons or position yourself. Dizzy is very meter dependent I think and the early game is an uphill battle. I agree with you that some moves needs to expand the hitbox like j.236p/k and 236s/hs. Its unfair to lose a match because your well-calculated move or your combo ender whiffs. About j236p,236k: Whenever I have the chance, I give them priority but I still need more ideas to make them more useful. Doing bubbles>YRC>hit helped me to keep opponents away (Both P and K), it was something like feeling, If I feel they will be very close, I use P bubble YRC and If there is little distance, I use K. Other uses of bubbles is movement unpredictability and buying aerial time to escape..etc. Maybe not easy to hit the opponent with a bubble but when you do try to be ready and don't miss the oppurtunity, I lost much oppurtunities by not noticing. After bubble hit: 4S, 6HS, 6HS(Charged) or air combo are some of the options, I prefer Charged 6HS if you are close and ready because it gives kd time but if you want some time you can use 4S. For raw landing, its depending on the height, I use j.K and j.HS, Late j.HS worked great for me and if it hits you can connect 2HS, it has other uses also and needs more testing and if you get CH its fantastic . I don't know about j.D but its fast and needs some testing and if you hit with it, the reward is good. For IAD: some of the strings availabe: j.KPHS , j.KSD (whiffs on crouching), j.KPS(Delay j.S to not whiff on crouching), j.KPPHS(cannot be very low). Because you want to exclude the j.p>j.hs, the enders are limited to j.p, j.k and late j.s(needs timing). j.D is out because it needs j.S. IAD>j.D hits crouching but if they block the 2nd hit whiffs and no strings happen when landing. As for after landing, I think prioirty goes for jump cancellable normals. If you have meter and they are blocking, you can use 6P>6HS>YRC to be safe I think 2D>D Fish or a fast special is a good option? About throws: yea there are many decent options, others like IAD, or 5k>air combo. You can use the kd time to set a summon or a bubble near the opponent (possibly a bubble setup?). I don't know if its worthy but you can rrc 4s when staggers and combo with a throw About D Fish: I think its pretty useful specially against zoners. The good thing that its fast and maybe something good to end strings/combos with 421HS YRC: It has different possibilites, mainly two. With or without holding. With holding, you get something like eddie. But without holding, its possible to keep them up and send them by hitting HS but it requires certain timing (holding breifly, a bit after YRC starting). For Using one or two and holding the others, its a specific time of YRC breifly after the creation. Thats all I have for now, hope I helped you
  10. Dizzy info/guide

    Just a little addition about D Fish: Uses: Variety because of its speed, Counter (specially for opponents with projectiles, long range attacks), Fient, Gurading to add second summon. Normal and movements followup: D Fish is filler. Special followups: 236p, 236k : Covering the air and the place of the ground where they might hit (beats air+hits) 421s, 421hs : Works if you condition them to retreat or doing nothing. (may beats air attempts specially with 421s) 236s,236hs: depending on the matchup, this may make a safe pillar attempt? j.236p, j.236k: I think it gives great coverage. (Beats air or ground depending on timing/spacing) YRC for more time to act
  11. Froom noob to pro: a mini-guide

    I never talked about links in this topic. I'm covering different topic which you clearly didn't understand. I'm talking about fighting games in general and never about specific sub-genre and in an abstract sense. If someone don't know the interval of a normal, he will miss an opportunity and thats a part of what seperates a good player from a new one. This may look obvious to you but for new people its not. And you don't have to say stop the act becsuse im not acting and I'm not teaching the good people here. Im just writing some info. Thanks!
  12. Arcade sticks guide

    Hi everyone, I'll put a guide showing how to solve the common problems using an arcade stick and how to use special techniques...etc Stick mastery road is endless as the combinations are unlimited and you may look for some examples like Sako or Desk as being true Arcade stick masters. You don't have to be like them, you can have your own way and you can be proficient with what you need only. Direction and buttons notations: I'll use numeric for directions and SF normals for buttons 789 456 lp mp hp 123 lk mk hk What grip should I use? Different hand sizes and physics matters, and personal preference plays a role also so there is no certain grip for the stick. If you are comfortable with a grip or if you like a certain grip, choose those (The comfortable one will be easier for you and the one you like will push you to the limit even if its hard). Try going to each direction with your grip and do clockwise/counterclockwise full circles to check your grip. You can use any grip with practice, so if you really like a certain grip but feel its hard, stick with it and keep practicing. How many fingers should I use? Actually its depending on the game and if the game is not demanding, one finger actually is more than enough. However, additional fingers will help you. So, again, its all about your preference and the game you are playing. For singular presses, you can use one finger or more to divide the buttons. For multiple presses, you must use multiple fingers. You can use whatever fingers you want but the most common one for singular presses is the Index, Middle and Ring are for mediums and heavies usually and thumb for lower parts(lk,mk usually). Little finger is not common but can be used if you are ok with it. Examples: Single finger: hitting the six buttons for non-demanding games Two fingers: To divide the buttons (ex:lights and mediums for index and heavies for the other finger) and for multiple presses (ex:lp+mp) Three fingers: To divide the buttons (lights,mediums,heavies for seperate fingers) and for multiple presses(ex:lp+mp+lk) Multiple presses examples: (lp+mp+hp): Index+Middle+Ring (lp+hp): Index+Ring (lp+hk): Index+Little (lp+lk): Index+Thumb (lp+mk): Index+Thumb (lk+mp):Middle+Thumb (mp+mk): Index+Middle (mp+hk): Middle+Ring (lk+lp+mp): Thumb+Index+Middle (lp+mp+lk+mk): make your fingers close to each other and press by the whole fingers not only the tip How should I press the buttons? Pressing the buttons should be swift and not hard. Hard pressing will not give you any advantage while swift one will give you more time and you will utilize this time (combos,reactions...etc). Practice hitting the buttons swiftly instead of hitting hard or wasting time on unnecessary delay. You will get faster with time but keep in your mind to be as swift as possible. This is an example for Sako hands (very advanced but will give you an idea): Hovering your hand: Many players put their hand on the empty area of the controller and just move little to press with their fingers. Thats not wrong, but hovering your hands and moving your hand in the air while it seems tiring specially when you are not used to it (Like the way done by Sako in the previous video) will give you more time and that will improve your reactions and make your button presses and sequences faster. Double Tapping: A special technique used to minimize input drops. Start with middle then index in the singular motion (may be tiring at the beginning until you get used to it). For a succesful fastest double tap you get one frame gap only between the two inputs (ex: lp,1 frame gap,lp). Keep practicing to make it faster and this is a video showing how to do it. I can't double tap lp: A common problem for double tapping. Know and keep in your mind the location of the lp button, then start at a higher point when starting to press so you don't hit other buttons. Piano: Not used much but still a special technique used previously for minimizing some combo drops or for certain inputs (like SF4 chun-li). You press successive buttons with different fingers just like the piano. It needs long time to master the different combinations and its not used much nowadays so mostly it will be skipped. Holding: Holding a button can be required for some games/characters. Its very easy to do but need practice if you want to use other buttons. Usually Little and Thumb are used to hold while hitting the other buttons with the other three fingers. ----------- Now we will talk about Directions and how they frustrate players, I'll try to cover common problems as much as possible. Note that most of those barriers like "I can't do it" or "I'm not fast" are usually just mental illusions and you just need to practice to do them. Directions: Try to imagine the square-gate or any other type as buttons that you must hit by moving the stick. So if you do 236lp you get a hadouken, you are hitting 2>3>6>lp. Its never a true circle so dont decieve your mind by that. Focus on getting motions right first then speed up little by litte. Don't rush things because the stick (specially square-gate) is sensitive and an error can be very costly. Remember also that you must press buttons after completing the motion. Charging: Moves that require charge are not hard at all in stick but you may get mistimings and not do a complete charge/drop the charge. So focus on the point that you start charging. For fast charging you need to start charging at the moment you start the previous move (jump,attack...etc). example: 1(charge)>7lk(Flash Kick)>1(immediately after 7lk press). So you go from 7>1 very fast. You may not be very fast at the beginning and drop the charge but do a special practice by going up/down, left/right. Start slowly, then speed up little by little. Also focus to get the full charge because sometimes its only your timing mistake. I can't do a Hadouken: Maybe you are very slow or you drop some directions. If you are slow, don't worry, just keep doing it right and it will speed up. But if you drop some directions: 23 instead of 236: You are not going up enough, try doing 2369 to eliminate the error of not getting 6 and fixing it with time 36 instead of 236: You are not starting from the usual starting point, try doing 1236 26 instead of 236:You are moving diagonally without hitting the direction, remember that I said think about them as buttons, Focus on hitting 3 26 and 236 general problem: In some games like GG, you have do a crouching normal then chaining it with a forward normal. To not get mixed with a hadouken motion, Try doing this 2>5(neutral)>6 instead of going directly. I can't do a dp: Same concept as hadouken, but you mostly don't do it as it should be, try doing 623 and holding 3 so it not go anywhere else and mess with your input. 23 instead of 623: Focus on hitting 6 first 63 instead of 623: try doing 6123 to eliminate the error 62 instead of 623: Focus on ending it with 3(your holding point) I can't do something (supers...etc) on one side but I can do it on the other one: Doing it on one side is way better than not doing it at all. Try to learn from and imitate your working side. Don't forget that its an illusion saying you can't do, just do it slowly and practice until you speed up. It might be frustrating but be patient and you can overcome it. Mostly you are not doing it in a match because you are not calm and want to do it as fast as possible which is mostly not necessary. I can't do circular motion (command grab usually): You are not doing a full circle, you are only hitting 6 or 7 directions (depending on the game). So you start from 6 or 4 and hit the following directions until you reach 7 or 9 for 6 directions and 8 for 7 directions (632147[8] or 412369[8]). Practice by warming up as mentioned in the beginning by doing full circular motions, this both ensure you are hitting all the possible directions and make you practice the motion itself. I'm confident with my execution but moves not showing: Your execution is perfect but the problem is something else (most probably timing) I can't dash/airdash ..etc but I'm sure of my input: Directions are like buttons but you must hit and hold in the correct timing to make it come out. Dash(66) is usually fast and Instant airdash for example (96) in games like GG needs specific timing, you hold 9 very shortly then hit and hold 6. I can't do Instant air stuff: Usually instant air is just adding 9 or 8 after completing the motion. Simple talk but needs practice and don't forget timing is the main problem (button press and jump). so for example 2369, you can do it correctly but if you hit the attacking button early you will get grounded version 236, if you delayed it slightly, you will get the aerial one. If you delayed it too much, you will get a higher aerial version. Its all about hitting 9 or 8, if you can't hit those directions, practice hitting all the directions and doing circular motions..etc My super 236236/214214 is not fast enough and I can't get it by cancelling a normal: For some demanding games, you must or have option to cancel the normal to a super very fastly. However, you think you are slow while you probably not. Its because of being a tiny area and you are traversing it repeatedly. If you are confident with your speed add some extra input like "2361236". Alternatively, you can physically move your hand and enclose the quarter circle stick area so it be like a little circle "2365", and after that you can do two fast mini-circles and get the super. ----------- So generally directions are simple on paper but just need practice and practice, and don't let your mind fool you by saying you are slow or can't do certain stuff because you actually can overcome those. To overcome any situation: 1- If you are missing any direction, try hitting one or more adjacent direction to ensure hitting it and eleminating the error eventually. 2- Try to hold the final direction briefly so you don't mess your input. 3- For complicated motions, break them down and practice the parts first. 4123641236 can be acheived more easily if you mastered the single 41236. 4 - Sometimes, you must focus on the direction so you don't miss it instead of adding adjacent inputs. 5 - Sometimes its not your motion problem, timing and button pressing timing ...etc may be the problem 6 - Go for the longer way to ensure the shorter one or even make it faster if you are still slow (example:41236 instead of 236, even some top players do this technique) 7 - Remember that most of the barriers are only illusions that you can get rid of by being patient and practicing. 8 - Practice simple stuff, you may not miss 236 but why not improving it. 9 - Practice different combination of movements even if not practical. It will make your movement more smooth and precise. 10 - No need to be very fast and miss if you have time to do it slower. Try to do things slowly then go faster little by little.
  13. Froom noob to pro: a mini-guide

    Hi everyone, I don't know if this is the proper location because this is general for FGs. Maybe obvious things but I hope it helps. There is always a gap (usually big) between noobs and pros in FGs. However, the gap can be minimized and actually it remains bigger than what it should be because of many aspects but we will focus here on the abstract ones that everyone can acheive. Stuff like training, some game specifics, muscle memory and practical aspects will not be included. Instead of what everyone tells you and the "get good" or whatever they say, I'll try to tell you how to improve yourself by having some abstract understanding. Instead of giving you a tremendous amount of technical "parts" like frame data, I'll try to give a whole image. Some of what I'll say will look obvious but its important to know. Please also note, this may helps everyone not only noobs. 1 - What is the game? Usually, you have two characters fighting each others and your goal is usually to reduce your opponent HP to zero. You will have a specific time limit for rounds or matches and a certain space to move within it. You have specific tools "Attacks" that has a certain space(usually called hitbox) to achieve that and you have defensive options to stop your opponent's attempts. To reduce your opponent health, you must hit them with your attacks. So here what we have: * Time limit * Stage or Arena space * Two characters (or more) which occupies a space within the stage * Attacks that hit the opponent to reduce damage (by making the hitbox contacts with the opponent) Why I'm saying this when its very obvious? Because many new players don't know whats happening. They just press buttons and don't know what to do. Stay calm and try to hit your opponent. When a new player whiffs random normals without looking at his opponent, this is a big mistake that can be avoided from the beginning and will give a big improvement. Mental preparation is always a good thing. If your opponent is in the air, hit them with anti-air ....etc 2 - The whole technical image: They always tell you this frame and that pixel but they don't tell you the whole image and that may confuse you or make your play looks strange somehow, you are doing whatever you want then in specific situations, you are hunting those details like frames. If you keep in your mind that those details are always there you may improve (mid-level and high level specially). So for beginners: You have Time limit, lets say 60 seconds and if your game is 60fps then you have 3600 frames per round. You are going to fill those frames or lets say "time intervals" with your actions (moving, attacking..etc) Imagine it as a video and in the following we use SF Ryu as an example: and of course the space is also there, so we have two interrelated aspects which are time and space (Frames and pixels). Why I'm saying this? Because most people tend to think about technical details for specific situations while its much deeper than that and its actually for the whole match. Of course you can approximate because its almost impossible for a human to play a frame/pixel perfect game. However, you can create well-timed scenarios with correct timing and spacing without them being setups, combos or other common things. For begginers: The importance of this will come in the next points. 3 - Humans vs machines Fighting games can be dull for machines, when the machines block everything, attack at exact ranges and can do impossible things (Like a complicated motion in one frame). But for humans, its different, you will have errors and you will not block everything so thats why FGs is more about human errors. Mixups for example will work on humans but will not work on a strong AI. Why I'm saying this? To know what to learn or avoid when you play against a cpu and when you play against a human. Many things also like tier-lists are debatable because of this concept. Machines(On-paper) will give you very different tier-list than Humans(which is practically variable also) 4- The new players and pressing buttons: New players usually are in two categories, the ones who mash as much as possible and the ones who hardly press any button. The first one thinks he will land attacks all the time and the second one don't know when to press. If we tell those two players about frames and intervals we may have two better players using normals at better times. So If we say: Move X has 30 frames. Usually the players will have a gap after inputting Move X like in the following scenarios: * New player not pressing anything: Move X(30 Frames)-> Gap(200 Frames) ->Move Y * New player mashing: Move X(30 Frames) -> Gap (Variable but can be very hight) -> Move Y * Good mid-player: Move X(30 Frames) -> Gap(20 Frames) -> Move Y * But if the player knows the correct timing: Move X(30 Frames) -> Gap(0~2 Frames) -> Move Y Notice the difference and how you properly "Fill the gap". Examples: *Ryu cr.mp(whiffs)->Gap(0~2)->cr.mp *Ryu cr.mp(whiffs)->Gap(0~2)->cr.mk->Gap(0~2)->Hadouken *Ryu st.lp(whiffs)->Gap(0~2)->st.mp(whiffs)->Gap(0~2)->Shoryuken Notice how more scary the new player will be if he knew when to press buttons and making true sequences by filling the gaps. Why I'm saying this? Note than you can delay your hits on purpose. Generally, for a beginner or even a higher players, if they knew they could hit directly after certain intervals(and of course despite the visuals sometimes and according to frame data), they will do more stuff and can be much more stronger. As we said before, its like a video and you are filling it with your actions. You have for example 3600 frames for actions, why not utilize as much as possible of them? 5- Forming blocks/strings: Usually after hitting the opponent in some games, you can do special additions like cancelling or chaining, whatever it is, you make a big block of actions together instead of one. However, the timing will be different than whiffing and you may be at disadvantage sometimes. New players usually don't know about difference between intervals in whiffing/hitting scenarios and what to do next. 6- Know your options and what you can do next: You did something and you can do many things after that as sequence. Keep every option in your mind. This is an example of some of ryu possible sequences (Actually there are many many options to do). Sequences are not limited to any number, you whiff for example 10 moves and you can add the 11: You have many options available and if you keep in your mind the different possibilites, you can deal with a variety of situations and can be unpredictable.
  14. [Xrd] Dizzy Gameplay Discussion - "Onegai, yamete!"

    Timing and spacing. You must be very close also to hit with 421H. If the charged 6H whiffs you probably doing it very early/high If you are close and 421H doesn't hit, you probably cancelling very late,not doing a full charge or doing the charged HS very late/low. Try practicing this part separately, to know the timing of charging and cancelling
  15. Dizzy info/guide

    Actions after Fishes: Aerial Fishes: Aerial Fishes can be followed by the same things followed by a bubble but the recovery is more so you need to be higher if you want to follow with a jump or IAD ..etc Normal followup: Aerial Fish>Airdash or airbackdash Aerial Fish>Jump or IAD (need to be high enough) Aerial Fish>Aerial Bubble Aerial HS Fish>Dash>Aerial Bubble(Hit) IA aerial fish: - IA P and K fish: Covering little air then ground instead of all-air or all-ground - IA S Fish: Very High laser - IA HS Fish: A good laser position (in the middle between the ground S and HS laser positions) - IA D: Higher counter which may has its own uses? Ground Fishes: Ground fishes are slow and usually the combinations with the previous ones are same but in reverse order of hits. Normal followup: P Fish>Dash and do your combo or mixup K Fish>Do a long dash or IA double airdash/airdash to hit your opponent and combo (depending on position/situation) K Fish>IA Double airdash or any cross movement for a mixup (depending on position) S Fish>Dash>Jump (to get guarded by the laser) HS Fish>Long Dash>Combo or mixup (depending on position/situation) D Fish>Anything Special followup: P or K fish> Wheel (Corner frametrap/deadlock) K fish> Ice missle (Fast double tracking, P fish the same but with no tracking) K fish> Fire missle (Double tracking but not as fast, P is applicable also) P or K fish> Pillar (Safety net or frame trap) S Fish>Wheel (if your opponent in the air or you predict a jump, multiple air hitting) S Fish>Dash>Jump>Bubble(Hit) S Fish>Missile (Much variable scenarios but will give you good control) S Fish>Pillar (Combo on hit) HS Fish>Missile (same as S but grounded , however, the opponent will be pinned after the laser block which might increase the possibilty of hits afterwards) HS Fish>Wheel (If they jump, they will face this) HS Fish>Pillar (Safety net but need timing/positioning) YRC: You get more time to act after summoning which increases the possibilites, following with wheels or missiles is the same but alter the order the hits or make them go simulatenously : P or K or HS Fish>YRC>Dash or IAD>attack (Safety net but with different timings for each fish) P or K or HS Fish>YRC>IA double airdash or any cross movement (mixup) HS Fish>YRC>Long dash>attack (Safety net, usually full screen or far range) P or K or HS Fish>YRC>Pillar (Frame trap or safety net)