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  1. Fan Boy

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Sorry to bother you fellows, with your very very technical and deep arguments, but can I ask somethin'? What happened to the OP? It's not been updated with info. : (
  2. Fan Boy

    / Stages in AC....wtf?

    So, uh, for the Wii it's a little different, I've noticed. I've unlocked a couple of EX characters I've never reached or beaten (;_ but... I've also got one unlocked illustration, Special Illustration 10. I've also not gotten one Arcade Ending I haven't had to fight for. I really don't get it for the Wii version. @_@ Not that I mind, I've been playing this whole time to get these things. As in, I don't leave the system on, I actually play. : p
  3. Fan Boy

    / Stages in AC....wtf?

    This works for AC Wii as well, right?
  4. CPU on maniac? D: I think I'll get insta-trashed. I'll give it a shot, though. Now, this is a little character specific, but please don't kill me for it. : ( What's a good starting move/game for Sol? Best thing I can think of is 6S, but that's just a starting hit, and it move them away from me. That's no good. GV is not very safe, and BR is prone to anti-air. What to do?
  5. The one for Wii. There's only one that I know of, at any rate. Yeah, yeah, I own the Wii version. ._. And I'm trying to learn Sol and Order-Sol as best I can. I keep playing Survival and see how far I can get, and make it a point to try to implement new moves when I fight. Recently I can pull off VVs consistently, and have started on Fafnir (not hard to do, just trying to see if I can combo it into something or if I should just segue into a TR), trying not to whiff it. I do Survival because it brings in all of the cast, so I get practice in against everyone. Is that a good idea?
  6. I should certainly hope that GGXX:AC sold better in the states; it deserves all the sales it can get, really. Hmm, a few other questions: What's something important for a noob like me to learn? Is the Hori Arcade Stick decent?
  7. Thanks for filling me in. I didn't know they corrected it for the American release. I suppose in Japan they resorted to the arcades; I know that GGAC:Wii sold less than 1000 copies. For a newb, what's a good thing to start learning? I've started learning Sol, O-Sol, Chipp, Jam, Anji, and Bridget. Any general tips? Oh, and a silly question: Are Justice and Kliff unlockable? Something tells me they aren't.
  8. Kinda lame that this is my first post here, but so be it. I currently own Accent Core for the Wii, and enjoy playing on the Gamecube pad (works better than most people would think). This being the first 2D fighter I've owned (I have played GG and 3rd Strike tons at my friend's house) I've a couple of questions: Firstly: The Story Mode seems to be lacking the small scenes that I recall being present in XX (PS2) and #Reload (Xbox). Is this particular to the Wii version? Secondly: What's the word on the tournament scene for AC in terms of which version they use? I heard that the PS2 version had, sadly, gamebreaking glitches, like freezing and such. I know the Wii version has none of those. However, the Wii Remote/Gamecube pad are generally detested by those that play fighters. So, what do people do? Use the Hori Stick, or ... I dunno, spend tons on Arcade machines? *laughs* I'm asking what version you guys own. PS2 or Wii? If you own PS2, do the glitches ever bother you?