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  1. Not really, I think she's been A in 2 or 3 games (AC+R included) and B in Slash, and she seems to be going for the Slash route this time around.
  2. Loketest started already, and so far, I can't see nothing but darkness for Millia players. (Pls don't suck new badmoon)
  3. Shhhh, can you guys hear that...? That's the sound of my broken heart shattering into pieces.
  4. Considering that some random guy on Reddit said 3 weeks prior to EVO "Dizzy will be revealed at EVO" with no source whatsoever and it happened... I wouldn't count this one as fake just get. Remember that these kind of leaks tend to be leggit somehow
  5. MX_Engellier

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Well, the whole "Freeze attacks and activate them later to deal damage" sounds appealing to me, also, since I'm a huge fan of the Fate series (Specially Stay Night) I tend to compare Es to Arturia and Mai to Cu Chulainn, add the fact that Mai's spear/attack can change it's trayectory mid air just like how Gae Bolg would and you've caught my interest pretty hard.
  6. MX_Engellier

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    God damn. I'm not a huge fan of BB myself, but holy crap are the new characters interesting. So far I'm dying to try out Nine, Izanami, Es and Mai.
  7. MX_Engellier

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    New Nostradamus right here boys.
  8. MX_Engellier

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Oh boy, brace yourself.
  9. The thing here is, that her strongest Oki tools are way too f***ing unreliable, take her K Fish as an example, you need to have "the feel" of how fast every character wakes up in both face down/up position in order to delay precisely her Fish so that it becomes a meaty, you don't need that kind of knowledge for Millia where you can just knockdown > HS Tandem Top > Mixup. And even if you somehow screw up the Tandem Top you can just 2K/2S to avoid a backdash/jump and go for a mixup anyways. That's why you see most of the Dizzy players (Myself included) just going for 2D > H Fish since it's more of a safer choice, and, while H Fish may be an easiest Oki compared to the P/K version (Except on certain characters like... Ky/Johnny I think where even H drake whiffs), it lacks of mixup options, and yeah, you can just summon P/K Fish > Meaty 2K > Blockstring, but come on, any of you guys that have played her enough time to get a general idea of how she works will agree with me when I say that doing that isn't worth because of the mixup options compared to a proper K Fish meaty/H Fish. And, I'm just throwing this one out, but I actually don't think she's more technical compared to before, she just needs REALLY bad some QOL changes, mainly, make it so that her P/K Fish are less of a pain in the a** to use as an Oki tool, if they do this single little change, even if they don't change her awful buttons (fS trading against certain 5P? The f***?) it'd be okay, since you'd still have to work you a** off to score a KD, but now you could ACTUALLY focus on pulling off the crazy difficult setups instead of going "Oh crap, let's see if the Fish doesn't whiff".
  10. She's weak IMO, most of AC+R Johnny mains were destroying both randoms and the good players in the very first week (See Karinchu for example), I use Johnny as an example because both of those characters are quite challenging to master, and even like that it was pretty obvious from the get go that Johnny would become huge in the future. Meanwhile, THE Dizzy god, Kazuki, after 2-3 weeks of her release and a huge ammount of training with her, finds it difficult to win even against randoms (And he got completely destroyed by FAB, and yeah, while FAB is the best potemkin around, I think it's weird how Kazuki couldn't win a single fight against Dizzy's previous best MU)
  11. Well fuck me, the two things that I feared the most became true. Dizzy no longer has her awesome j2S and her fish is one command only instead of two. Well whatever, gotta figure how to make her work now.
  12. Am I the only one here who's planing to keep up awake until Dizzy is out?
  13. I've seen a couple of videos around on twitter of her charged Ryuujin (Not sure if 1, 2 or max) let her combo out of it.
  14. Because there makes no freaking sense that an attack goes above her head and still she gets hit by it? Maybe? Hell, they still won't fix the fS hitbox that even if it cuts the other dude in half it won't actually hit them. It was for clarity, so that the hitbox actually matches her forward dash animation.