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    GG, BB, SFV, Smash, BloodBorne, other dark games. Martial arts, archery, running. Real life anti-hero.

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  1. Having a real IAD is amazing. I had one question for veterans of the character. How do you IAD into empty low?
  2. DrKatz

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Hey all! I'm a Zato player from East Coast, and I'm pretty determined to pick up Arakune in CF. I used to play him way back in CT, but he seems more complicated now. Some people tell me I should main Relius. But what do you think would transfer over as a Zato player? Anything besides negative edge?
  3. Perhaps it is. I was not aware of that if it was. Interesting.
  4. Was the recovery on j.D significantly reduced? I know these aren't CPE combos. But as the game feels now, after a j.D it seems you need to land and can't immediately IAD. I'm just wondering how strict the timing will be for these amazing combos.