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  1. Tsak

    Grand Viper in Accent Core FAQ

    if OS is doing predictable RIs you can GV under that on reaction pretty much (lv 1 only though)
  2. shoutouts to -R0b0t for buying me a shot after he got into top 8 with my brother and being an awesome dude in general, get that faust exp! -My brother Senkei for winning the GG tournament. yea hes pretty good -Mulligan and VR my fellow state brothers. good shit mulligan for still placing high, and VR thanks for letting me use your pad in causals when my controller broke! -Bar that i wasted all my money on -That guy who gave a cookie to Dora and almost made me die laughing with his cookie moonspeak translation talk -Souji for getting a bajillion winstreak on the projector making it look like he was in the training room against people -Controller for breaking so i didn't waste 10 bucks to get bodied in the GG tournament for being super rusty -Mynus for talking to me about guilty gear characters and theory fighting etc
  3. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Seems to be lighter and crisper than I remember on the ps2.. Sent from my ADR8995 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Tsak

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: Tsakan2 location: Crownsville, Maryland characters: HOS, Sol hit me up for some games, ill definitely be down to play make sure to message me you're from dustloop otherwise ill probably just ignore lol
  5. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    haha yeah i got mine in 8 hours. GG seems fairly perfect, though playing with people from japan is totally not happening for me
  6. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    i caved and bought some cards off japan-codes for the japanese PSN. any idea how quick they come in or is it random?
  7. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    i look forward to seeing you on the battlefield -friendly neighborhood greek
  8. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    lol daigo wasn't that bad, he COULD DUSTLOOP
  9. Tsak

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    sounds like you need to work on your blocking just spend a bunch of matches blocking and trying to defend against his pressure once you can successfully block his oki/mixup etc you should have a better chance if yours doesn't succeed right away. blocking is huge in GG and trying to reversal spam on wakeup will get you killed quick. CHs are very unforgiving in GG so take heed when you decide to throw out moves. etc
  10. Tsak

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    normally to get a GB crossup you'll end a gatling combo->KD then gunblaze immediately after to get behind them and then do another GB to actually cross them up with it. you can get them into decent oki game if you start switching the 2nd GB with some low or high mixup or some tick throws etc. the longer you delay sometimes the better (the 2nd one i mean) and some characters this won't work on (faust comes to mind because his foot hitbox is retarded)
  11. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    epic! i can't wait to play this on ps3 when the NA version comes out. ive only played GG on the arcade once and i could actually hit FRCs alot. whereas the ps2 version it was like a 50% thing. :/
  12. Tsak

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    CH 2D -> CC -> 5S in the corner also :P
  13. Tsak

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    1- charging fullscreen isn't bad depending on matchup, sometimes you need to have that charge time, but characters like faust/potempkin will punish you for charging 2- sometimes you might wanna toss in a lv 2BHB so you can push them into the corner and keep your pressure up if they are getting wise about your oki game. you could also go for tick throws which will also bring them to the corner. 3- you don't need to frc lv 3 because the stagger is long enough, otherwise its fine. but you want to be judicious about your meter use, you don't know when you'll need to DP RC or lv 2 savage fang for punishing (its like instant in 1/0 frames or something so it will hit them if they aren't blocking when you cast it) 4- CH 2D can also be a charge cancel -> dash-> 5K-5S dloop (j.H/j.D in the corner) depending on the spacing so 2S 5H sjIAD combos aren't bad but remember about that 5- it is spacing, the closer you are the better chance you can get a dash 5K combo off. if you have 50% meter and you aren't sure of the spacing you can also go for 2 fafnirs and it will KD with respectable damage for an easy combo 6- fafnir is mainly a low mixup with very very good CH potential, i mainly use it for punishing or fishing for CHs. learn the moves that fafnir can punish (slidehead on pot if you're in range) and you'll know when to use the move
  14. Tsak

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I think resets can be very useful, even if the opponent doesn't go for the reset you can usually pick the combo back up for a kd if they're playing possum with their tech. (depending on the character of course) the more you can incorporate resets into your normal mixup the further the game goes into your favor. If the opponent is conditioned correctly you can pull some awesome stuff. But then again the better the opponent the harder it is to condition them. Because they've either seen it before or just don't give you enough chances to condition them in a 2 out of 3