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  1. 3) Not just Kshatriya.... OO Quanta Seven Sword did that too. But i guess they only shoot the double beam shoot when they're out of boost at mid-air or when they try to do the "turn around shooting." 8) Well, Infinite Justice only have one very unique melee combo which is starts of by kicking enemy into mid-air and keep kicking him like Crazy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGqgMtoAC54 The reference's at 6.15... so what do i press to do that? 9) (Solved) I already figured out how to call out the meteor by using Infinite Justice...quite tricky . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What kind of of Advantage do Destiny have? If it wasn't because of his " Light Wing Speed Up Thing" (Okay ,i seriously need their techniques list). Alright, so Destiny doesn't seems like a 3000 cost mobile at all with his normal weapons and normal mobility. And he needs lot of time to charge his "Charge+B", yet he shoots slow and he just stood at there for quite long while shooting it. He has no tracking weapons...all he has is just his temporary speed up wings of light. And his mobility seems to be slower than Infinite Justice which is only 2500 and also have better weapons than him. How about this, 00 Raiser doesn't need to charge, he just need to call out Tierra to shoot the big beam for him while he still have plenty of space to evade enemy's attacks. Yet Raiser equipment definitely gives 00 gundam more mobility and speed than Destiny. Don't you guys think...Destiny is a not worth for 3000 cost? --------------------------------------------------------------- I encountered a player before,he uses X1, no matter how i shoot or how i chase him down, hitting him was like impossible ...and because it was 2 on 2 battle, i can't quite just focusing on him alone to see how he uses his boost. But sometimes i realized something of him,he seems like he jumps very high each time ..(i don't know whether the jumping has better chance to evade attacks more than dashing around?) and he also seems like he uses some more boost to jump at mid-air a bit too...or did i just seeing things?
  2. I,ve suk at this game for half year and i have to admit that i don't like the game systems though... So Here's my problems... 1) I use Kshatriya and it's hard to dodge bullets with her slow mobility , and i always end up shooting my partner a lot ..so how do i plan my patterns so i don't end up shooting my front partner? 2) my partner is in trouble! I tried to help...but i keep missing the target who is comboing him... 3) how to shoot her 2 handed slow beam thingie? 4) When is the right time to use block ?(basically) Is it right after i step on the ground to recover boost? Everyone always shoot at me right before i almost hit the ground...is it because they know Kshatriya was slow? 5) How to know if my opponent is going to running out of boost? 6) Any best enemy tracking patterns of her that you could share? The only thing i could do is just 3 consecutive funnel walls so far... 7) Are those who waited for enemy to shoot first are always gain advantages? 8) What the heck is BDdB? I don't know how to do IJ 's crazy looking combos that start with his kicking. So i search the wiki..and they give me this shi*... 9)How to summon the meteor for godsake! I am not talking about the Burst attack but the Meteor that you can fly it around until you die. 10) i remember Kshatriya's 3 funnels,all of it can be shoot out at once...was it being changed? Now i need to use boost cancel to shoot 3 funnels though..