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  1. Yu Narukami as Touya Kagari from Xblaze - CODE:Embyro, Mai Natsume as Platinum the Trinity, Eltnum as Nu-13, and Shana as Baiken Man Sprite Animations are fun. Also, feel free to make PSD portrait recolors with these and/or with my other works if you like.
  2. Here's some more. Shana as Es (Code: Embyro Costume), Taiga as Rise Kujikawa, and Emi as "Me" Man some of these idle poses are boring.
  3. Finally wanted to try Custom Color Sprite Animations. So here I made Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax's Ako as I-No.
  4. Can I request a Naoto Shirogane portrait in this Xrd Faust Color I made for her? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sweet man. Examu Sprites are difficult to make colors with. Do you have any suggestions to make it easier to make colors with Examu sprites?
  6. Finally Done, the P4A cast with Guilty Gear Xrd's PSN Color. On that topic, can I have Yu's Character Select Portrait in that Touya Color I did as well as the PSN Color? Thanks in advance.
  7. Here's a little something I've been working on. Persona 4 Arena Characters with Xblaze Palettes. References:
  8. In that case, could I change my request to have her Sign colors on her Revelator costume? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Tong! BTW, is there even an Elphelt .PSD out?
  10. Could I request for CS Tsubaki with her CP Color and Old Costume Elphelt with her -REVELATOR- Costume Colors? Thanks in advance.
  11. By any chance, is there a tutorial on how to make the PSD templates?
  12. Decided to put Noel's palettes on her old costume.
  13. Now that you mention it, it kinda does. Although I'd say it looks more like Noel's Color 10 from Continuum Shift.
  14. Just in case you guys wanted to do Naoto, Hibiki, or Nine recolors. I decided to upload their current palettes from 1-10.
  15. Even though this is late. I'm posting what I voted for and wished got into the game. Ragna -CT-1 -CS-2 (Personal Favorite) -CP-12 (Makoto Nanaya) Jin -CS-1 (Personal Favorite) -CP-8 -CP-13 (Yosuke Hanamura) Noel -CT-2 (Personal Favorite) -CS-3 -CS-9 Rachel -CS-10 (Hatsune Miku) -CP-11 (Kuroneko) -CP-21 (Personal Favorite) Taokaka -CS-4 -CP-10 (May) -CP-11 (Felicia) (Personal Favorite) Tager -CP-10 (Potemkin) -CP-12 (Bang Shishigami) -CP-13 (Kanji Tatsumi) (Personal Favorite) Litchi -CT-1 -CS-1 (Personal Favorite) -CS-10 (Morrigan) Arakune -CS-9 (Personal Favorite) -CS-12 -CP-12 (Taokaka) Bang -CS-5 -CS-10 (Strider Hiryu) (Personal Favorite) -CP-21 Carl -CT-9 -CP-11 (Lieselotte) (Personal Favorite) -CP-21 Hakumen -CS-2 (Personal Favorite) -CP-10 (Baiken) -CP-21 Nu-13 -CP-10 (Justice) -CP-11 (Yuno Gasai) -CP-12 (Noel Vermillion) (Personal Favorite) Tsubaki -CP-0 (Not an official Color but I want CP Tsubaki in CF) -CP-10 (Millia Rage) -CP-16 -CP-21 (Personal Favorite) Hazama -CS-10 (The Joker) -CP-6 -CP-12 (Platinum the Trinity) (Personal Favorite) Mu-12 -CS-2 (Personal Favorite) -CP-16 -CP-21 Makoto -CS-3 -CP-16 -CP-21 (Personal Favorite) Valkenhayn -CS-9 (Personal Favorite) -CS-10 (J. Talbain) -CP-12 (Rachel Alucard) Platinum -CS-10 (Nanoha) (Personal Favorite) -CP-13 (Nanako Dojima) -CP-21 Relius -CS-7 (Carl Clover) -CP-12 (Also Carl Clover...) -CP-13 (Theodore) (Personal Favorite) -CP-21 Izayoi -CP-10 (Testament) -CP-11 (Saber) -CP-12 (Jin Kisaragi) (Personal Favorite) Amane -CP-2 (Personal Favorite) -CP-12 (Litchi Faye-Ling) -CP-13 (Persona 3 Protagonist (Give him an official name already...)) Bullet -CP-9 (Personal Favorite) -CP-16 -CP-21 Azrael -CP-12 (Bullet) -CP-16 (Personal Favorite) -CP-21 Kagura -CP-11 (Moriya Minakata) -CP-12 (Yuuki Terumi) -CP-13 (Eikichi Mishina) (Personal Favorite) Kokonoe -CP-5 -CP-11 (HOLO :D) (Personal Favorite) -CP-21 Terumi -CP-9 -CP-10 (Chipp Zanuff) -CP-12 (Trinity Glassfile) (Personal Favorite) Celica -CP-9 (Personal Favorite) -CP-13 (Rise Kujikawa) -CP-21 Lambda-11 -CS-2 (Personal Favorite) -CS-14 (Just to Troll Nu-13's CP-10) -CP-21