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  1. Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

    Just to be crystal skull clear about Naoto, I thought it best to put this in it's own comment rather than edit it in: There are technically two Naoto's involved in Blazblue (just like there is Code Embryo Es before she became "god" and Lost Memories post-god Es). 1.) Non Central Fiction Naoto (NCF Naoto) 2.) Playable Central Fiction Naoto (Playable Naoto) So both Naotos experience Bloodedge Experience Part 1 and Part 2 (kek). It's just for NCF Naoto, Hazama never shows up in his Bloodedge Experience 2 epilogue while Hazama does show up in Playable Naoto's Bloodedge Experience 2 epilogue. So you can think of each timeline being separate. This difference sortof explains why when all the Central Fiction shit was going down, that Relius and Valk didn't just disappear like their world since they belonged to NCF Naoto's Bloodedge Experience (the TRUE events of Blazblue in the 2090s) and not to playable Naoto's world which did disappear. So NCF Naoto just doesn't experience Bloodedge Experience 3 and instead ends up losing his two rounds against Unlimited Hell Mode, infinite meter and overdrive Clavis once he becomes a berserk vampire. Playable Naoto however, doesn't become a berserk vampire and so he experiences that hypothetical Bloodedege Experience 3 I mentioned in the previous post. (let's not get into semantics about how NCF Naoto probably just experienced a Bad End route, since it would probably be like the Wheel of Fortune Hakumen timeline in relation to the main Blazblue mythos/"timeline"/how fans view the series connected.). The split just happens to be Hazama and maybe Tsubakumen entering Bloodedge Experience, so unless Central Fiction gets the good ending, Playable Naoto would never exist since NCF Naoto ends up dying in a world not influenced by Central Fiction's events. That hopefully clarifies the link between Bloodedge Experience and the Blazblue games and I admit it was a very trolly thing to do make us believe it was just a prequel. Thankfully almost everything that happened in the novels did in fact happen for Blazblue. Thus in summation, our Naoto pullled A Hakumen on BB's world after Hazama and Tsubaki pulled on A Hakumen on his world. A Hakumen / ā Haw-koo-men/ idiom The act of entering a different timeline or set of events with the intent to actively change outcomes or influence the predetermined sequence of events; may or may not include Seigi and Unit Cookie Dough. kappa.
  2. Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

    Here's some 2 year's removed abridged explanations with no citations or prior review wiki reading. Feel free to lynch me for mistakes or remembering wrong. Bloodedge Experience, as the cover illustration might suggest is Naoto Kurogane's sidestory lite novels. Mainly it starts off like any other generic fantasy series with a spiky haired high school protagonist with just the hint of a lewd personality (Toaru no Majutsu, etc). Naoto you learn from the story, comes from an old fashioned family, the Terumi clan, which itself is a branch family of the Amanohokasaka clan (of Tenjo and Homura fame from the main BB games and Mei from Xblaze). Well Naoto despite being an heir to the family (he inherited the bloodline technique that all heads are supposed to have, the Hunter Eye which basically gives him Death Note Shinigamai eyes or the ability to see the lifespan of people over their heads), he decided to distance himself from the clan and even took his mother's maiden name for his own. The story progresses and you learn about how Naoto kind of has a thing for his cousin (lol Japan) and how he plays harem and eroge games "cause" of his friend. So pretty much just bland character Japanese backstory for the most part. With me so far? Well then I guess you can't guess what happens next? He has a bad encounter one day after school and ends up "dying" trying to help Not!Rachel aka Raquel Alucard. She then decides to bring him back to life as a vampire! (KizuMonogatari lol) The kicker is Naoto only has about a month to do something about his vampirism since he'll go berserk and go after people and you just know protagonist man won't let that happen! So Naoto and Raquel get into various anime cliche hijinks such as bathing together, Raquel suddenly appearing at Naoto's school, Naoto's cousin getting jealous of Naoto's closeness to Raquel, (there is an n factorial amount of anime that use these tropes...To Aru comes to mind though) Raquel walking around nude, shipteasing etc etc. In between all this stuff, you learn that Raquel is having a quarel with some mages led by creeper named Spinner/ their servants. Now a lot of the setup comes from the first novel of what I described, where you also meet various filler high school students and teachers who (S H O C K E R) somehow connect to the main villain in contrived ways! Now onto the Relius question. Throughout the filler, you learn that Raquel Alucard's father is Clavis Alucard (WHAT!? It's not just a lazy spinoff almost entirely disconnected from the main games!? obligatory *cough* Xblaze*cough* ). Now for normal Blazblue fans, we've known Clavis only in passing as this old vampire stuck in a wheel chair (Phase Shift 0 and Phase Shift 1, CP's retelling of Phase Shift 0 [when Ragna goes back in time], and from glossed-over remarks from Valkenhayn, Rachel, and Relius). In Bloodedge Experience though, we're introduced to Sexy McAwesome Clavis who upon meeting Naoto rips his arm off since Raquel made him a spare after he died (the arm gets reattached later). Mainly not much is told, but Clavis and Raquel have a somewhat distant relationship (you learn Raquel wasn't born normally or as a vampire but rather was 'made' from an embryo Clavis found after having an offscreen anime arc of hunting down somebody with the Soul Eater drive). Now you're probably wondering: where does Relius factor into all this? Well, you see Clavis is such a bad ass protagonist that this agency hired glorified mercenaries to hunt down Clavis cause his swagger is too much for this world to handle. These mercenaries happen to be Immortal Breakers, AKA Relius Clover and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing who are a brooding good cop-bad cop team straight outta of a 90s drama. The kicker is Relius is the good cop, while Valkenhayn is the bad cop. "But Valkenhayn is so composed and formal?" Well back in his younger days, Valkenhayn was basically always in pissed off Ragna mode (CT Ragna basically) and he attacked and killed Naoto 3 times. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, everyone's favorite and unexplained plot device is back: L I F E L I N K S!!!!!!!At least this time it makes sense, since Raquel made Naoto a vampire, he shares her life force (which is fucking ridiculous to Naoto's Death Note eyes) so he can get horribly mangled and torn to pieces with little reckless abundant within reason. "How did Valkenhayn kill our protagonist?" Well he ripped him limb from limb, which for the eagle eared fans is something you may have heard in Dub Valkenhayn matches (RIP in pieces BB dub ;_ ;7) . So in summary, Valkenhayn was a brooding Wolf's Rain character with a bad attitude. Relius in contrast, was definitely less "I'LL RESEARCH YOU!" and didn't see people quite like things yet, but he was still pretty distant (was still rocking a mask, this time one more like a Zato-1 GG eye mask though). He didn't have his wife to look out for him either, but he appeared to mainly use his doll arms to fight (basically all his B attacks are his story drive in Bloodedge Experience). Now back to P L O T! So Clavis then gets (S H O C K E R) attacked at Naoto's apartment by the two resident BB characters, but Clavis waves them off like Hazama waves off Tsubaki (Too soon?) and even promises Naoto he won't let the two destroy the kitchen cause Clavis is so strong he doesn't even take these two badasses seriously. ---------- Now an aside. Before Bloodedge Experience, we knew in CS Extend that Valkenhayn and Relius fucking HATED each other, for...reasons that weren't explained. Even in the pre-CP days when we were watching streams thirsty for footage of new people, low and behold rumors began to spread of how Relius and Valkenhayn actually got a versus theme! Fucking miracle, I know for a character that isn't Ranga, Noel, Jin (I'm including HakuJin in this as well) to get an actual versus theme. Now some people back in the day were thinking that Relius made Valkenhayn, but Bloodedge Experience finally revealed that basically Relius goes emo-Sasuke to Valkenhayn's Naruto from the original manga. Case closed...for now I guess. ------------- Now Bloodedge Experience continues to display Moriisms such as plottwist there's a Murakumo unit (real shocker was her name wasn't Saya *comedy drum sound plays*), named Kiiro who works for the Mitsurugi Agency (lol at that super minor Xblaze reference) who somehow shares a heart beat/ connection with our protagonist, Not!Ragna or I mean Naoto. You also encounter some minor pulls too, like how the evil mage dude Spinner fights with bugs...just like Arakune etc etc, but nothing too substantial. Pretty much Naoto continues to get rekted a lot by Spinner's gank squad of people being possesed/ influenced by bugs in his quest to find the Azure or some shit for...reasons. This includes one of his teachers who is a huge creep for...reasons. Eventually though, creeper teacher goes after Naoto's cousin so he ends up defeating him and unlocking his super saiyan Ragna hair. That's kind of volume 1. Volume 2 I know less about, but basically, Naoto gets into more direct fights with Spinner and Kiiro (the murakumo)). First we meet Naoto's sister at the very end of Volume 1 and at the start of 2 she puts him into a chokeslam. Turns out his sister (LOL her name is Saya too) merced the the whole Terumi plan but Naoto with her drive Soul Eater (Ragna's drive for the uninformed) and has been in timeout with the Amanohokasaka clan for a while; that happens when you slaughter everyone else in your clan for..angst or something, at least Itachi had an excuse albeit a stupid one. She came to give Naoto a message or some shit from Mei, the clan leader (why do they even try to connect Xblaze sometimes...*sighs*). Thus Naoto has to deal with his own yandere sister along with the bad guys and our resident Blazblue Bois, Valk and Relius. Stuff happens, Saya gets into fights that put her life in danger or some shit, gets kidnapped or something. Spinner and Kiiro's groups end up working together to get the azure or some shit, and they kidnap Raquel since she's an embryo and connected to Clavis AKA the fucker that pisses in their cornflakes and ruins their dastardly evil plans all the time. Course Naoto gets pissed and goes after them. ends up losing his left arm and a leg (he beat Ragna in that department in the lost limb department) but magically uses anger/plot device to temporarily remake his limbs to defeat Spinner with his astral, but never fear, Relius decided to make Naoto spare limbs...for reasons I don't know. RIP. So Spinner ends up an Arakune monster as well after his fight with an obsession with the Azure dominating his personality. Now some people be saying that after CF, Arakune is actually liquid seither being controlled by Spinner's soul with Roy/Lotte Carmine's memories since we find out that Roy is actually just doing S C I E N C E in the boundary not giving a shit about his body or if even anyone learns what he does (he only continues to exist since his body continues to exist under Kokonoe's observation). Take that with a crumb of salt, but it would explain why most of the time Arakune doesn't have his inferiority complex and memories of Sector Seven Roy (since Roy is barely in the house and only comes to visit in CS to tell Lichi to fuck off very kindly). *shrugs* In b4 Arakune is also Saya though. kappa. ------------------- Now after all is said and done, we then get an epilogue of Raquel telling Naoto to find her one day and Hazama introducing himself to Relius and Valk. Now this didn't make a lot of sense back in the day but basically it goes order of events as follows: Blooededge Experience 1 and 2 except for the epilogue BB games Bloodedge Experience 2's epilogue So everything in the Bloodedge Experience is the backstory of Blazblue in the 2090's (estimated based on Relius' age). The problem is we hear form Relius in Blazblue that his Naoto pretty much went through everything Central Fiction Naoto went through, but he eventually fails to get the Azure and has to be put down by Clavis Alucard since he becomes a berserk vampire. Also Our Relius never met Hazama back then. So after Central Fiction came out we learned that the Hazama that through himself into the cauldron after his Rachel torture scene is the Hazama that shows up in Bloodedge Experience Part 2's epilogue, except that he's younger cause...reasons. Anyway, Naoto does also say some shit that was never in either novel, like how he met some Justice person that looked like Hakumen but was a girl or how Hazama gave him a hard time, but you can think of these taking place in a Bloodedge Experience Part 3 that never came out. After some hints though, it appears this Justice person is a Tsubaki Yayoi that goes to Bloodedge Experience timeline after Hazama or something and embodies Hakumen (who ironically attempted to embody the values and justice of his dead Wheel of Fortune Tsubaki/CT novel). So the reason Naoto came to BB to save his world despite it being the prequel to Blazblue is that Hazama and Tsubaki fucked up his timeline and made it depend on BB's timeline not ceasing to exist (Naoto's supposed to die if they aren't present to have a Butterfly Effect on the Bloodedge Experience 2.0 world/timeline). So answer your other question, Naoto knows Hazama from Bloodedge Experience Part 3 (which doesn't exist)...which takes place after Central Fiction despite occuring pre Blazblue in an alternate timeline where Naoto doesn't die. So basically nothing too hard to grasp for a Blazblue fan if you got over how Ragna somehow was the BlackBeast from the bad times of CT when he failed to stop Nu-13 700+ times or how he got his own sword/Jacket (time's not linear or some shit). So anyway, now you understanding of Bloodedge Experience. Go ask Amatsumugi or Abyss on their tumblr's if you have more questions, read the wiki which goes more in depth, or read Zedar90 (Amatsumugi's old account on here) posts on Bloodedge Experience here on dustloop. They should be in the Fall 2014 period in a short story or similar thread. I forget where exactly they are, but it's after Xblaze came out.
  3. Is it just me or is there no way to access Alliance mode in console Central Fiction? Did it get cut or something?
  4. I believe your friend may have his demo set to Act 1, which makes it so Izanami isn't playable. Just change that in the settings to Act 2 or Act 3 and she should pop up.
  5. I believe your friend may have his demo set to Act 1, which makes it so Izanami isn't playable. Just change that in the settings to Act 2 or Act 3 and she should pop up.
  6. [BBCF] Amane Nishiki Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks Eshi. Since I'm PS3 master race, I don't have hands on, but I like what 214C brings to the table. I'm probably going to keep forgetting about 1C/4C normals for the first month out of habit. Course I play Amane like Zettou are my KoF hops. Didn't know about the 6D overheat nerf on whiff. Hopefully Amane can carry me from being the shame of my Azrael-Nu filled scene, wwwww. In b4 it becomes just Azrael-Nine until CF rebalance.
  7. Long post incoming: Short Answer: In all honesty, I would say Code Embryo (CE) is really not worth the monetary or time investment if you're solely a BB fan. Xblaze: Lost Memories (LM) is a better alternative than CE but even that may not meet your expectations if you're solely interested in Es in BBCF. Long Answer: The connections presented in CE are quite weaker than you may think with only a few namedrops likely to be familiar to you (Amanhokosaka clan AKA Tenjo and Homura's clan is in CE, Takamagahara's orgins MAY have been revealed, and there is some meager info on the Mage's guild and the Black Beast). Real talk though, the way Mori has incorporated Drives in Blazblue proper, Bloodedge Experince, and Xblaze exemplifies this perfectly. (example given Relius) In BB his drive is Ignis (at least according to official gameplay info) but in Bloodedge Experience his drive is treated as marionette arms that come from his body. In Xblaze drives are something else all together You're right that Xblaze was somewhat poorly recieved. In all honesty, it Xblaze CE felt more like a spiritual successor prequel than a genuine prequel. As CosmicShadow99 stated, the protag is liable to make you upset if Shinji ever pissed you off in EVA since he complains a great deal about circumstances, events, and some stuff. I would say that Xblaze: Lost Memories would be more promising than Code Embryo if you get either since a great deal of CE is summarized and shown from different perspectives in LM. Another speculated reason is that Nine and Celica may or may not have a connection to ES based on events that happen in LM and is supported by the fact ES still has a mystery connection character (of the three every character gets) on the BBCF website. The gist of it is two early characters in LM are almost 100% certainly Nine and Celica (they're referred to as Watashi and Imouto respectively and look near identical, have similar character backgrounds, and they troll you when you try to name Watashi "Nine" or "Konoe" with suggestive comments). Thematically, I do think Xblaze does contribute to understanding outside of Es based on their similar settings and conventions. Like in Xblaze, the way paths are selected is actually a really clever use of Phenomenon Intervention and both games really explore emotions and ideas surrounding characters that fill the same role and powers of "The Girl" or Amatarasu in Blazblue. Basically, it amounts to you can genuinely empathize why Amatarasu has done what she has in BB plot more if you see why similar things happened in Xblaze and also why Amatarasu starts to feel despair if you play both CE and LM respectively. That benefit may be too far removed from your initial motivations, however. I would say if your soul reason for considering Xblaze: CE is because of ES, you'd almost be compelled to skip it all together cause most of the game is "One of the many possibilities of the Continuum Shift" as some fans would like to put it and lots of character development gets undone cause of PLOT. They definitely show Es development in both, but Es unlockable perspective chapters in LM covers it better than how it was shown in CE. LM in contrast, is very Es focused for the main plot. The only issue you may encounter is that BBCF Es appears to be emotionally closer to the CE form rather than the LM one but PLOT in LM explains how this is possible. Based on info in LM though, it may not even matter if you play CE or LM as there are reasons that characterization of her will not apply to the Es in BBCF, so be forewarned about that as well before you invest any time or money. GG side materials undergo a similar thing where things are "gaiden" as in you can say a character went through certain events, but some of it can or will be retconned or referenced in the future so we're left wondering how much backstory will actually apply to Es. The info we have on BBCF Es suggest that little will carry over from Xblaze other than some cameo references (Makoto's VA being in both and voicing similar characters) but little else beyond that as of right now. Based on a VN perspective, CE and LM are both almost painfully by the numbers, with notable qualities being the VA, OST, and animated feel that makes the VS far more visually pleasing than a traditional text based VN. Basically it's like those weird battle cuts in BBCP where they tilt sprites a certain way and show them moving a certain way rather than describing it with words like they did in BBCT. I also felt there was a notable disparity in the quality of characters where some are noticably bland while others are quite agreeable so it might be more polarizing than you found Blazblue's cast... In Summation: Getting Xblaze may result in less applicable lore to BBCF than you currently are expecting because of Continuum Shift era shenanigans and .other PLOT elements There are tangential benefits to playing Xblaze that may or may enhance Blazblue, but these are hit or miss based on the person.
  8. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    --Nit pick-- A vessel is not needed absolutely for a soul. For example, Terumi was able to function (although marginally) without a host in Phase Shift 1 and those moments in CT he speaks to Rachel. Your operational definition of "outside" could use some further elaboration because there are possible sources of confusion caused by it. Currently there are two kinds of "outside": 1.) Those outside of logic: examples include Valkenhayn (werewolves were created by sorcery at some point and thus exist outside of logic), the Black Beast (which explains why it was nigh invulnerable to human attacks during the Dark War) 2.) The other is less elaborated on, but includes those that seem to be more than just outside logic : Amatarasu and spirit form Terumi. The distinction derives from the fact we know nothing, not even Ars magus (which is capable of harming those outside of logic as evident by its ability to harm the Black Beast) can concretely kill these two for various circumstances. In Amatarasu's case its not clear exactly why the Successor of the Azure (SotA)/ a Kusanagi is needed to kill/destroy Amatarasu and if a Kusanagi/SotA could also kill Terumi. If I recall Terumi's description in Noel's True end in CS, its the fact the SotA can observe anything it wants and make it real. I have always translated that to my understanding of BB's plot as it forces things to adhere to logic or enter accessible reality (as in how Noel "created" the door to enter Tenjo's hiding place for Kushinada's lynchpin). Now we know Time Killer can affect Terumi but its unclear if it could affect Amatarasu as well. Nine also stated it would be impossible to "kill" Terumi since he is Yuuki Terumi but take that for what you will. All we know for sure is he is currently in trouble of ceasing to exist if he doesnt get a new host as of CF. One obstacle is as one of the Sankishin, the Susano'o unit may be incapable of killing the other two units/their wielders (hence why Terumi abandoned the Susano'o unit in the first place). The other is that Amatarasu appears to exist in a higher plane of reality or a similar concept because of its ability to be unaffected by the timeloops, any other weapon in the Blazblue world other than a Kusanagi, and having the ability to perform phenomenon intervention on anything it wants. --Short Answer-- I don't know for sure. I think she wouldn't have to return to her body and she wouldn't die either. --Long Answer-- Now onto the question you asked: Its really unclear since our only point of reference, Terumi, has had more bodies than we have murakumo units (the susano'o, 2100 body that he loses when the Black Beast enters the world, Kazuma, Hazuma, and the Terumi body Trinity created in CP). I'm unsure if "original" would apply to the body he held first (the Susano'o to our knowledge) or to the body he was last bonded to. As we saw with Terumi, when Kazuma was dragged into the boundary by Hakumen when he jumped Jubei and Hakumen after "killing" Nine and Trinity, its unclear in my memory what happens to the vessel Kazuma (I believe Trinity states in one of the CF arcade routes that there was no bringing back Kazuma when Terumi tried to manipulate her again). However, we do know that Takamagahara fished Terumi out of that deep part of the boundary (Kazuma not included) and was effectively observing him. Thus the spirit form of Terumi was not returned to the Susano'o unit (Terumi's presumed original body) when this occurred, as Hakumen would retain control of it until Kokonoe dragged him out of the boundary. Now, its not stated (to my knowledge) when Terumi came to possess the Hazama body so its not out of the realm of possibility that he returned to that one. I don't have a reference but I believe both the Kazuma and Hazama body where both completed before the Dark War began in 2100, but I definitely need to find a citation for that. The period from 2110-2190ish is left pretty open in Blazblue lore, and we know Relius ended up in 2180ish after falling into the boundary so he had plenty of time to create/complete/etc the Hazama body for Terumi in this window; recall how Relius did comment on Terumi's ghost form when they reunited so I am of the belief Terumi was without Hazama prior to meeting with the time-displaced Relius. It would also explain why Terumi didn't just use Hazama during the Dark War and instead was forced to try to get Kazuma to be his host. Now Terumi isn't exactly the same kind of entity as Amatarasu/the Girl, but the way Terumi has been operating suggests that Amatarasu's soul would not necessarily be destroyed if a host body was destroyed. The precedent suggest she doesn't have to return to her original body either.
  9. [CF] CPEX -> CF Rachel Transition Guide

    Very nice reference material; archived for future reference. In regards to your inquiry, I know the staff were encouraging the use of a matchup directory (match up orgy format where all match ups in a single thread) to encourage us to share tech, but I do not know if they'll stick with that for CF since they could also go back to using the subforum approach (written in that character's perspective eg. Ragna match up subforum etc) like we did in the AC+R and vanilla CP days. Personally, I find both approaches have their merits and flaws in terms of info access. Personally, I like all my match up info together myself in one huge depository so in my own paper tech, I have my own system of organizing opponents into match up categories (eg Gorillas: Tager, Hakumen, Azrael, Zoners, etc) where I list general ideas and approaches for that type of opponent, then character specific match up info is given later: eg.) (Loose outline) Gorillas (Tager, Haku, Azrael) They hit like trucks. Play conservative in neutral and don't get greedy after a combo. Consider using wind to get out of their pressure since they have less than shoto mobility. George da god since opponent and him move bout same on ground, so bait air movement with pressure from the homies. Azrael Watch out for Growler since he can nom nom projectiles. Back dash 2 good. I agree with your sentiment to leave out the MU info for now though, regardless what you decide to do since focusing on just transition info flows nicely from what I've seen so far. Nevertheless If you're going to the trouble of writing up MU info for everyone though, I would say organize it in the way that is most useful for your own comprehension and reference. Issues can be sorted out later after use. Probably in the minority here, but people learning tech from others have a responsibility to adapt to their thinking/organization (learning 2 way street yada yada) otherwise they're inconveniencing tech/guide writers. So my thoughts or anyone else's shouldn't take precedence over your own self-expression/organization preferences. Worst case, people can cut and paste your info into their desired format using their document writer of choice or disseminate your post into separate match up threads at a later time. Appreciate all the work you've done so far regardless from where it goes from here.
  10. BBCF Izanami Combo Thread

    Combos Organized by Starter: Notation: f.[#X] indicates use the #X move during float mode (# is an arbitrary direction; X is an arbitrary button). Notation inspired by w.[5A->....] Valk wolf mode eg.) 2C Use 2C on the ground j.2C Use 2C on the f.[2C] Use 2C during float mode. (do everything in brackets during float mode) float end: f.[...->7/8/9] float cancel: j.7/8/9 5A: 6A: 6A->Jump Cancel->j.214B->j8 (enter float mode on ground bounce)->f.[ 5C-> 2CC->5C-> 3C->214A] (2622 damage) 2A: (midscreen) 2A-> 2C-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C (1522 damage) (midscreen) 2A-> 2B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A (1748 damage) (midscreen) 2A-> 5B-> 5C-> 6A->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5B->5C->3C-> 9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B-> j.8 (float cancel)-> f. [3C] (2380 damage) (corner) 2A-> 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 3C] (~2800 damage) (corner) 2A-> 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 6C-> 214A->OD cancel-> 236236B (4316 damage) 5B: (midscreen) 5B-> 5C-> 2CC-> 214B (2088 damage) (midscreen) 5B-> 5C-> 6A->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[5C->2C-> 3C->9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B-> j.8 (float cancel)-> f.[ 3C] (2845 damage) (midscreen 50% heat) 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C->CT(causes wall bounce)-> 5B-> 5CC-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C (2900 damage) (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 6C-> 214A (3116 damage) (midscreen) 5B-> 5C-> 6A->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 3C->OD cancel->ABCD EA (3246 damage) (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C->41236C-> 6C-> 623B (~3379 damage) [ends in ribcage/susanoo] 5B>5CC>214A>5C>6CC>236A>5B>6A>j.63214B>jc>5C>2C>jc>j.63214B (3460 damage) (midscreen) 5B-> 5CC-> 214A->ABC (rapid cancel)->6-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C-> 2C->6C-> 9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[3C]->(~3500 damage) .(corner) 5B-> 5C->8 (jump cancel)->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C->2C-> 3C-> 8 (end float mode)]->j.C-> 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C (~3500 damage) (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C-> 2C->6C-> 9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 3C ](~3600 damage) (midscreen) 5B-> 5C->OD cancel -> 5B-> 6A->Jump cancel,41236D->j.8 (float)->f.[5B?->5C(41236D should hit as it connects or slightly before)-> 6B->8]-> 2C-> 6C-> 41236C-> 6C-> 623B (3640 damage)[ends in ribcage/susanoo] (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 6A->jump cancel->j.8->f.[ 5B-> 5C-> 6B->8]-> 5C-> 2C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 214A-> 6C-> 623B (4002 damage) [ends in ribcage/susanoo] (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 236236B (4005 damage) (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[5C->2C-> 6C-> 9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 6C-> 214A-> 3C->OD cancel-> 236236B (5183 damage) (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 2C->OD cancel->41236D, 5C-> 2C->6B-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 6CC-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 6CC-> 236236B (5980 damage) (corner) 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C->2C-> 6C->9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 6C-> 214A-> 3C->OD cancel->ABCD (EA)(4074 damage) 6B: (corner) 6B-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C->2C-> 6C-> 9 (end float)]-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C (~3500 damage) 6B->63214D-> 2C-> 5C-> 214A-> 2C-> 5C->8(Jump)->j.2C (for as long as possible) (4133 damage) (midscreen) 623B (ribcage activated)-> 6B-> 623B (ribcage gone)-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5B-> 5C->3C->214A->5C->3C-> 236236B] (4309 damage) 2B: (midscreen) 2B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A (1909 damage) (midscreen) 2B-> 5B-> 5C-> 3C-> CT->66->5B->5C->8 (jump cancel)-> j.B->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 3C->214A->3C] (2415 damage) (midscreen) 2B-> 5C-> 8(jump cancel)->j.B->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[3C-> 214A->(wall stick) 3C-> 8 (float uninstall)]->j.C-> 5B-> 6A->8 (jump cancel)->j.214B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 3C ] (2807 damage) (midscreen) 2B-> 5B-> 5C-> 6A->8 (jump cancel)->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 6B-> 5C-> 3C-> 8 (float uninstall)]-> 5B-> 5CC-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 63214C (2813 damage) (midscreen) 2B-> 5C-> 2CC-> 214B-> 5B-> 5CC-> 214A-> 214A-> 2C-> 63214C (~3383 damage) (corner) 2B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5C->2C-> 6C-> 8(end float)]-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C -> 6C-> 214A-> 3C (~3400 damage) 5C: 6C: 2C: (corner) (must be in Active Flow) Be in "projectile mode" 2C (fatal counter)-> CT-> 6B,41236D-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 6CC-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 2C->41236C-> 6CC->OD cancel-> 3C,41236D->CT->(during 41236D hit) 236236B (7983 damage) (corner) 2C (fatal counter)-> CT-> 6B-> 214A-> 5B-> 5C->jump cancel(short float)->j.8->f.[ 5C->2C-> 8 (float cancel)]-> 5C-> 2C-> 236A-> 5C-> 2C-> 6C-> 41236C-> OD cancel -> CT (fireball effects should still be on screen), 41236D(do during startup of CT)-> 5C(bits should still be spinning)->(on 41236D hit) 236236B (8002 damage) (corner) (May need ~75% meter at least for the two CTs and DD) normal 2C(fatal counter)->normal CT->normal 6B,41236D (on 6B startup)->normal 214A->jump cancel (41236D should now have hit the opponent)-> j.8->f.[ 5C-> 2C]-> 5C->jump cancel-> j.8->f.[ 5C-> 2C->236A-> 5C-> 2C-> 6C->8(float cancel)]->6CC->OD cancel-> 3C-> CT, 41236D (activate during CTs startup)-> 236236B (8312 damage) XD/Projectile Starters: (midscreen Active Mode) 4D-> 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 4D (1985 damage) (Falling in Active Mode) j.1D->j.C-> 5B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 6D-> 236A, 6D->66,9(microdash jump cancel)->j.B->j.C->j.8->f.[ 5C->6A (ends float mode)]->j.63214B (2529 damage) 214B: (midscreen) 214B-> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[5B-> 5C-> 236A] (2546 damage) 214C/Command Grab: (Start in Projectile Mode) 214C(command throw)->63214D(when throw does damage; make it keep opponent airborne)->9->j.C?->j.8->f.[ 5B->5C-> 3C-> 236236B] (2976 damage) a Air: (air-to-ground, ribcage active) j.C->j.2C->j.8 (float cancel)->f[ 5B-> 5C-> 8] (float uninstall)->JB->JC-> 5B-> 3C->623B (ribcage attack)-> 5B->8 (jump cancel)->j.B->j.CC (corner air) j.B->j.C-> 2B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A-> 5B-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 3C ](~2700 damage) Throw: (midscreen) BC throw, 63214D-> 5B (bits still circling)-> 63214D hits,63214C-> 3C->OD cancel->Exceed Accel ABCD (midscreen) BC -> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.B->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[5B-> 5C->236A] (2549 damage) (corner) BC -> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 236A-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A (2918 damage) (jumping midscreen) j.BC (air throw)-> 5C->9(jump cancel)->j.C->j.8->f.[ 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 214A->5C-> 3C] (2925 damage) (corner) BC ->41236D-> 5C-> 41236C-> 5C-> 6A->j.63214B->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 3C](3015 damage) BC(throw)->41236D-> 5C->(41236D hits),41236C->Jump cancel->j.C(?)->j.8 ->f.[5B->5C-> 6A->8](leave float mode or Jump cancel the float 6A)->j.214B (3049 damage) (jumping corner) j.BC (air throw)-> 5C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 6C-> 214A (~3300 damage) (midscreen) BC-> 41236D-> 5C->jump cancel->j.8->(41236D hits),f.[ 6B->8]-> 2C-> 6C-> 41236C-> 6C-> 623B (3462 damage) [ends in ribcage/susanoo] (corner) BC-> 41236D-> 5C->jump cancel->j.8(float)->f.[ 6B->8]-> 5C-> 2C-> 6C-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C-> 214A-> 6C-> 623B (3833 damage) [ends in ribcage/susanoo] (midscreen) 4BC -> 5B-> 5C->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[5C->2C->3C-> 214A-> 5C->3C->OD cancel-> 236236B] (4210 damage) Starting in Float Mode: (midscreen) f[2B-> 5C-> 2C-> 3C-> 236A] (corner, float mode) f.[ 2A->2B->5C] (882 damage) (float-to-ground) f.[6CC->8 ]-> 5B-> 6A->8 (jump cancel)->j.214B->j.8 (float)->f.[ 5C-> 3C->214A] (float, midscreen) f.[5B->5C-> 3C->8(float uninstall)]-> 5B-> 5CC-> 214A-> 5C-> 6CC-> 214A-> 5C-> 2C-> 63214C (3501 damage) Distortion/Dio: (100% meter) 214214C-> 2C-> 5C-> 6B->OD cancel-> 2C-> 5C-> 6B->236236B (4288 damage) (Active Flow Midscreen) 214214C-> 2C-> 5C-> 6B->OD cancel-> 214A-> 6C->ABCD(EA) (4689 damage) (100% meter) 214214C-> 2C-> 5C-> 6B->OD cancel-> 2C->5C-> 6B->214214C-> 2C-> 5C->6B-> 2C-> 5C (~5000 damage) (50% meter OD active on startup) 214214C-> 5C-> 6B->(Active Flow Triggers) 214A->5B-> 2C-> 5C-> 2C-> 5C-> 2C->ABCD (Exceed Accel) (5389 damage) Buffer Setups: (SUCKS, corner) 63214C, 4D->9 (cancel)->j.B->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[5C-> 2C-> 6C-> 8 (float end)]-> 5C-> 2C-> 41236C -> 6C-> 214A (2100 damage) (midscreen Active mode) 63214C, 63214D->9 (jump cancel)->j.C->j.8 (float cancel)->f.[ 5B-> 5C->3C->214A] (2469 damage) a Title a placeholder
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  13. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    That I would share something. Upon rewatching Continuum Shift after CF news, Noel's True End may have had clear foreshadowing or is consistent with the Noel=Amatarasu viewpoint: Hazama: Oh-HO! Interesting… I guess you've improve a little bit, haven't you Noel? Noel: I heard enough from you! How dare you give Tsubaki such an order…! What exactly are you trying to do?! Hazama: What am I trying to do? You'd really like to know, would you? Heh heh… Well you stepped over the corpse of First Lieutenant Garbage to get this far, so I'm guessing you won't go back without at least one answer, will you. Noel: Terumi…! Hazama: Why the hell not? I'll show you what despair looks like! Make sure you take a goooood long look with those beautiful eyes of yours. This'll be on the test! Noel: Wh-What's going on…?! Just like with Carl and Tsubaki…! B-But… these feelings…I don't know why, but I can't stop trembling… Huh…! Wh-What's that?! ???: Help… Noel: This…is ….? Noel: Eh…? N-No….! ???: Somebody…! No…! Noel: Stop… stop this… Somebody…Anybody…Please…help! NOOOOOO!!!! Hazama: Hey there, kid. Welcome back. Noel: …Ah. …Ah. Hazama: Well, this is no good…. I guess spending a hundred years staring at that thing'll mess you up good, huh? My congratulations. Noel: Why…? Hazama: Oh, you're really gonna ask that? Seriously? Come ON! I thought that was obvious! I'm here to kill everyone! Noel: …Why? Hazama: Here, why don't you try and remember… Remember all the bad things those mean humans did to you. Noel: …Why? Hazama: Well, that one's easy! Because you're all creatures that are made to be loathed. hated! Despised. Noel: …ah… Hazama: You did see it, right? The real world --- the real story?! Can't you hear it? All those hideously little filth-covered monsters, crying! You've got feel it. … Every single soul on this planet wants. You. Dead. This world… This world's supposed to be dead. Dead! But someone we managed to screw with it so much that it's gotten stuck and not it just repeats itself, again and again and again and again Noel: But… why…? Hazama: You really wanna know? Fine. Once upon a time, mankind found the first gate. Being stupid humans, they decide they wanted to know what was on the other side, so they created what they called BOundary Interface Prime Field Devices. See, humans are such pussies that they can't survive n the other side, and their machines are just as pathetic.. Of course, they failed. Over and over and overall, somehow, one of these test subjects made it aaaaalll the way to the deepest part of the Boundary…. The heart of it, I guess you could say. The Azure. And when it did that… well. Let's just say shit got real. This thing---they call 'em "prime fields" when they're lazy--developed emotion. One of these puppets built for but observation and research somehow grew a soul. 'Course, all the scientists thought they were goddamn geniuses and ensues making some kind of incredible breakthrough. I mean, they were, but not the one they thought. See, when it grew a soul, this prime field also developed the power of the Eye. And these scientists, they had no idea just what that meant. I mean think about it! The Eye could observe what it wanted, and whatever it observed was real! See? Eh heh heh. Seee… Anyway, before long, the scientists figured this out and being the small shortsighted little maggots that they were, they tried to destroy it. That didn't work so well, so they decided to seal it back into the boundary. they threw it all the way to the bottom, down in the darkness, where was nothing. But hey! You know this isn't the end! Anybody does! I mean, once humans got a taste of that power, the kind of power only a GOD should have… Well. The idiots decided it would be a good idea if they could really tap into the power of the Azure. Might give them a leg up on the battlefield, you know? So they built more prime field devices. But you see, these ones weren't just reckon tools anymore. Oooooh no! These were balls-out weapons of mass destruction ! The moment one of these babies popped outta the cauldron, the unmans would just seal away its emotion, turning it into a slave. A puppet. Noel: …. Hazama: Still paying attention? Looks kind empty in there, to be honest. Anyway, this is where it gets interesting. W ell…hmm. I dunno. Maybe if you find tragedies interesting? The things were treated like tools --- well, no "weapons" is better. Like you know a hand grenade or a bomb or something. Noel: …Just…stop…it… Hazama: Man, you know I'm actually getting tired of talking. Guess that's what happens when you make your body do stuff it's not used to, huh? So, you wanna hear more? There's a lot more, you know. You wanna hear it? Do ya? Noel: No… no more.. please…stop! Hazama: Yes please, Mr. Hazama? Well if you ask so nicely, of course I'll tell you! You see, the tools-these puppets-I've been telling you about, they're your REAL brothers and sisters! Hahaha… Noel--aw, what am I saying? That's not your real name. So, "Noel," what does all of that make YOU? Noel: Stop it… Hazama: Ahahaha! So you've been in denial this WHOLE TIME?! Well, yeah of course. I guess you would be. I mean, anybody else in your situation would do the same, right? Still, this is something you're gonna have to live with, you know? YOu gotta learn to accept it. You gotta learn to be you! Noel: Stop it…. stop stop STOP! Hazama: You're… Noel: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Hazama: You aren't a person! You were BUILT! You're just a tool! A puppet! A joke! Who the hell do you think you're fooling with your little act?! Well, yourself maybe, but hell. Can't even do that, now! You're a puppet, girl! Just like that sad sack of crap we all took turns pounding on a while back! source At the time it seemed to be that Hazama/Terumi was referring to Mu-12 as Noel's source of trauma but consider: Mu-12 hadn't even been smelted yet, so how could she have experienced the torture that Lambda-11 did? Nu-13 remembered Ragna killing her in the previous cities because he interrupted the smelting process as well. Next is Hazama's line: "I guess spending a hundred years staring at that thing'll mess you up good, huh?" Here I thought he was referring to all the timeloops Mu-12 had been created/experimented on. The only thing is the sense of time is a little off for how long Mu-12 actually existed. Perhaps he was referring to something else... "Every single soul on this planet wants. You. Dead." also doesn't make as much since for just a prime field device that never had the chance to live/operate. Not sure if it was meant to be a double entendre, but using the Amatarasu/OPFD identity for Noel actuallyseems more appropriate than the Mu-12 interpretation. The fact Hazama decided to describe the OPFD's backstory rather than what Lambda-11 or Mu-12 went through appears to be clearer with such an interpretation. CF having more people gun for Amatarasu also explains the "Every single soul" and "The world is supposed to be dead" lines as specific jabs at Noel rather than just lines about the setting. Taking what Rachel said about how "The Girl" is trying to hope for a better conclusion to "The Story" makes Terumi's frustration with Amatarasu's methods more directed toward Noel. Considering the whole Noel=Amatarsu controlled Mu-12 as true, it would seem Terumi's whole intent was to remove Amatarasu's influence from the host, leaving only the Azure related buffs Noel got for being "The Successor to the Azure" in a mindless PFD Mu-12. So in a sick sense of irony (if this interpretation is substantial) Terumi freed Mu-12 from Noel's control rather than making her revert. Putting Mu-12 back into the cocoon really just finished the incomplete smelting that was interrupted at Ibukido by TakaMikazuki. The fact she wants to destroy the world is in line with what should've been her programming if we go on how Nu-13 is programmed as well to want to destroy everything in the world rather than Terumi manipulating her into becoming something else. One consequence was the Mu-12/Noel we see in CT's opening cutscene of Ibukido right after the city is destroyed really was an empty shell of a PFD until Amatarasu/Noel takes over. In summary, Mori didn't asspull this part of the plot at least; we just all assumed Terumi was talking about Mu-12 when this scene was really referring to OPFD/Noel.
  14. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    SHIT LOADS OF TEXT BELOW I'm with you on the whole Noel=Mu-12 body as a vessel for OPFD Ogiga99. Doesn't make much sense otherwise to me. In b4 Mori drops another bomb on us... 1.) From my understanding, it seems that Noel may have hijacked Mu-12 on the Burning Fields of Ibukido at the start of CT since it fits from a narrative point of view and would be the first opportunity that Mu-12 was fully smelted (I don't know if she was subjected to the same inhumane treatment Lamb-chops did before she was fully smelted). Basically Mu-12 wasn't finished until then (at least in the BB timeline we've been in for most of the games) so she was an incomplete vessel. 2.) Can a body not function even when you're knocked out? Perhaps a bit tart, but when you have god-level power, I don't see it being any different than how the Holy Trinity works in Christian dogma. She could easily pull a Jin/Hakumen and have two of her consciousness occupy the same world if need be. Maybe a better example is how you create a character in a game, yet you in the real world is still functioning as well. 3.) I haven't experienced Wheel of Fortune in its entirety, but the fact that the world did work without self-insert/playable Noel suggests it was stable for the most part. Not sure how Amatarasu is being resurrected when she dies in the story though. She pulling a MK9 Raiden by transferring her consciousness to older versions of herself before she died and trying again (ala reloading your save file after an impossible boss battle where you the player still remember the encounter but your avatar resets to old stats/loadouts/etc)? In terms of Rachel's story regarding death of OPFD, no matter what "the Girl" did the Monster kept getting killed by the Hero. There is still some confusion regarding how Noel's feelings toward Ragna are a result of Mu-12's residual Saya memories or if there is some substantial connection between "the Girl" and Ragna. If I had to guess, it seems that since Rachel stated the Master Unit was the Monster, then the Hero would have to be whatever eventually kills her. It seems she resets things though she is still alive since she is obviously still around despite the story suggesting otherwise. I disagree with you on the fact No Noel=OPFD dies though Ogiga99, since she could still be chilling in the Boundary without Noel present. Rachel says the world ends when Amatarasu dies, so there couldn't be a timeline where she wasn't active. Context suggests every time she dies though, she is forced to undergo her own Ground Hog Day/CT timeloops trying to change things. 4.) No clue. My guess is maybe Amatarasu was hijacking Mu-12 to form Noel on a test basis and when she actually managed to break the CT timeloops, Amatarasu decided to make the possession permament. In a gaming analogy, Amatarasu got passed the really hard part by using a create-a-character and immediately saved over her profile data? Mori really needs to elaborate on this debacle though, since I have so many questions. Couldn't Amatarasu just tweak things to make it so the host body Mu-12 survives Ibukido though? It seems to be the case from what we saw in Slight Hope (Makoto CS). 5.) Probably talking out my own ass here, but... In context, I felt the shouting was appropriate since I equate "Successor to the Azure" as Amatarasu 2.0. Thus, them being in the same world trigger a Highlander scenario were one's existence supercedes the other. Sort of like Naoto and Ragna now, except Noel is aware of the effect just like how Rachel notices how Naoto's existence is pushing Ragna's out Now that Noel is the Master Unit's core though, my guess is on their consciousness will sublimate into one ala how Jin replaced Embryo Jin in CF (still not sure how it doesn't work for Haku and Jin though, but it might be because both have active Power of Order? That shit broke). The only way to rectify the situation though, was for Noel to split Noel from her host Mu-12 but the damage had already been done; Mu-12 the vessel and playable Noel Vermillion had effectively lived the same life and now that their fates were severed from each other, there is an inconsistency of events just like in the Time of Determination in the Phase Shift timeline shenanigans. Basically, Mu-12 was forced to bear the persona of Kusanagi since that was all she was really created for, but her Noel memories lead to the existential crisis she is facing now. This further reinforces the status of Noel Vermillion being a Chronophantasma or a Phantom of Time since Mu-12's fate was drastically altered by being possessed by Amatarasu/Master Unit/Noel. Its just, we can't have two Noel's running around, so the natural order of the world forced that persona on her since there wasn't any others left in the toybox; the world seemed to accept that Ragna could be a fixed point in Phase Shift for whatever god awful reason, so the world seems to fine with anything so long as it fixes big issues, often taking the path of least resistance (which is true of other things in the real world though). Similar narrative devices occur in comic books where *insert popular comicbook hero/villain here* dies and a seemingly new character takes up the mantle no matter how appropriate it may or may not be. We saw in CF how Master Unit Noel (girl in the blue smock) was huddled and rejected Mu-12 trying to self-identify with her or resublimate. With the whole Gate to the Gods thing, Master Unit Noel is trying to prevent something by forcing the split to be permament that I'm still unsure of the exact nature of. Problem is Mu-12 is faced with experiencing the fates she was supposed to have of being a mindless killing machine out to destroy the world, effectively snapping her sanity to the point she can't perceive genuine sincerity. Real talk, Mu-12 is going through some shit; can't even be "yourself" or the self you though you were because God was like "Nah brah, we get Bad End if that happens. How bout being the anti-Christ that everyone hates?". Didn't the Celica-canceller/synchronization thing get finished so now she no longer cripples him?
  15. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Hey ya kyodash, I'll try to explain it as best I can; Chronophantasma is basically an classification for a type of person in Blazblue. The term is somewhat vague though as there are two types of Chronophantasma are used: "Those who should not exist" (a different type of phantom) "Phantom of Time" (actual Latin root reading) Basically, when someone is labeled a "Chronophantasma" it refers to one of these two classifications. Its up to context or further clarification for us to decide which one is valid. To elaborate: "Those who should not exist"-Celica-type Chronophantasma These are basically people like Celica who were copied out of their original timeline and put into a different one just like Kokonoe did to Celica at the end of Phase Shift 4. A common attribute they have is they are immune to Phenomenon intervention. There appears to be a distinction between being ripped from your timeline and being copied from your timeline though as Ragna was ripped from CP's timeline and put into Phase Shift yet was still subject to CP Rachel's Phenomenon intervention (need to reread it since it might not be PI; source) when she spoke through the boundary. They eventually have to die though since they're not real people; think of it as a ghost that eventually has to move on. "Phantom of Time"-Noel/Rachel-type Chronophantasma These are people like Noel or Rachel who "possess a different fate" than the one they're supposed to have. Often explained very vaguely, in CF we have learned Noel is really supposed to be the Master Unit's core, so she was never meant to be the derpy blonde we all know but rather the CPU for that object. Court is still out on Rachel's original fate, but if her origins are similar to Raquel, she may have never meant to have been a person, but that is mere conjecture. In terms of Akashtic record terminology, their fate/destiny isn't actually part of the record itself so they can effectively do anything and are not weighted down by prior restrictions (or the lack thereof). For a concrete example consider how Noel was able to break the CT timeloops when no one else could. All together though, Chronophantasma are basically people that are not supposed to be around in the current timeline for one reason or another and can have serious influence on the timeline either by being a wildcard or passively protecting those around them with their anti-Phenomenon Intervention field. Both are supposedly immune to Phenomenon Intervention (you can't make them forget you've fucked with the timeline with "screen static"), but it seems like Noel often is affected by it so take that for what you will. Celica and Rachel are definitely immune though.