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  1. Is it just me or is there no way to access Alliance mode in console Central Fiction? Did it get cut or something?
  2. I believe your friend may have his demo set to Act 1, which makes it so Izanami isn't playable. Just change that in the settings to Act 2 or Act 3 and she should pop up.
  3. I believe your friend may have his demo set to Act 1, which makes it so Izanami isn't playable. Just change that in the settings to Act 2 or Act 3 and she should pop up.
  4. Axiomatic

    [BBCF] Amane Nishiki Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks Eshi. Since I'm PS3 master race, I don't have hands on, but I like what 214C brings to the table. I'm probably going to keep forgetting about 1C/4C normals for the first month out of habit. Course I play Amane like Zettou are my KoF hops. Didn't know about the 6D overheat nerf on whiff. Hopefully Amane can carry me from being the shame of my Azrael-Nu filled scene, wwwww. In b4 it becomes just Azrael-Nine until CF rebalance.
  5. Long post incoming: Short Answer: In all honesty, I would say Code Embryo (CE) is really not worth the monetary or time investment if you're solely a BB fan. Xblaze: Lost Memories (LM) is a better alternative than CE but even that may not meet your expectations if you're solely interested in Es in BBCF. Long Answer: The connections presented in CE are quite weaker than you may think with only a few namedrops likely to be familiar to you (Amanhokosaka clan AKA Tenjo and Homura's clan is in CE, Takamagahara's orgins MAY have been revealed, and there is some meager info on the Mage's guild and the Black Beast). Real talk though, the way Mori has incorporated Drives in Blazblue proper, Bloodedge Experince, and Xblaze exemplifies this perfectly. (example given Relius) In BB his drive is Ignis (at least according to official gameplay info) but in Bloodedge Experience his drive is treated as marionette arms that come from his body. In Xblaze drives are something else all together You're right that Xblaze was somewhat poorly recieved. In all honesty, it Xblaze CE felt more like a spiritual successor prequel than a genuine prequel. As CosmicShadow99 stated, the protag is liable to make you upset if Shinji ever pissed you off in EVA since he complains a great deal about circumstances, events, and some stuff. I would say that Xblaze: Lost Memories would be more promising than Code Embryo if you get either since a great deal of CE is summarized and shown from different perspectives in LM. Another speculated reason is that Nine and Celica may or may not have a connection to ES based on events that happen in LM and is supported by the fact ES still has a mystery connection character (of the three every character gets) on the BBCF website. The gist of it is two early characters in LM are almost 100% certainly Nine and Celica (they're referred to as Watashi and Imouto respectively and look near identical, have similar character backgrounds, and they troll you when you try to name Watashi "Nine" or "Konoe" with suggestive comments). Thematically, I do think Xblaze does contribute to understanding outside of Es based on their similar settings and conventions. Like in Xblaze, the way paths are selected is actually a really clever use of Phenomenon Intervention and both games really explore emotions and ideas surrounding characters that fill the same role and powers of "The Girl" or Amatarasu in Blazblue. Basically, it amounts to you can genuinely empathize why Amatarasu has done what she has in BB plot more if you see why similar things happened in Xblaze and also why Amatarasu starts to feel despair if you play both CE and LM respectively. That benefit may be too far removed from your initial motivations, however. I would say if your soul reason for considering Xblaze: CE is because of ES, you'd almost be compelled to skip it all together cause most of the game is "One of the many possibilities of the Continuum Shift" as some fans would like to put it and lots of character development gets undone cause of PLOT. They definitely show Es development in both, but Es unlockable perspective chapters in LM covers it better than how it was shown in CE. LM in contrast, is very Es focused for the main plot. The only issue you may encounter is that BBCF Es appears to be emotionally closer to the CE form rather than the LM one but PLOT in LM explains how this is possible. Based on info in LM though, it may not even matter if you play CE or LM as there are reasons that characterization of her will not apply to the Es in BBCF, so be forewarned about that as well before you invest any time or money. GG side materials undergo a similar thing where things are "gaiden" as in you can say a character went through certain events, but some of it can or will be retconned or referenced in the future so we're left wondering how much backstory will actually apply to Es. The info we have on BBCF Es suggest that little will carry over from Xblaze other than some cameo references (Makoto's VA being in both and voicing similar characters) but little else beyond that as of right now. Based on a VN perspective, CE and LM are both almost painfully by the numbers, with notable qualities being the VA, OST, and animated feel that makes the VS far more visually pleasing than a traditional text based VN. Basically it's like those weird battle cuts in BBCP where they tilt sprites a certain way and show them moving a certain way rather than describing it with words like they did in BBCT. I also felt there was a notable disparity in the quality of characters where some are noticably bland while others are quite agreeable so it might be more polarizing than you found Blazblue's cast... In Summation: Getting Xblaze may result in less applicable lore to BBCF than you currently are expecting because of Continuum Shift era shenanigans and .other PLOT elements There are tangential benefits to playing Xblaze that may or may enhance Blazblue, but these are hit or miss based on the person.
  6. Axiomatic

    [CF] CPEX -> CF Rachel Transition Guide

    Very nice reference material; archived for future reference. In regards to your inquiry, I know the staff were encouraging the use of a matchup directory (match up orgy format where all match ups in a single thread) to encourage us to share tech, but I do not know if they'll stick with that for CF since they could also go back to using the subforum approach (written in that character's perspective eg. Ragna match up subforum etc) like we did in the AC+R and vanilla CP days. Personally, I find both approaches have their merits and flaws in terms of info access. Personally, I like all my match up info together myself in one huge depository so in my own paper tech, I have my own system of organizing opponents into match up categories (eg Gorillas: Tager, Hakumen, Azrael, Zoners, etc) where I list general ideas and approaches for that type of opponent, then character specific match up info is given later: eg.) (Loose outline) Gorillas (Tager, Haku, Azrael) They hit like trucks. Play conservative in neutral and don't get greedy after a combo. Consider using wind to get out of their pressure since they have less than shoto mobility. George da god since opponent and him move bout same on ground, so bait air movement with pressure from the homies. Azrael Watch out for Growler since he can nom nom projectiles. Back dash 2 good. I agree with your sentiment to leave out the MU info for now though, regardless what you decide to do since focusing on just transition info flows nicely from what I've seen so far. Nevertheless If you're going to the trouble of writing up MU info for everyone though, I would say organize it in the way that is most useful for your own comprehension and reference. Issues can be sorted out later after use. Probably in the minority here, but people learning tech from others have a responsibility to adapt to their thinking/organization (learning 2 way street yada yada) otherwise they're inconveniencing tech/guide writers. So my thoughts or anyone else's shouldn't take precedence over your own self-expression/organization preferences. Worst case, people can cut and paste your info into their desired format using their document writer of choice or disseminate your post into separate match up threads at a later time. Appreciate all the work you've done so far regardless from where it goes from here.
  7. Axiomatic

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Naoto's theme is called Jaeger (probably a reference to his Hunter's Eye or Death Note vision) Hibiki's theme is called The Shadow. Credit to Tokkan for the info.
  8. Axiomatic

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    No leaks yet for his theme or the Mercury fam Vs. theme.
  9. Axiomatic

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    FYI, near perfect listen of Hibiki's theme is up on Youtube.
  10. I didn't know Dustloop had become Facebook... (I know I'm no mod or anything, but drawing negative connotations to the fact someone plays a certain character seems out of place unless you're talking about someone capitalizing on a good/busted character's tools like CP vanilla Kokopuffs. Even then though, seems almost like a personal attack) #FGCsjw Contributing to the discussion, yeah Jin has always been the Swiss Army Knife of BB characters. Jin's "gimmick"/drive should be his versatility moreso than just his ice; the ice is more of an afterthought imo. (Ragna's drive should just be wakeup DP kappa) You guys raised good points though, which was a good read. 4.5*/5*.
  11. Cue giant Justice falling on him in Revelator's story mode after he has a monologue...
  12. Shots fired on Lucario. Jokes notwithstanding, I wonder how Raven's Guts rating will work with Hit me here/Gray Fox install...Like does he have to take the hit with damage scaling or does he eat it like as if he was at full health?
  13. I can only conjecture based on the last game's release schedule, but I'll go through my reasoning with you. short answer: Using CP's Arcade "lifecycle" as a precedent, yes there is a chance of a fall 2016 Japanese release and a Spring 2017 localization. long answer: For reference: CP "Lifecycle": Arcade Release: November 21, 2012 Console News: April 16, 2013 (Japanese release date and console characters revealed) Japanese Console Release: October 24, 2013 US Console Release: March 25, 2014 CF "Lifecycle": Act 1 Arcade Release: November 19, 2015 Act 2 Arcade Release January 28, 2016 Act 3 Arcade Release March 2016 Console news about a release window as well as pre-order DLC and console exclusive characters should pop up around mid April early May (that's about when we found out about Terumi and Kagura for CP). So keep your ear to the ground around that time for a more definitive timetable. With each Act lasting 2 months so far, it seems like announcements wouldn't be far-fetched in May (Act I November, Act 2 January, Act 3 March). Again, this is pattern-based speculation so take it with a grain of salt. You should be cautious however, as we are supposing that every portion of development will not take longer than it did previously. As we saw in CF though, we've gotten THREE different arcade routes for everyone (minus the new boss for each act). These were definitely as indepth as normal arcade but it could have eaten into console development for the story mode which will be a contributing factor in how long the game takes to come out. Nevertheless, it looks like all the acts will be finished around console news becomes the new hot topic. Likewise, I don't have a citation on hand but Mori has stated CF will have a larger story mode. Longer story implies a longer development cycle (unless they phone it in). A conservative estimate would to be assume bare minimum they take as long as CP before we should get impatient. Concrete news should be out around April-May 2016 if the pattern holds though and the Act releases provide circumstantial evidence. I have my doubts though based on how they finsihed CP's arcade in November/December (if we account for Izayoi and the missing murakumos who had a staggered release). Mori stated he was still writing Act 3 when Act 1 was released, so there is definitely more time put into the Arcade stories. How much of this ends up as part of story development is in the air (CS followed Arcade far more than CP did). By that token, console dates should be around October/November for Japan. The US release has fluctuated between versions, but it has generally taken longer each version. So I would conservatively guess we won't see a US console date until around March 2017. ASW has stated they wanted their games to have closer release windows, and they have GGXrdR coming out (for consoles at least) around the same time for Japan and the US. Take that as you will though. Hopefully, the flow of events illustrated in this exercise for the past game allows you to tailor your expectations for release dates and when to expect news. Others can chime in as well if this is insufficient for your query or I overestimated or underestimated a factor.
  14. I was under the impression that was the 100% meter DD not the astral. The astral is supposed to be 720D, as far as I have been told. 720A is listed under the "Distortion Drive" section as the fullscreen, 5 second start up timestop move and not the astral. Thanks though.
  15. Hey guys, I don't think anyone brought this up but there is footage of Raven and Kum in action that https://twitter.com/2djazz got with permission of an Arc Sys employee on the condition no one reuploads it. Last night he streamed it and said he would restream it if people wanted to watch it Tuesday/Wednesday if enough people hounded him on twitter for it. So if you guys are thirsty for footage...