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  1. Magnet

    [CS2] Arakune's Loketest Metamorphosis Discussion

    Just thought I'd transfer some more information from the 5th loketest for everyone (and step out of the shadows). Taken from the 5th loketest discussion thread: original post: I got your post RIGHT HERE!
  2. Huzzah... looks like I wont be able to make it to NEC after all. -_- Hate personal stuff getting in the way of bettering my fighting game ability.
  3. I would vote for teams first. Ill try to avoid listing my reason to save headaches Anyhow... Alright, Ill get right on that. Just tested my recording stuff, and its really good. hopefully Ill be able to help with my HD setup.
  4. alright, gotcha. Ill hold off on bringing the stuff then. don't want to cause trouble.
  5. Magnet (NJ) here, signing up for BB. Also, there is a high probably Ill be bringing an HD setup with HD recording capabilities for BB and possibly other games. Not set in stone yet, though I should have confirmation within the next week if I can bring the recording stuff.
  6. Magnet

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    I didn't know that worked, so Ill have to try it. thanks! Sorry guess posting that was pretty useless. ill make sure to read before I post so I dont post something kinda redundant in the future.
  7. Magnet

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    If no one minds me posting here... wow, alot of these changes seem pretty exciting to me. glad to hear that 5c got its range back, but hearing that its low hitbox is still gone is kinda depressing (now there is yet another standing move that will wiff on crouching tao ) Berial-edge RC (if its blocked) could prove useful in getting in against zoning charicters IMO (though I still need to see it in action first). which would help Ragna get in if its worth spending the meter. I'm hoping the good things I hear about Dead spike are true, particularly about it being bigger, little bit faster and removing primer points in the new guard system. losing the life drain is kinda sad, but ill take it if it means his pressure/mixups get better.
  8. okay...I know this seems like a stupid question, but its been bugging at me for awhile and Ive been a bit too afraid to ask. The question is "what exactly IS a frametrap?". ive seen the term being used a LOT, yet I never actually knew what it meant. The definition I was operating under was that a frametrap is essentially, a move that leaves an opening designed to bait the opponent into doing something, and catching them with one of your moves as a response. ...wait, that sounds like the definition for baiting. ugh. can someone help clarify this?
  9. Magnet

    BB in Pennsylvannia!

    Hey, I'm a fairly new resident of the PA area, going to college at Kutztown University...I also happen to be a blazblue player looking for some non-online matches =P. Im pretty busy during the week, but hopefully if anything starts happening on the weekend I should be able to do something If it is not too far away. Ill try to get some contact info up here shortly, just wanted to stop in and say hi.
  10. Magnet

    [CT] Ragna vs Tager

    Hmmmmmm..... From some of my online experience and from a face to face encounter with a decent tager, i honestly think this matchup, at least for Ragna, can be difficult without reaaaally good spacing. :RG:generally, Im just gonna hold back against Tager, around a 5B distance away, and poke and prod him with 5B, 5C, 6D and carefully placed J.Cs, then hitconfirm into combo/damage off those. at the range i stay at, I mostly have to worry about his D's and spark bolt. if I'm magnetized, I avoid jumping as much as possible, because of atomic collider. I personally don't use Dead-Spike often in this match. Tager can just sledge right through it and get a counter hit. watch both of Tager's meters carefully, and be very cautious on your oki options, especially if your magnetized. Try to avoid losing the round to a wakeup 360 or 720 because you neglected to pay attention to his meter/magnetism. if your not magnetized, maintain a slight distance and be ready to move ASAP, since some tagers may wakeup tech into 360B. Barrier Breaking (Aka stopping your run by using barrierguard) can be a decent way to bait spark bolt for some Tagers, and can also save you from running straight into one. Granted, even if you block it your still magnetized, but its a hell of a lot better then being magnetized and flying towards a combo-ready tager. Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL about bursting in this matchup. A bad burst only weakens your already low defense score, and removes your ability to barrier break (I Believe, confirm anyone?) So only burst as a last resort. avoid airdashing to get really close to tager. don't let him show you his nice, communist approved invulnerable 360 as a punish. if your feeling gutsy, try blood kain if you've got the meter/health. it turns your already decent normals into pressure machines, particularly your 5D and 6D to sum it up, I suggest just playing this matchup really carefully. rushing down willy-nilly may work at first, but may hurt you in the long run if the Tager decides to take a chance. his risk/reward ratio is somewhat higher in terms of damage, since he can take and dish out more damage then you if you let him. however, you control the pace of the matchup, so force him to play your footsie games and wear him down with cautious mixups. Notable Moves (in no particular order of importance) for 1. 5B (Nice, fairly big safe poke. just dont wiff it.) 2. 5C (Big reach, good for fishing for a counterhit.) 3. 6D (Slow to start, but good pressure and mixup possibilities off a blocked 5B or by itself. on hit can lead to a nice combo.) 4. 5A/2A (Quick pokes for getting out of pressure.) 5. Inferno Divider (its a shoryuken reversal with some damage potential, just don't use predictably or else...) 6. 6C (Useful in combos. Tagers got a HUGE hitbox, making the 6C->GH combo good, expecially if you can follow it up) 7. Gauntlet Hades and TK Gauntlet Hades (not particularly useful in pressure, but they're your cash cows for damage, so USE EM) 8. instant block/instant barrier block/counter assault (as always, these should be mentioned. they can get you out of pressure and get you back the momentum, which is important)
  11. BEEEEES!!!!! run for ur livez!!

  12. Magnet

    [CT] Arakune vs. Hakumen

    Yup, hakumen's Attacks are BIIIIIG unfortunately, trying to pressure arakune is like holding a wet bar of soap: hes gonna slip out eventually. Arakune, in this matchup, is pretty much doing what he does best: running away, curse, then go for broke. unlike some other matchups, though (*Cough*Noel*cough*) Arakune has the option of rushing down once Hakumen is cursed, but he cant just do it willy-nilly. Once hakumen is cursed, i personally will just use my A,B and C bugs to harrass him from a distance, using my teleports and teleport feints on the ground to zone him, buy time, help me set up traps, etc. I personally wont be jumping in the air too crazily at this time: it only takes one of Hakumens huge swings to hurt you bad, and Arakune isnt exactly super manuverable in the air without his J.6A,B or C, all of which Hakumen can, if he guesses right, counter. Once hakumen is blocking,ill Use crossup dives, the midscreen unblockable and Teleport feint into high/low/throw to break his guard,recurse, and repeat. As long as Arakune is cautious and tricky with his bug use in his zoning, he pretty much controls the pace of this matchup. @Blade: i guess id wanna get a match or two against ya at some point, maybe itll help me flesh out this matchup a little better by understanding it from Haku's perspective.
  13. No lie, sitting in class trolling forums instead of paying attention to a Faulkner lecture, I read your signature and lol'd. well played.

  14. Magnet

    Eddie Q&A's

    Hey guys, got a question that may/may not have been asked, i'm putting this up while i read through the Q and A for eddie, and i know what im asking may be a basic question, but im still kinda stuck on eddie stuff and wanted some second opinions on it. question 1: having a bit of trouble doing eddie ground combos. while i know there is a difference between the standing/crouching combos and ive been looking at them, im having difficulty with the timing of Little eddies -k- mawaru in the combos, which usually results in me foolishly dropping the combo. any advice on mawaru timing after i've broken their guard and started a combo? question 2: any particularly fantastic meaties with the shadow out or w/o shadow available aside from invite hell FRC? sorry if these are stupid questions, i've been reading through the eddie essentials guide by Teyah (speaking of which, kudos to everyone who helped with that, including Teyah). from some self-review, i can break guard with high/low and sometimes tick throw, but combos just seem kinda difficult for me.