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  1. Oh! Great! May 1st!
  2. Add Tsubaki for work hard to attain to, even if she isn't THAT top tier. Another thing that really can piss of from Block-stun-cancel-Overdrive is that you can activate EA during the process and if you got AF, there goes a little more from 4K of damage. As someone who constantly uses Exceed Accel+Active Flow as DP, I imagine the salt. And about those many features inside the game, GG actually have some things just like that, and works well. Blazblue's problem, on the other hand, it is how that was executed.
  3. While we argue here, Steam is storming with negative reviews and I can see why. I guess some people were expecting to the port not be that good, but I would expect this disaster... and the 52 GB. Does anyone bought it and discovered the root of that? I've heard it is because of the multiple arcades and all. I know this feel, that's why we need a balance patch ASAP. Guilty Gear Xrd got, like two patches between Revelator and Rev2 and made a very strong difference, not letting Sin and Johnny maintain the cancer in tourneys and the second one buffed Venom and Jam(I guess), while nerfed Elphelt. Now in Rev2 it is time to Raven to shine and Answer will join him.
  4. First things first, SFV is the biggest game around in the community, just accept. If it is boring of not, it is another story. BBCF indeed is fun and have single player content, but someday you want to go online to test your skills, unless you are a casual, which isn't a problem to me, but saying the game is fun despite of the unbalance? Do you play with any broken chars to say that? Like Izanami, Nine, Arakune or Izayoi? I admit, I play Nine, I have fun, but that Kunzite is hella broken. True that having quite a large roster and having a high percentage of character viable for tournaments are interesting, but how many of these do you see? True, you mostly see around 8-9 chars, which are, indeed, 25%, but who said GG doesn't have this variety even having a smaller roster? many other games I don't know about chars, but we also have Smash (Yeah, yeah, I know), and around 55 characters, very few aren't viable, actually. Another thing, AFAIK, SFV got hate mostly because of the brutal change in the gameplay and I don't think it is lacking that much of single player content (I guess they've already added vs CPU), since they constantly update for challenges to people get more money (even though you have to squeeze every drop, which is ridiculous and I agree with you). Also, just to add, my opinion about mostly of the characters not being added in SFV is similar of why didn't GGXrd already started with every character from GGXX, and almost every character got a "reboot" about how you plays it, Blazblue they just Buff some things and nerf others, adding some animations in the proccess for new attacks, adding new routes, while excluding others I am just showing these arguments to you, not rubbing it, I am open to rebuttals and all PS: Sorry if I sound rude, it is because I've always got hype for a new patch in BBCF and hearing that it will only be after EVO is just... dope, really dope since I think the game is currently unbalanced and is unfun to play online sometimes
  5. blazblue

    What the... How? What in the hell? I mean, it is more than triple in size, compared to PS3! It is like they already have everything that they will put in PS3/PS4 and some more! Probably the Datamining will do its job from Thursday onwards
  6. At least I'm not the only one who thinks that Many people say that is bullshit because it is sabotaging the game before EVO. Hell, I say this patch is MANDATORY since it will (probably) nerf Arakune, Izanami, EZayoi and Nine, while it can buff Kagura, Bullet, Noel and Susanoo. How long do you think CF will last in the FGC if it still broken as duck? Nothing! I was hoping that it would have a single patch after release that isn't Mai's inclusion nor online fixes before EVO, but since Mori will announce something after EVO, this possibility is almost to non-existent. So what will us see? Izayoi, Nine, Arakune and Izanami. Perfect...
  7. Susanoo is kinda predictable: All seals unlocked and (maybe) buffed up, like Nine Unlimited spells. What I wonder is how it will be Mai Unlimited, despite disliking her, and Hibiki Unlimited
  8. Now with Steam Release at bay I can sleep better, thinking that the announce after EVO isn't the PC release. Now I only need to wait more 3 months to hype out what they will announce (IF it is CF related, of course)
  9. I am starting to think the After-EVO announcement will be the PC version of CF
  10. April Fools, the day where chaos rules the Internet... I love that day.
  11. Despite of that being true, since Raven and Haehyun were exclusive to console release and never been in the Loketest earlier, Rev 2 acts more like a paid update instead a full game, so it is a little hard, actually, for a third character coming in. It is not impossible, however, but chances are slim, maybe a little higher than that after EVO. A revision from a revision? I don't want to be cruel or rude but I don't see it positives at all honestly. Even though we got Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + R and that stuff, it was for PS2, where didn't exist digital upgrade, DLC or stuff like that. Also, GGXrd story isn't over yet, so, after Rev2, they're probably going after the next part.
  12. Oh, btw, did you noticed their defense modifers? Just to know. I wonder if Baiken still with her paper-thin defense, the (almost) same works with Answer, since being a Ninja, like Chipp, would make him a paper character.
  13. Now that the cat is out the bag, it is a little hard to hide it now. Hm... I wonder if IK are allowed now, to see both newcomers IK and Dizzy's IK on them
  14. A new loketest, huh? Sounds fun. Does it brings a new patch, like the others?
  15. Is it me or Ramlethal's hat on Lisa is weird as hell?