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  1. Those Raven buffs, Oh my god! If this is right... Oh my... we will see Dogura creating the hell on EVO.
  2. Yeah, not in that way I mean. What I mean is that the update won't take that longer since it WILL have to be before EVO and since in spring will launch in arcades, so sooner or later will be for the other platforms, because In EVO rules, if any new content is launched, for it to be legal at the tournament, it needs to be one month earlier the tournament and since they "slapped" Rev 2 in the schedule... the limit is June 14. And no worries about misreading it.
  3. EVO revealed that will be Guilty Gear Rev 2 used this year, meaning this time that the game won't take too longer from the arcade release, even from an update, which is good
  4. Things that I am waiting to see in Xrd story: -What Delilah role will be, because she looks like will be the new Bedman. -Asuka and Sol clash, because that gonna be one hella of a fight. -How things will end to characters like Axl, I-no and Raven, because I really got interested after Revelator story. -Leo kicking Daryl's ass, because yes.
  5. A freaking huge meteor, I guess that's what means "jackpot" in Faust's changes.
  6. Where I can watch?
  7. I admit, I don't play Elphelt that much, but wasn't after last EVO where she was very nerfed, with Sin and Johnny? I do remember another patch, 1.0.4, but was Elphelt's changes during that time compensating, I really don't remember, sorry. I know Loketests do have changes that don't stick but... you know, it happens to hype during these moments... BTW, when and which site will the loketest start?
  8. I just loved most of Raven changes (236S and 236HS) and Dizzy's buffs (even without playing her at the moment), on the other hand, it seems the game REALLY doesn't want me to play as Elphelt, because COME ON! The woman already got so nerfed that I really doubt people would still play with her, sheesh! EDIT: By the way, what has changed in Bedman "replays"? It is highlighted in yellow, but the inputs remains the same. EDIT2: (By the way)², we have the changes in japanese here http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/ggxrd/GGXrdR2_Changes.pdf
  9. This gonna be fun! Happy new year coming from the doc! Heh, jokes aside, I wonder when we will see every new move, and I wonder if Raven or Dizzy got something, since Faust already got some... upgrade.
  10. Volt, Volt, we are talking about ArcSys, if they announce a PC version or Extend, some time later they announce the new version. Take SIGN for PC, CF announce after 3 weeks of CPEX and Revelator for PC as examples.
  11. Please, not another 6-month between games. By the way, we are back full speed ahead! Everybody aboard the hype train! Jokes aside, considering that arcade will come first, it may happen to have more one character, like in Revelator, where came 3 characters, the triple J (Johnny, Jam and Jack-O') Robo-ky is kinda obvious nowadays because Story Dizzy! Faust! You two will have some work to do with reactions for my little fun!
  12. THANK GOD, ARC! Btw, so it means it will release already for the console? Cool! Since it will have a new chapter from story mode, means new characters, means Asuka is closer to play with. I never expected to Answer becoming a character. And he looks like he plays like Chipp, very much, probably will be paper thin too. About Baiken... well, it is Baiken, right?
  13. Changing the subject back to gameplay here. I had noticed some flaws that Susanoo has coming from his users and there is one flaw that can't be corrected which is the fact that he can't carry his unlocks between rounds. As a Susanoo users, I agree it is something annoying unlock every round every seal, but if he carried it, imagine how insane he would become. Plus balance go straight to hell (I know, we are talking about BB) but he would be freaking OP since you just use his Distortion to unlock everything.
  14. It's been more than a month since the game released, but it doesn't have any news, from both GG and BB, what annoys people, a lot.
  15. It would actually makes sense, since it is the last one in Xrd and, probably, will launch in the arcades this or the next year