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    [CF] Λ -11- General Discussion Thread

    I must say, I tried out the US demo and wow, Lambda feels great. I'm not really talking about any of the specific changes, but she overall feels a lot tighter and faster than her CPEX version. Her corner game also seems a lot better Expect to take a quick second to get used to how the sword juggles and combos are now if you're like me I hope the US demo has a weekend of netplay so I can try her out online.
  2. Yeah, apparently Tsubaki got quite a few buffs overall. If we look at Zexo's review of Tsubaki from ArcRevo 2015, he points out her strong new overhead, which apparently has been somewhat of a game changer for her as far as everyone is thinking. Remember that this is still just one tier list. There's another one that lists her quite higher than Valkenhayn and one that puts her a bit lower, so who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm still wondering myself how Poropichio put Lambda THAT high. Yeah she got polished, but I still notice that she mostly still suffers from her same flaws in BBCPEX (That +500 HP does help though )
  3. There is 4 tier lists on Neogaf on BBCF. I'll show one of them as an example of what I'm talking about. APPARENTLY this is made from Saigo, Hasshin, Muku, Sukoya, etc. Take a look at Lambda-11 and Mu-12 for example. Lambda is mid-low while Mu is mid-high unlike their positions made by Poropichio. It just shows how many of the characters are pretty close to each other in power and that it's pretty debatable on who's better . Heck, I saw two that placed Taokaka pretty high. I think we only know that Carl and Arakune are pretty terrifying while Kagura is just facing an uphill battle against well, everyone.
  4. I know that it's unlikely, but I really do hope BBCF comes out this year. :l All of the characters I wanted to learn in BBCPEX were barely, if not anywhere viable. It's kind of hard to not feel dread when I have to fight another Azrael or Izayoi, with barely any hope that I'll win a round in 10 matches. My Lambda is ready for the I'm not worthless tier(Woo mediocre tier. It's an upgrade and I can't wait)
  5. Overdrive55

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    I recently got Guilty Gear Xrd myself, and I want to know what characters I should start trying to learn. Here would be some important things you need to know: I gravitate towards weaker characters and I have no idea why, so even if it's the weakest character I don't care. I SUCK at charge moves and 720s, but I can basically do any other command I like characters that have solid zoning, close range characters that have things like counter specials aren't my thing. I also like being able to rush in at times if possible, but this is not a necessity. I don't like being slow, but I don't want to use THAT character that flies all over the screen. I came from BBCPEX and I main Lambda-11 there, but I don't like her lack of defense options.
  6. Overdrive55

    [CF] Λ -11- General Discussion Thread

    How much of the changes to Lambda-11 stayed from the loketest? Overall she looks like she will be a bit more stable if you know what I mean in terms of being able to do her thing, but she seems like she still suffers from the same weaknesses she faces in BBCPEX. Her overhead doesn't seem particularly good, but Act Parcer Tri's first move seems to get her quite a bit more options for what she can do on offense. There's a lot of videos for her, but I haven't seem to see any one necessarily discuss about what she's doing now.