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  1. Yeah seems like my second editing failed. After further verifications I found out the second one was Izayoi's. As for Es, well damn, I was sure it wasn't hers, thinking that the cross was too big. Turns out it was just the video quality tricking me.
  2. Ok, I don't remember ever seeing this crest. The opening is old and only Susanoo's was big but this one is quite stealthy and doesn't ring any bell to me. http://imgur.com/BiRrfph If you want to check it yourself, it's one of the first crests to appear, on the bottom left corner.
  3. Yeah that's where Mai is. Confirmed, there's a tweet from Aksys showing it a few pages ago.
  4. Mori said they will do more dlc characters if there is demand. Jubei is basically confirmed to appear sooner or later at this point.
  5. Guys, that tail is so majestic I don't even.
  6. By the way, Central Fiction's European release date has been revealed a few hours ago. It's going to get released the 4th of November. I can't believe that we're getting it so early. I'm usually swearing only by the English dub but if removing it avoids the usual year gap between japanese and western releases then it's worth having japanese voices only.
  7. Except that the color of the crests in the openings are irrelevent since during that scene all crests are white then glow gold...
  8. Inbefore Jubei is the one left (I think the crest belongs to him too, but let's see how it goes) and he's the console exclusive. Because hey we still don't have any words about the console exclusive character, you know, the one that usually gets announced first ? Why would they wait so long before announcing this character ? Probably to create a surprise by announcing him last and please everybody.
  9. There's still one character left to announce, if we are to trust the opening and the unknown crest that 100% belongs to a playable character. @Luminos564 got it. We can't trust these kind of claims anymore. They just say this now for those who wanted to only buy the EXTEND version, to kind of make them buy the vanilla game. Then they'll be screwed when EXTEND will come out.
  10. The good thing about this is that it won't feel useless to learn a character because his or her way of playing will be changed in a next version. That aside, I advise the legendary Wait&See. @TekkamanArk, we never know. They could need some money in two years and decide to do an Extend version. Also yeah, let's not restart something about Jubei. Those times were the cringiest in all that thread's history.
  11. Alright before a useless shitstorm happens I want to remind you guys that they've also said there wouldn't be an EXTEND version for Chronophantasma back then.
  12. Uh... Xrd's story is in no way a reboot. It's the direct continuation of Guilty Gear 2 which tales place a few years after XXAC+.
  13. Trinity got a new body so I won't be surprised if she appears in the story mode and is added as DLC. For the second DLC I can only think of Jubei, but it may be a new character too (and people will have to wait until CFEX for the cat.).
  14. Now that you pointed at that clock, there are some other bits of buildings everywhere and I think the stage may be a hierarchical city where a Black Beast emerged from its cauldron due to plot circumstances.
  15. While the text on the ground is kinda fishy, I think that the important thing to know about Es' stage is that it's inside of a wrecked NOL branch. One can see NOL flags on the broken walls scattered around the stage.