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  1. whytesakura

    I-no san's Accent Core Plus R changes

    what about vcl, you know anything about that mynus?
  2. whytesakura

    I-no san's Accent Core Plus R changes

    i think two airdashes will provide her more mix up options, but that is given that they are under a decent lockdown like millia or dizzy, but i don't see that happening with i-no
  3. whytesakura

    I-no vs Chipp

    Keep space, and look for a good opportunity to get him to block a note iot get close. If not: Utilize Jp when you can into damage Or Set up for airthrow>oki> repeat Or Anti air into knockdown into oki (catch him with Vcl, he can wind up crossing himself up in the air) Doing anything that takes too long can put you in a bad spot Keep in mind chipp wakes up a tad slower than other characters
  4. whytesakura

    I-no vs Ky

    Why do I post here now, and so late. 1) Ky's fireballs besides CSE (don't try and counter it its not worth the risk), IAD J.HS> SDive> 2p>5k >combo 2) Well spaced far slashes when ky is in the corner renders GS useless, Keep your 2HS, 5HS, 6HS, 6P, and 5K handy, Stroking is optional, dashing back in if you got him trained. 3) I have yet to see if 6p punishes a blocked GS, if so, 6p>5HS>IAD K,S, VCL> HCL. If Ky is in the corner, you have other options that hurt a lot more. 4) VCL does work on wake up if it is a 2K, 5k, or airdash string. Not recommended. 5) 5k is your friend 6) Let Ky jump first, if you don't you best be mashing JP going up, or JK whilst falling 7) You can stroke 6HS if you see it coming. 8) Notes are great at distance, and oki, nothing else. 9) SRK safe oki, and a few grabs to get in his head.
  5. whytesakura

    I-No Combo Thread (Accent Core)

    sdive can give a knockdown sir.
  6. whytesakura

    I-no vs Millia

    while both characters are in the air, assuming millia is at a higher altitude than i-no, diving is also a nice idea.
  7. If the spacing is right you can get 5hs>jhs>sdive>5sc>js>jhs>delay sdive>5p>5sc>js>jhs>kdive or even 5hs>jhs>pdive>66>j.s>vcl>5sc>js>jhs>kdive
  8. whytesakura

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    I played DW wayy back when he came over for the inauguration.
  9. whytesakura

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    yeah...its one of the things i taught him Coma is the player. One day there will be more videos of epic fights of me v. coma. we go back and forth.
  10. whytesakura

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    If I had some more me v coma vids, you would see a lot more variety. Those are actually my best matches probably, or when I do good against Steve Harrison.
  11. whytesakura

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    thats the thing. I don't use everything that I know. Sometimes my mind is on auto pilot and i just pretty much do clockwork.
  12. whytesakura

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    http://www.youtube.com/user/FourAreFive#p/u/0/p8Adg7hA7bw Xanadu Casual's 6 and 7 have me in them. They aight.
  13. whytesakura

    I-no vs Axl

    I usually keep my distance and throw out a few far slashes and hcl's until i can get a note out. then i can 6p/airthrow him from the air, or get closer and scare him with Tk dives, strokes, pokes, and mix up. stroking is nice, but it is lowly recommended.
  14. yeah don't freestyle with i-no. she can't rap.