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  1. To be fair, we seem to be getting two more Fuzzy's in exchange. Speaking of Fuzzy, he brings to mind the question of vampires in the BlazBlue world. So far we have seen four vampires (Rachel, Raquel, Clavis and Fuzzy) and all of them seem to have vastly different origins and properties. Rachel's origin is unclear aside from the fact that Clavis made her, Raquel was created from an Embryo, Clavis is an Illusionary Creature created from a wish on the Azure and Fuzzy is part of a series of artificial beings. Both Rachel and Fuzzy cannot be killed by anything but an Immortal Breaker but that immortality seems to come from different sources (Rachel's is due to being an Onlooker, not vampirism) while Clavis and Raquel both have life force values that Naoto can see (Rachel had no number). Vampires in BlazBlue are still such a large mystery and I hope they are explored more in the future (especially if we get to see the story of Rachel's journey to reunite with Ragna post-CF).
  2. I never really assumed anything about her since her relationship with her father is clearly much more important. Personally I'm more surprised with how much of a badass her faher is.
  3. I never really assumed anything about her since her relationship with her father is clearly much more important. Personally I'm more surprised with how much of a badass her faher is.
  4. @Kenji Harima: Wow dude that's a lot to unpack. First of all, you need to work on your grammar because this is really hard to follow. I'll try and address each point as they come. Ragna, Jin and Saya are not from the Amanohokosaka. They are children of Prime Field Device No. 5, which is obviously artificial. Now No.5 MIGHT be based on Saya Terumi, who is from a branch family of the Amanohokosaka but even then the relationship between the siblings and the Amanohokosaka's is tenuous at best. Their looks have nothing to do with it. I'm assuming you meant to say Ragna is Naoto's descendant, not the other way around, because what you have so far is impossible. The timing of the Prime Field War is vague because it caused the entire world to reset. This could mean a unified history of the past up until the time period where the war took place and then there was a split (in which case the Azure Shrine Maiden event came first) or it could have rewritten all of human history thus making all events seem "later" than the Original world. You can't compare these types of vessels as if they're the same thing. They all follow their own rules. There is nothing that says how a vessel looks matters in the slightest. 1) Kazuma/Hazama → this is the only type of vessel they've explained even slightly. All that is said is that the soul inside must be very similar to Terumi's (hence why Hazama and Kazuma are manipulative assholes), the look has nothing to do with it. Terumi's "true form" outside of the Susano'o Unit is the black and green ghost blob we see in the first two games. Terumi's playable form is simply Trinity materializing him in the same look he had when he was possessing Kazuma. Terumi's look was determined by his vessel, not the other way around. We know that the Sankishin are not manmade. Susano'o states that it's his desire to destroy everything Amaterasu creates and since that includes all of humanity, clearly they are a result of his "sister's" work (not necessarily The Origin though). The world needs the Master Unit's Observation to exist in the first place so it can't have been manmade. Perhaps they emerged from the Azure or something since the Azure is a power even greater than Amaterasu but who knows. They might have simply existed as long as the Azure has with no origin. 2) Saya → I highly doubt Relius really needed to dye her hair for Izanami to be inhabit her. Don't forget that Izanami and Terumi are different kinds of beings and Saya and Hazama/Kazuma are different kinds of vessels. Saya is the child of Prime Field Device and Hazama/Kazuma are Azure Grimoires in human form. It is foolish to assume the same rules apply. As you said, the only reason Saya was an ideal candidate was her ability to amplify seithr. Nothing else mattered. Where did you get that Saya is not a Grimoire of the Origin? That makes no sense. In fact, Saya and The Origin have no direct connection to each other. The connection is second-hand since both Izanami and the Prime Fields based on Saya are connected to The Origin's soul but Saya herself is unrelated. Furthermore, do not call The Origin "Original Saya." The Origin has never been given the name Saya. This is "True Noel" all over again. 3) Nine → Actually this proves nothing. All it means is that Relius made the body look the same because that is how she looked in the past. There is no indication that the soul changed the body or that the vessel wouldn't work if it looked different. The Origin didn't take Noel as a vessel. That is something completely different. For one thing all Prime Field devices have a piece of The Origin's soul, not just Noel. Furthermore, Noel is The Origin's "other self." What this means exactly isn't elaborated on but it is more than simply possession. It also wasn't easy to do since apparently it was only possible because of the immense amount of energy released from Take-Mikazuchi firing on Ibukido. The Origin wasn't remodeled into a Prime Field, it's explicitly stated that she was made as one. She was artificial to begin with. Besides we already know what The Origin looks like. There's no need to speculate on that. Also, don't forget that Tenjo herself was inhabiting a vessel so even her looking like Saya says nothing. In fact, if we assumed the rules of vessels were universal (which they're not) Tenjo would completely debunk your theory since she planned to use Nirvana as her next vessel and we all know Nirvana can never be made to look human. It doesn't matter what you believe. The Origin (who I assume you are talking about when you say "Saya") only got a soul after contact with the Master Unit. That has been confirmed multiple times and having them originally be humans completely contradicts all the rules of Prime Field Devices. There was no "original Ragna and Saya" just The Origin and whoever her brother was (presumably another Prime Field since there is nothing that says they have to be female and Relius and Nine had no need to specify a gender for the race).
  5. Absolutely nothing happened for Hibiki in story mode. He was just Kagura's secretary and did what was asked of him like in Chrono Phantasma. None of the stuff from arcade mode is ever brought up. Heck I don't think Hibiki gets into a single fight in the entirety of story mode. Hibiki is far from the only character whose potential was squandered (Lambda, Mai, Es) in story mode but it is a shame.
  6. I'm sorry. Did you serious just say that a dub, something that is present throughout literally 100% of the gameplay experience, inconsequential? I understand if you personally don't care for it but wake the fuck up if you think it doesn't matter. It matters to just as many, if not more, people than "must have Jubei nao" does. Are you really so far up your own ass with this Jubei business that anything else is inconsequential? I would bet even things like unlimited characters, new story content, or a different playable character being announced (Kajun is not unrealistic since she already has arcade art) would be inconsequential to you as long as they're not your precious Jubei. Your attitude towards this is utterly baffling. You seem resigned to disappointment despite having absolutely no proof of what is to come. You do realize you are complaining about a conclusion to a future announcement that you yourself made up right? Your relationship with this series seems masochistic. It would be so much more bearable if every hint at something new made you excitedly hope that it's Jubei as opposed to your doom and gloom nonsense. If you are so convinced you will never get Jubei either give up on the series or learn to deal with it like a rational human being and move on because your constant bitching, which has extended to lashing out at literally nothing, is not healthy for you and just pisses the rest of us off.
  7. Dude seriously, why must you freak out over every single thing that even resembling news? There is NOTHING that says a PC release has any connection to DLC characters, or that either of those are connected to EVO. Now I'm not saying we will be getting something else after EVO but that's still 3 months away. Save your judgment until it actually comes. We all get it, you REALLY want Jubei to be playable. You have told us a thousand times so you don't need to continue to do so at every opportunity. Are you really so obsessed that the possibility of a PC release, which has zero bearing on DLC, is worth getting upset over?
  8. Naoto and Saya are from the Terumi clan, which is a branch family of the Amanohokosaka clan. I don't think they are direct descendants of Mei. And what would it explain? Ragna's connection to the Azure comes from gaining the Azure Grimoire. It's not natural to him so it has nothing to do with the Azure Shrine Maiden. Also, what do Ragna and Mei's personalities have to do with this? It's not like they are even that close since Ragna is more angry and distant while Mei is more insulting and, for lack of a better term, "bitchy." And all of this is assuming that Saya Terumi is in fact the basis of No. 5, which is not 100% confirmed.
  9. I still don't think Bell was meant to house to souls. Otherwise, why would Platinum's existence become unstable in CF?
  10. I'm a bit confused by this. According to CF Jubei and Trinity were originally planning for Trinity to take this body before they discovered Luna and Sena near death so wouldn't that suggest Bell was originally meant to only hold one soul? Also how is Trinity there? I thought she had to inhabit stay in a Nox. Is she in Musashi at the moment or does someone there have Muchorin?
  11. That is clearly fake. Mori said to wait until EVO for an announcement. That said the cruelest part of the joke is saying that there would be story updates about Es. I would do anything for them to at least have her meet Nine and Celica considering that little detail of THEM BECOMING BFFS IN LOST MEMORIES!
  12. I'm aware that the BlazBlue and XBlaze Izayoi's are very different (hence why I specified the spear). That is because they are two different weapons, even if they both exist in the same world. Remember the terms Murakumo and Kusanagi are also reused. All the Sealed Weapon: Izayoi means is that Armagus in some form existed before Nine's time. She did say she was "reviving" the technique after all.
  13. Yes, we do know this is true. In Mai's arcade mode she sees Platinum and calls her Bell, before remembering she goes by Platinum now. Why would she think Platinum is Bell unless that is Bell's body. Furthermore, when Jubei and Trinity explain Platinum's origin they mention that the vessel was empty, meaning Bell's soul is not in the body. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure they say Luna and Sena are humans near death, so how could Luna be Bell? No, Tsubaki has the original Izayoi. There is no replica. In CF Nine also says that Izayoi was one of the weapons that was used during the Prime Field War, which coincides with Phase Shift where she goes into more detail about it. In Phase Shift 3 Chapter 1 she mentions the war several hundred years ago fought against something conventional weapons could not work against. I will provide a few quotes. This is also where it is confirmed that Hihiirokane was made before the war with Izayoi (in the Age of Origin). "I've found the weapon that had been used to fight that something in Ishana." A weapon created by humanity to fight the something that couldn't be damaged by conventional weapons at start. "Your village has the same kind of weapon, doesn't it?" Her question was directed to Jubei. He was deeply aware that Nine didn't have any ill intention, but Jubei unconsciously frowned. "Hihi'irokane..." The ancient weapon itself originated from the age of beginning and had been handed down within Jubei's family. It wasn't currently in the possession of Jubei's family for a reason, but Jubei never knew that it was intended to fight that something which resembled Black Beast. "The one I found in Ishana was more recently made. According to the few remains of record, its name is..." Before Nine could tell the name of the relic... "...The Sealed Weapon Izayoi." Hakumen murmured and shook the heavy atmosphere. This is the Izayoi that would be passed down the Yayoi family and is the weapon that Nine based the Nox of off. Furthermore, even if Legacy Weapons were made during the Prime Field War, that doesn't mean all of them were from that time. Nothing confirms whether or not Izayoi (the spear), Murakumo, Kusanagi or Outseal specifically came from the Prime FIeld War when this type of thing has existed since long before that, as proven by Hihiirokane.
  14. Do we know Outseal was made during the Prime Field War? I thought only Izayoi was confirmed to be made during it. Hihiirokane was made before it in the Age of Origin and I'm pretty sure the timeframe for the creation of all the Legacy Weapons (including the original Outseal) is still unknown. I might be wrong about this but if you could provide a source that'd be great. I think the problem (even if I don't agree with it) is that Variable Heart is a monthly series. 3 chapters feels like a really long time because the fights been going on for 3 months from our perspective. I'm sure it will feel much more naturally paced on reread once it's completed.
  15. Here's Amatsumugi/Zedar's summary of chapter 10. Do you seriously think it will be that long? Variable Heart will probably be around the same length as Remix Heart, which was 25 chapters if I remember correctly. Regardless, the fight seems to be winding down since Mai is the only one who can make the kill and only has one or two shots of Outseal left. I imagine it will be no more than two chapters before the fight is over. Honestly this manga doesn't seem like it's going to have that much more happen in it. There are only three things that we still need to see. How Meifang ends up being defeated. How Bell ends up in the state that she will be in for Jubei and Trinity to put Luna and Sena's souls inside her empty body. How Mai ends up staying with Sector Seven and what happens with Taro and Shiori as a result. They can easily do that in 15 chapters.