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  1. Does anyone know what 13 is a reference to? 13 is always the othher series reference palette.
  2. I don't think it's going to be unique to every character. The Terumi one is a reference to how the Sekigan can see his true form but that is a detail exclusive to Terumi. It's a nice touch but won't effect any other characters.
  3. But where do the previous statements that Mori's next project won't be a fighting game fall into place with all of this? Granted, Cross Tag Battle makes that statement a bit suspect but assuming we're talking about something after that, in order to be ready in two years maximum the new saga must either be that new genre game or in a non-video game medium.
  4. So should there be a dedicated BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle thread? It seems like it should have one separate from here.
  5. What's different about the HUD? It looks the same to me.
  6. FINALLY EVERYONE WILL SHUT UP ABOUT JUBEI!!! Also HOLY SHIT BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle with Ruby Rose!!! So that's what was going on with Rooster Teeth. A bit disappointed it's not a full RWBY fighting game but what can you do.
  7. They mostly just talked about the fighting game industry and EVO and stuff. Nothing that important. Nothing to apologize for. I'm not sure where that was mentioned but who knows. All I know is that the RWBY fighting game is almost guaranteed to be announced around then as well. Not that I really care if we get an announcement about BlazBlue anymore since I just got a Toy Story world and 2018 release for Kingdom Hearts 3.
  8. So we got nothing new from the Arc System Works panel. Not surprised.
  9. Wait is it an Arc System Works panel or an Aksys panel because that changes things. It's on Aksysnation Twitch channel which suggests the later.
  10. When's the Arc panel and where can I watch it?
  11. I'm sorry. Did you serious just say that a dub, something that is present throughout literally 100% of the gameplay experience, inconsequential? I understand if you personally don't care for it but wake the fuck up if you think it doesn't matter. It matters to just as many, if not more, people than "must have Jubei nao" does. Are you really so far up your own ass with this Jubei business that anything else is inconsequential? I would bet even things like unlimited characters, new story content, or a different playable character being announced (Kajun is not unrealistic since she already has arcade art) would be inconsequential to you as long as they're not your precious Jubei. Your attitude towards this is utterly baffling. You seem resigned to disappointment despite having absolutely no proof of what is to come. You do realize you are complaining about a conclusion to a future announcement that you yourself made up right? Your relationship with this series seems masochistic. It would be so much more bearable if every hint at something new made you excitedly hope that it's Jubei as opposed to your doom and gloom nonsense. If you are so convinced you will never get Jubei either give up on the series or learn to deal with it like a rational human being and move on because your constant bitching, which has extended to lashing out at literally nothing, is not healthy for you and just pisses the rest of us off.
  12. Dude seriously, why must you freak out over every single thing that even resembling news? There is NOTHING that says a PC release has any connection to DLC characters, or that either of those are connected to EVO. Now I'm not saying we will be getting something else after EVO but that's still 3 months away. Save your judgment until it actually comes. We all get it, you REALLY want Jubei to be playable. You have told us a thousand times so you don't need to continue to do so at every opportunity. Are you really so obsessed that the possibility of a PC release, which has zero bearing on DLC, is worth getting upset over?
  13. That is clearly fake. Mori said to wait until EVO for an announcement. That said the cruelest part of the joke is saying that there would be story updates about Es. I would do anything for them to at least have her meet Nine and Celica considering that little detail of THEM BECOMING BFFS IN LOST MEMORIES!
  14. But doesn't the one exception being the newest game imply that the status quo is changing? If they got Revelator on Steam before Rev 2, why can't we still get CF 2 or whatever?
  15. Ok but why should we expect the Steam version of the current console release to have that? If they want to release new content say next year or so we'll get a name then. Steam is just a port.