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  1. Huh, I never even noticed that she disappeared from in front of the Azure Gate in the last shot of it. Thanks for pointing that out. Who knows what happened to her. I doubt even Mori knows this one since absolutely no effort or thought was put into Es's inclusion in CF (which is strange since all they would need to do is have her post-LM version pulled into this world after her possibility disappeared exactly like what happened to Naoto). Earlier she said some stuff (that I can't really remember) about how she must complete her duty of guarding the gate regardless of her personal interests which would suggest she should stay there. Does that mean her role has ended? If this Es is a "clone" so to speak made by the Azure she would have nowhere to return to since presumably there is the original Es living happily after LM. I doubt we'll ever get the answer to that along with the near-infinite number questions regarding Es because apparently it isn't important enough.
  2. But doesn't the one exception being the newest game imply that the status quo is changing? If they got Revelator on Steam before Rev 2, why can't we still get CF 2 or whatever?
  3. Ok but why should we expect the Steam version of the current console release to have that? If they want to release new content next year we'll get a name then. Steam is just a port.
  4. Ok but why should we expect the Steam version of the current console release to have that? If they want to release new content next year we'll get a name then. Steam is just a port.
  5. What? Steam releases always come last, so any updates would be console first and therefore Steam wouldn't say anything about it. This is just Steam getting it's late version of the current Central Fiction. It does not mean anything about if new content will be added. Also, why would it have a new name?
  6. I'm confused. What about this makes it so that there won't ever be a future update?
  7. I'm confused. What about this makes it so that there won't ever be a future update?
  8. I don't think Carl has any memories of Ragna. It's implied that we only see a few of the people Ragna steals "desires" from and he got around to the rest of the cast offsceen. Plus it seems that whatever he did inside with the Azure at the end is what actually caused everyone to forget about him. As for Ada coming back, that's not how Ragna's use of the desires worked. Ragna created a world of "possibilities" but didn't magically grant everyone's wish. Otherwise the Ikaruga Civil War wouldn't have happened per Bang's wish (we know it still did because Bang was starting to rebuild it in the ending). His goal being pure or not doesn't matter. You know the saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Carl is willing to do whatever it takes to restore Ada. In Act 3 of arcade mode he was perfectly willing to kill Noel to have his wish granted. He has also shown signs of seeing people as objects like Relius does. Even Relius himself has commented that Carl could surpass him and when Relius thinks something like that it means he sees Carl as walking along the same road. Furthermore, I would argue that Relius isn't actually a sadist. Terumi is a sadist because he actively takes pleasure in other people's suffering. Relius on the other hand simply does not care. He does exactly what he thinks is an appropriate action to acquire the data he seeks and only does so for as long as it interests him. He didn't hang Ada, he left her exactly as she was while he was experimenting on her because he got bored. Relius is nothing but a pure pursuit of science without anything to hold him back and Carl has already taken the first steps towards that same mindset. The only difference is their goals (Relius wants to create the perfect doll while Carl wants to make Ada human again) but that doesn't change anything.
  9. Yeah you're going to have to give me a source for that because I've never heard it and it's a pretty big claim. Even if that is true that is pretty stupid. Just because we know they're a thing it doesn't mean it isn't nice to actually see it happen onscreen. There is nothing redundant about a cute happy ending, especially for someone like Jin who doesn't show happiness much. I swear Japanese media has this weird aversion towards romantic resolution, no matter how blatantly a ship is teased. The only exception seems to be when they do a time skip to feature the children of those characters (yet another reason why I want Jin and Tsubaki's kid to be the new protagonist).
  10. Helping Platinum does not make him a protagonist. While the action might be considered "good" by us, Carl was doing it entirely for selfish reasons. He wanted to learn more about artificial bodies and souls, that's it. It's still part of his pursuit of knowledge that is leading him down the Relius path.
  11. While interaction between the two is inevitable (they are currently in the same location and will most likely still be once the battle ends), romantic resolution is unlikely. We know Mai disappears to go to Sector Seven and taro doesn't. Even if something happened it won't last. This is BlazBlue, where no one can have romantic resolution. Even the most unquestionably canon pairings (JinXTsubaki and TouyaXEs) are never shown getting together onscreen.
  12. Everyone brings up the end of LM with Watashi trying to patch things with her father up as a discrepancy with Nine's hatred of her father but in reality it isn't. Remember Watashi was willing to try reconciling with her father. We never see how that actually goes and considering the actions Shuichiro Ayatsuki will take in the future, it makes perfect sense for Watashi's good will to be gone by the time of BlazBlue. The loss of his wife broke Father, leading to the experiments he performed on her corpse, which leads perfectly into the evil experiments he would do in the future. Between Amane's Astral on Nine and Celica, win quotes implying the two know Es, Nine's conveniently covered eye that glows in her Astral and Imouto flat out appearing in the cutscene where Ragna defeats Nine, we can say 100% that Watashi and Imouto are the BlazBlue versions of Nine and Celica.
  13. If Es is just confusing current people for those from her timeline a la Naoto she is wording it very poorly. Why would the people she cherishes dearly be search terms like that? As for whether this Es knows Nine and Celica, Es's origins are completely unknown due to Susano'o saying she was "created by the Azure." Since the Azure can do basically whatever it wants this Es could be based on either pre-LM Es or post-LM Es and it wouldn't make a difference. Either the Azure gives her a new Murakumo or a new Embryo but it has to give her one of those. But regardless of whether or not this Es does remember them, the point is Es should remember them because otherwise LM was completely pointless. What makes you think they are part of the fake history? Nothing about the changes that did occur to the Embryo timeline are in any way connected to Ragna's actions as the Grim Reaper. The arcade mode is also from the fake history so that is no more trustworthy. In fact, I would argue that in any discrepancy between story and arcade mode, story mode should always be treated as more canon. In both cases the list is really long and gets cut off but the story mode list is longer. Also, the way that arcade quote is worded it sounds like those 500 injured were just in reference to the result of destroying the 10 satellite facilities, not his overall total number of casualties. Most importantly, why would they add in such a number just to have it not be true? It's too important a detail to just be a throwaway, especially when there is nothing to make it clear to the audience that it is a result of the Embryo's history. As you said in another post, it is too convenient that his actions would result in zero deaths, which is why I don't believe that is the case. He might not have directly murdered anyone, but the people he injured were screwed when he destroyed the Cauldrons/NOL branches and they had no way to get to safety.
  14. I think that's more an issue with the win quotes in general as opposed to Variable Heart specifically. Those examples are far from the worst for not making sense. Just look at all of Es's quotes. They seem to imply that Es doesn't have any of her memories since she keeps getting search terms related to XBlaze that do not compute but story mode explicitly says she remembers those precious to her. Also Nine seems has absolutely no issue trying to murder her first and closest friend (although Es's quote against her at least implies she knows since Es says her eyes look sad). I wouldn't be surprised if the win quotes were written by some of the supporting writers without Mori ever looking at them. However, I will disagree with you on Platinum finding Mai familiar. Platinum should not remember Mai at all. Bell is a different soul from Luna and Sena and according to Jubei and Trinity's explanation, was lost before Luna and Sena entered her body. Luna and Sena don't have anything that should make Mai familiar to them. To be fair, CF undid that backtracking hard. When Kagura lists off Ragna's crimes in story mode, he says Ragna is responsible for a LOT of deaths (it was either 2000 or 20000, I can't remember which). Even if they removed the implication that he went around intentionally slaughtering people, that's still pretty damn villainous.
  15. I'm personally in the Jin and Tsubaki's kid camp. Partly because of shipping reasons and partly because it's the best way to have the main character still be connected to the previous cast. I can't see any of the current cast becoming the protagnist since most of their stories have ended. Jin can no longer fight, Noel is living a peaceful life etc. I doubt we're going to follow Naoto in the main series. While his story is far from over, he is a spin-off character and his journey will remain told in spin-offs. The only person in the cast that might have protagonist potential is Rachel since the epilogue shows her starting a journey to reunite with Ragna but at this point she's near-powerless so I don't see her being the lead in a fighting game or such. A brand new protagonist is possible but I'd prefer to have the main character maintain a link to what has come before. There's bound to be a whole bunch of unconnected new characters anyway.