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  1. Hmm. Never really cared for Jubei but good that he's in, at least we won't be hearing about his absence any more. But goddamn, RWBY? That's super hype. I'm already wonder who else is going to make the cast apart from Ruby herself. Also, if this tag game is going to have any chance at all of making it to PC, ASW will need to figure something out with Atlus (and maybe bring P4A over for that matter).
  2. The reason I stated is speculation at this point, since I don't know if anyone has actually unpacked the archives to look into them.
  3. Playing the Steam port of BBCF. The 52GB is pretty ridiculous, apparently it's due to leaving most (or all?) of the assets uncompressed. Loading times seem slightly longer than those in the BBCPE port, not sure how it fares against the console version. There are some technical issues with performance, but I fixed it using the Nvidia control panel to force the game to use the dedicated GPU (it uses the onboard Intel card by default), and playing on windowed fullscreen (locks at 50FPS when I play on fullscreen). Once those were done, the game ran flawlessly for me. I think most of the port complaints were due to the increased system requirements (apparently some could get BBCPE to run well on Intel cards and were expecting the same), and issues with pixellation (no comment since it looks not much different from BBCPE's port to me).
  4. I think ASW Universe mentioned on their Facebook page that the PC announcement would be coming soon. I have a feeling it might not be a simultaneous release in that case, or that they have some unanticipated issues with adding post-release DLC on Steam.
  5. If CF Extend were coming to Steam, what you said about no new updates would be more likely. As things currently stand, given how Rev 2 is going to be DLC for all platforms, and the fact that Steam is getting CF and not a CF Extend, I think it's too early to jump to conclusions.
  6. Thanks, was looking for an official source though! But I found out from a quick Google that it's from the ArcSys Fighting Game Awards announcement, so it's all good.
  7. I'd really like the random character button to be in the middle instead of the bottom right corner. Also, I might have missed something, but where does it say that it's paid DLC and not a full release? Preferably an official English announcement, if any, but I'll take what I can get.
  8. Aaaand I caved in and bought it anyway oops. Anyway, what's the verdict regarding episode mode and story mode? Should I complete one before the other, or does it not (really) matter like in BlazBlue?
  9. The price is quite scary. Difficult to decide if I want to jump in now, or wait a little longer (another 6 months?) for a better price. However, considering the perspective that ASW needs a signal that PC ports are worth developing...
  10. I'm guessing that the BBCF PC port will arrive no earlier than the Revelator PC port.
  11. Wow, I wasn't expecting any RWBY references, this is pretty cool! On hindsight, it's not that surprising since I think Mori did say he wanted to make an RWBY game or something (which is also how I discovered RWBY, in any case).
  12. Whatever that theme that's playing in some of the Susanoo videos is... it's awesome. Not sure how I feel about the guy barking some vocals in the background, but those riffs...........
  13. Maybe Jubei's spirit got fused into the armour or something, and so people can play Jubei... in spirit. "Me? Too short? Ahahahahaha die fools, all of you who doubted my height!"
  14. The trophies are indeed very creatively named.