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  1. Kenji Harima

    Blazblue Alternative Dark War for iOS/Android announed

    Did someone play this game or know something more except "preregistration" info?
  2. Kenji Harima

    Blazblue Alternative Dark War for iOS/Android announed

    About the story: Is this game going to be a true spin-off? I heard that it may be a RPG. Is that true? Btw. Maybe it will be sound like a huge speculation but I don't like the idea to use a "Dark War" as a base to make a new plot (how many times? It should be closed event). I am also afraid that it will be related to CentralFiction final (as a consequence of Ragna's actions).
  3. Kenji Harima

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I don't know why ASW put ES in that game. One appearance in CF and she became important as much as "main chars". Has she been that popular or what? (Maybe she is necessary for hmm „plot”) It would be work if CAPCOM stopped ruining own games. SF x T was another and worse Street Fighter IV (which isn't a great game for me but it's a personal matter of taste). I think that would be rather to get a „Namco X Capcom”. IMO it looks for me much more like a promotion for rest of ASW games (which they publish) than a risk/an experiment plus they probably have a financial support from RWBY producers (I can't find any other reasonably argument about RWBY). Moreover the trailer is the second most viewing (after GG Xrd SIGN) on YT so people are quite interested in. Unfortunately UNIEL being a Melty Blood's legacy isn't that popular like it should be so I am happy that I will get an „official” occasion to beat Jin's ass with Gordeau's scythe. BB alawys had a good story so I guess they will prepare something special even if it's a crossover. About "20+ char" as a DLC.. That "politics" has become pretty common in japanese game industry recently e.g Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be published as a „four episodes” because „the game is too big” (what a bulls**t. I won't be surprise if Vincent or Yuffie become DLC adds too). I say "OK” (even if all sprites might get only small improvement) if price for all sets won't become higher/same as whole game. Otherwise it won't be a good deal. PS. It will be nice year -> Guilty Gear Begin, BB: TAG, BB ADW and finally(!) BBCF Material Collection...
  4. Kenji Harima

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    At first glance Jubei moveset looks like Taokaka, Bang and Valkenhayn combined. I am very concerned about his damage dealt. Of course I am happy that they finally made him playable. Almost. It seems that Guilty Gear need to wait :D However UNIEL really surprised me.
  5. Kenji Harima

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    I will try. Good you pointing that out. I was overconfident of my english. It's true that I am not always able to put my thoughts and opinions clearly. I hope this post will be much more readable. I don't like to repeat myself so this is my previous post http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/12979-central-fiction-speculationstheories/&do=findComment&comment=964034 To specify it → I was talking about their souls and the fact is that „The Origin's” brother reborn as Ragna The Bloodedge. He possess „The Origin's” brother soul and equally he is her brother too. Jin is totally another story. I am still waiting for any „Material Collection” to get an explanation or at least some hints. If „Azure Shrine Maiden event” happened also in „the Original World” it would mean that Ragna wasn't the first Black Beast and the true „God of Calamity” is lying down somewhere in Boundary. I compare cause they... are the only examples which we have. Anyway he did it so I doubt that act was without reason. I think he would have kept her looks (the blonde green eyed girl) if he could. Of course we can also assume that the true reason was „gameplay” or just to confuse the whole community. Nox Nyctores (aka Arch-Enemy Weapons) are another story. Their creation required a lot of souls so if we are speaking about hmm „soul transfer” I guess they are exceptional (like Sankishin Units and Grimoires). Trinity sealed own soul within Muchorin (later she transfered herself into Yukianesa) but still she needed Platinum for any independent action. But of course... Let's say that Platinum looking like Trinity in her „adolescent years” it's just an accident because Mori hasn't confirmed it... You said something about „rewritten history” → it's speculation but some events which occured between Ragna and Saya (Ragna and Jin's little sister) might be a parallel (I can't find a proper word) of what happened in previous world too. Saya („The Origin) isn't able to reborn from obvious reason (her soul was sealed in Master Unit) but somehow she had a mirror self in the new world. Jubei said that our Saya (Ragna and Jin's little sister) is a Grimoire but he didn't precise what kind of. "The Origin" was called "Saya" twice in the game... first by Terumi right before the final battle and second time by Ragna near the end of game. Why I shouldn't call her that too? Btw. Speaking of Ibukido you reminded me something One of my very first posts, exactly one line: "It also depends how long she possess OPFD's soul: proably from the beginning or better to say after Take-Mikezuchi nuked Ikaruga → at this time Noel Vermillion was born and start to sharing a body with Mu-12. I think we can assume that „The Girl” in term of personality was the same as Noel now." Link: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/12113-central-fiction-arcade-plot-discussion-spoilers/&do=findComment&comment=954449 Now your response: "No, the OPFD's soul cannot have been in her since Ibukido. The Master Unit is currently empty and Rachel explicitly says the world will disappear if it returns to the Boundary in this state. Logically, this means that before Amaterasu appeared in the end of CP, it was occupied by the OPFD's soul (otherwise the world wouldn't exist in the first place). The very fact that it is now empty confirms that the soul cannot be in two places at once meaning it could not be in Noel when it was in the Master Unit. Having the soul from the beginning would open up a dozen issues like how Amaterasu could use Phenomenon Intervention at the time, how could the OPFD's soul survive in the timelines where Noel doesn't exist (and how could those timelines continue to 2199 without a reset) and why didn't always have the Eye of the Azure, which the OPFD already possessed? Noel only became the Successor of the Azure AFTER the time loop was broken, meaning the Master Unit chose her long after she had her own soul." Link: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/12113-central-fiction-arcade-plot-discussion-spoilers/&do=findComment&comment=954470 I guess that I predicted something? However I hoped there would have been a better explanation in the game than classic "parts of soul". However your doubts were reasonable. It has been confrimed multiple times in previous games, novels etc. but not in Central Fiction. Both Relius and Nine said that „The Origin” only got „Power of the Eye” and nothing more (I don't count her "sisters" -> the other PFDs who Relius mentioned in his story). They didin't say anything about „soul” or „awareness” → Same with other characters who knew something about "The Origin": Ragna, Rachel, Kokonoe, Amane etc. For me it looks like a consistent action. Just a titbit but another consistently thing is both Naoto and Noel didn't have any interaction: they didn't meet in Story Mode nor in Arcade. What would have happened if they meet? Remodeling a human being into PFD it's a new thing. This question didn't appear in BlazBlue universe before. The main reason why I am so insistent that „Ragna and Saya” were humans (and ONLY them) because now it seems (If I would agree with you) that she chose a random guy as a her guardian or a random guy who possess part of her brother (Azure Grimoire). I mean how is it possible that she has so strong affection toward Ragna if they weren't a REAL sibling. And about male PFD... Once again -> If Ragna was the very first Black Beast he couldn't be a PFD. According to Relius' words for the "male" side the catalyst is BB. How does it contradict? The same Relius also said that the process isn't set in stone (wow I have just overthrown my previous case): different creators = diferrent methods. Give me a good arguments but not like „Because only PFD can survive within Boundary!”, "Because all PFDs have part of "The Origin" soul!", etc.
  6. After several months of training I can finally pick Naoto as my sub. Learning of micro-dash timing and do these combos regularly is the one thing but putting whole combos in online matches is the second one... I prefer „214A” way in any „2366B” longer combinations and really recommend it. On netplay I prefer to make a simple rekka 6-7 hit combos to put enemy into corner and finish the game than struggle with basic/optimized basics. Seriously +/- 500 dmg output isn't worth it to miss an occasion for corner. Put in the corner first then use any micro-dash combo. In my opinion overally he has one of the best corner in the game → you can just lock any char and the dmg output is... huge (My main is Valkenhayn so I feel the difference). He also has nice mobility and it may sounds biased but I think that he has better tools against zooners than Ragna.
  7. Kenji Harima

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Except the things were you discussing guys... Any sign of Central Fiction Material Collection? It's almost seven months after release and zero information about it. The only existed publication I was able to find (or rather say had got knowledge) is „ES Works”.
  8. Kenji Harima

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    We could speculate if both Ragna and Saya are from „Original Amanohokosaka clan” or just a branch family from this clan but the problem is (except other arguments) with their looks. Both Naoto and Izanami made this mess. Based on chronology we can see (theoretically) Naoto as Ragna's descendant but personally I am still waiting for time clarification: I mean if the PFD War (and so existence of the Original World) occurred way, way before than „Azure Shrine Maiden event” or some time just before Dark War. I am stick much more to the second option but it's another subject to discuss. However the Iznami existence.. It's just harder thread. Technically she is „only a Drive” according to Rachel's words but in the Izanami's arcade we got to know that she has own „dream”. Besides in the Story we find out that she is a part of „The Origin” soul and also reverse independent being (Izanagi system). If we look at „vessels” term it seems that soul determines looks/appearance. A perfect vessel need to look as past self. Three examples from the series: 1) Kazuma/Hazama → both of them are Terumi's vessels. It hasn't been explained why the god personification (or rather to say soul of this god) is green haired and gold eyed man (I guess because of Terumi comparison to snake but it doesn't matter. Hello Legato Bluesummers alter ego btw.) but both of them (in looks) are same. Of course we haven't known yet if „gods” are manmade and they were created in some unknown point of time or they emerged right from the Azure or just Azure is responsible for their creation. Also ES arcade complicated it. 2) Saya → Relius needed to change her looks: he made her eyes red and dyed hair on violet, added some tattoos on back etc. Of course Saya was a perfect candidate thanks to her ability to amplify seithr and being a Grimoire of „The Origin” (Original Saya). Her soul was also crushed by Hazama/Terumi so she wasn't able to oppose. Need to say it seems that was the part of soul which contained the painful memories. Noel's part didn't remember church burning, Jin's betrayal etc. Why the Drive's personification looks almost like Saya Terumi (according to Naoto's words)? Thing to debate. Theoreteically „the materialization of soul's power” should show the primal looks of owner of soul but the later part of my post will exclude it. 3) Nine → the perfect example that soul determines looks. We KNOW how she looked in the past. Relius put some demonic features but she is overally the same Nine. Backing to thesis in the first sentence → because Saya („The Origin) was able to take Mu-12 as her vessel so easily I think that in the Orginal World she was a green eyed blonde girl before she was remodel into a PFD. Technically „The Origin” looks could be remodel too but I doubt that Mu-12 was random choice. She couldn't be part of Amanohokosaka even if Jin said that Tenjo is similar to Saya in last novel and even if the obvious sibling and branch Amanohokosaka family have similiar traits and skills. She should be able to took for example Tenjo as her vessel to but she didn't. To sum it up once again: Izanami is individual person Like I said in one of previous post -> thanks to Relius explanation in chapter V I don't buy the sh*t that Saya obtained a soul after contact with Master Unit. In my opinion both Ragna and her were humans in the Original World. Btw. I hope Mori won't change into that „Ragna was originally male PFD” (Relius and Nine didn't mention that male PFD existed in PFD War. Besides creation of male PFD needs a Black Beast as catalyst) or just another and mysterious "post Dark War era" mad scientist knew the whole backstory of PFD War and made an experiment in which he cheated „The Origin”, Azure etc. so whole Saya („The Origin”) and Ragna relationship is fake. Please don't change/complicate it.
  9. Kenji Harima

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    I thought that "Hakaishin" is Ragna vs. Susano'o theme??? Personally I find it as a very jrpg-ish theme. Final Fantasy vibe is very strong from this tune so Nobuo Uematsu would be proud. I am a little disappointed that "The Road To Hope" wasn't used in CF and there is no possibility to get it in "Item Shop" like for example previous versions of all tracks. Almost all music were used in the new BB but one of my favourites not :/ However it's nice they used CPEX arcade ending in the credits. A perfect choice to culminate that melancholy ending.
  10. Kenji Harima

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    I forgot about that. You have got a point. I think about Relius as a sadist or better to say a person who sometimes likes to watch other people's suffering due to fact that he really enjoyed view when a "mysterious" brother "devoured" own sister and when Valkenhayn was beaten. Things has changed and now Hazama took Terumi's role and I think he will become scarier than Terumi. I even starded to hate him when he mentioned Saya's torment. Pure, little, innocent Saya... Moreover after CF I consider Terumi's evil actions (yes, his sadistic acts too) much more as a punishment for whole humanity -> he had a reason to do that. Humanity dared to disturb whole world's balance, tried to become gods and what is the worst created artificial objects (PFD = "dolls") because they are too weak to stand within the Boundary. Such pathetic creatures used him (god!) to own experiments. Of course he is selfish and used humanity's actions as an occasion to achieve own goals (make a world where he will be an independent god and king as well and evereyone will be afraid of him) but still I can't really blame only him for Ragna, Saya, Noel, Celica and several other heroes' pain. Like I said in one of my first posts the responsibility lied on persons like Relius, Shuichiro (who seems to became a psycho after his wife died) and more mysterious people just from PFD War Era who we haven't known yet. (On the other hand... I still hate much more Relius or Jin than Terumi and it was always like this so you know) And about Carl... I am not sure. I see him similar to Kokonoe -> she and her mother have "dirty hands" beauce of their past but we can consider them as "good". Carl being a Relius 2.0 would be just boring but it's my personal view. He might be able to kill someone in the future, use to own goals etc. but in the end somehow redeem. I even doubt that Carl would be able to cooperate with someone like Relius was or use own knowledge to become an important person in NOL/other organization structure. He seens to be "lone wolf". There is also Nirvana who sometimes holds him back -> same Act 3 which you mentioned. Ah it's pretty curious if Ignis has partially own awareness so she just easily agreed with new life organized by her husband (lol) or she is just "empty" machine. And about Alpha-01 thread. I keep my theory from the previous year. Do you remember Phase Shift 0 novel? She may be that mystery Murakumo who was used in the first attempt of Kusanagi creation. Experiment failed cause Black Beast emerged but she somehow survived and was staying within the Boundary. The question is why she would back if she would become a plot-thing in the new BB (finally why Mori wants to complicate even more that timeloop... Even if Alpha idea was a looooong before CF release? Enough?) Events right before Dark War are still a mystery and CF sidestory didn't bring any fresh info about them. Kusanagi wasn't an idea in PFD Era cause humanity weren't able to use them anymore.
  11. Kenji Harima

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    „Origin!Saya” of course. Nah, I think it's obvious that Ragna didn't become a new core for Amaterasu Unit. However I am not sure about his body condition → he used Azure Grimoire twice: in fight with Hazama (unintentionally) and second time in fight with Terumi (Susano'o) to fill gap between their power. At the end of game we saw that Ragna body partially corrupted (like I mentioned in one of my previous post in this thread). Like I said before I am still wondering if that transformation reversed in the Nemesis Horizon/above the Gate/whatever they are now conditions or it's progressing. Hope that he won't become Black Beast again... Welcome back. As long as he is remember it's possible to bring him again into the world. Like you said it's similiar to ES' case. I think that several people know about Ragna and keeped their memories about his persona for example: Relius, Naoto, Hazama.. maybe even Carl (Ragna didn't devour his dream cause Ada would be human again) and probably Kokonoe cause she has a backup of own research and collected data within the Boundary. Moreover like we saw in the games it's possible to cheat Master Unit and Azure as well so I doubt that one „click” made by Ragna might be enough to erase his whole existence. I need to say that it's pretty naive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the other hand... Am I the only one from whole community who doesn't think that Carl will become a new Relius or Relius 2.0??? Ok he was pretty crazy after he received a gift from his father but Carl has a pure goal → he really wants recover Ada. It's the main difference between both Clovers. Relius isn't only a genius but he is... pretty cruel and has a tendency to become a sadist: hanged Ada or would rather to say hanged half of her corpse which was partially remodeled was a sad view... Carl is able to kill someone though he isn't totally inhuman. Of course it (his goal) may turns in some obssesion like the Relius has (to create a perfect doll) but I doubt that Carl would end on the same path. I see him more as a opposite to Relius. An anti-hero who maybe is selfish but has a good reasons for it and will end „Puppeteer” life. Finally... it would be boring to use Carl only for Relius 2.0. Just too predictable, too simple.
  12. Kenji Harima

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    A very late reply cause I have beaten the game recently. I agree with you in many aspects but... I will bring my thoughts too. First I think that „Original Saya” was a human → a human who was turned into PFD. Not an 100% artificial being created by scientists which gained a random but as well superior soul at the meeting with Master Unit. According to Relius words if you want to create a female PFD a human (girl/woman) can be use as a base. I assume that after many trials with artificial Prime Field Devices they decided to use a second solution so they starded search. They found a perfect person to remodel her into PFD (Original Saya). Of course in the act of creation she lost her memories, own identify etc. However after meeting with Master Unit she „woke up”, somehow reagained own "soul" and maybe memories. She acknowledged herself as a PFD and brought a lot of data into scientists' hands. When they understood how powerful their creation had become they decided to kill „it”. Mainly because of fear. After that they sealed and thrown her in the Boundary. Despite this she was still able to contact with Master Unit. Seeing how her „sisters” had been suffering she decided to intervene thus the war between humanity and PFD starded. Need to say that Relius didn't say in his story that the „First Contact” gained something more except of „Power of the Eye”. The other story are rest of PFDs. This „Original Saya” had an older brother (Original Ragna) who wasn't able to safe her and probably he was keeping somewhere for other experiments. He was „special” like Saya so humanity use him as a core to create a new weapon → Black Beast. Of course a lot of human souls were needed to form it. There wasn't a clear answer if humanity won the war but they wanted get the „Azure” and use it to rewrite history and rebuild world. Unfortunately for humanity (or would rather say small group of them) „The Origin” was faster. She made an „Embryo” from Black Beast and.... created a new world relied on own dream. Maybe also because she felt pity for mankind but definitely the „Human world” was probably a part of her desired Centralfiction. If world exists the chance for her brother existence is bigger. Somehow her dear brother reborn as Ragna the Bloodedge. I doubt that someone was skilled as much as Relius to put Original Ragna's soul into our Ragna. The rest of story is known. That's how I see it. I don't believe or would rather say... I personally find it too overcomplicated if this all sibling reliationship between „Saya” and „Ragna” is some fated and metaphysical „thing” from which the whole world and „possibilities” and even parallel worlds have been constructed since ancient times in the neverending cycle Technically it's still the past so I believe that Black Beast which was mentioned in the story about Azure Shrine Maiden still lives and has a nice sleep somewhere in the Boundary. Moreover Rachel said in the very beginning of game that Izanami hopefully didn't call real Black Beast. The CF also confirmed my own suspections that Rachel has known identify of Master Unit wielder since the beginning of story. But I got what do you mean about XBlaze. The same narration is in „The Legend of Zelda” series → sequel changed the prequel then prequel for prequel made three different timelines then again a hero from future altered „certain event” in the past where he was fought with „prime evil” so… changed this past again. Returning back to BlazBlue story two things are bothering me: 1) Who told Saya that she need destroy the world O_o? Azure istelf? I really don't have any clue who could do that. 2) If Rags devoured her dream does it mean that she won't recognize and won't care about him anymore or she has just forgotten that he ever left her? If the first then... Ragna not only won't enjoy his time with green-eyed beautiful blonde girl but also with satelite girl-voiced piece of junk. Just great...
  13. Kenji Harima

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Lol I knew it that Rags would get some flashback about Saya due to Bell looks. It was somehow obvious. I am interested in who is that mysterious scientist who was holding Ragna. A random dude from Sector 7 or a new character. I guess (and hope) that fight will continue in next chapter too. It was so intense and I am amazed that Mai wasn't a bigger challenge for Ragna. However maybe I am too strict or it's only my personal feel but the drawings looked better in Remix Heart. They were much more detailed.
  14. Kenji Harima

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Ragna looks so baddas with his "death-sentence" facial expression. I never would have thought they will put him in the story so QUICKLY :O Now I am interesded if it's only a small cameo or he will get a bigger role. If there is going to be any fight in the next chapter I bet that Rags will help Mai (like he did in "Remix Heart") and beat Fuzzy. If he was able to spar Arakune's life (cause Litchi asked) then it might be the same story with Bell and because we have had many "Saya" issues recently (the last novel, Tenjo duh) then I won't be really surprised if Ragna gets a flashback about own sister (I excluded that "Bell = Platinum", how he treated Platinum in the game, possiblity that she might be a vessel for Trinity etc. etc.)
  15. Kenji Harima

    Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    Damn... the game brought several intesting plots and I don't have much free time to discuss it: The problem is that even in the Boundary conditions Ragna body was starting to corrupt. I guess you remember his looks when he and Amane were talking. Sooner or later he would turn into Black Beast or something other due to Azure Grimoire influence + his PFD origin. Not sure how it works within Azure but it would be safer to join to "Saya" and sealed in the Master Unit. The same thing is with Naoto: without the Azure he will turn into vampire (not the Black Beast) and like I said in the "Story Discussion" thread he may be this brother who "devoured" own sister. After all Naoto was killed by Clavis Alucard in the BB world. Not sure how things would end in the BEE. Anyway -> where are the true gods??? Ragna killed the original Susano'o (Terumi) but where are the original Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi? We also had several Black Beasts: 1) The Original Black Beast aka God of Calamity aka Yamata no Orochi mentioned in XBlaze 2) Black Beast created by combination between Nu and Ragna 3) Random Black Beasts created by humanity during the war with PFD 4) Black Beast who destroyed whole world I guess that Izanami was able to call the first one according to Rachel words in episode 1 of CF. PS. Ok -> Cowboy Bebop, Aerith but the last one? Who did you mean? I would plus Zero as well from Mega Man series. The reploid died in Mega Man Zero 4.