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  1. raddley

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Ooooh, I see. Very informative on all fronts. I'll have to apply what you've said and suggested, espeically that aa j.P. I'm definitely sticking to the ground too much. Thank you for the detailed reply! :D
  2. raddley

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Sorry, I have a tendency to gloss over all relevant information so I'll try to be more specific, though what you gave was definitely constructive! Like the HCL against set play. I guess I just felt i do a lot more that was potentially safer and assuming you do a lot more outside of yrc. The venoms I play have a tendency to be extremely zone heavy, with excellent use of Carass Raid or yrc aerial sets + 6pin' them to help their approach, or set more. If they're too predictable I can usually HCL them, but sometimes i end up trading with the set ball, or a stringer aim because the HCL didn't eat the projectile and then I'm usually at a bigger disadvantage because he'll recover first usually and have ample time to set again or apply dash in pressure. The Ky I play generally always keeps me at arm's length where his f. s, 5h and 2s make my approach difficult, or at least extremely risky. His ability to aa is really consistent so i generally try to play a grounded game until i can open him up. The most i can ever seem to get is a 2s > HCL if I catch him standing in those situations. If he does shoot stun-edges it's never at a range that's ideal for me and i find the best most safe option for them is 6P them so i don't lose ground, but I also don't gain much since he can set up a Split Ciel, or worse yrc into a punish or an IAD blockstring unless he really badly mistimes it and i can 5p/6p/SM aa into a confirm punish. Axl is probably my worst match-up, since I'm just very new to fighting the character. Once he gets me that certain range, I'm usually in blockstring for a long time where all his normals like f.s and 3p push me back into his other normals like 6p or 6hs. I guess that's just ignorance, and I'll learn to feel things out better, but I'm often apt to end up full screen and he has plenty of time to react punish most of what I do, so I usually conserve meter exclusively to yrc STBT or an air note for movement and coverage respectively. That's not to say I never get in, or can't open him up, it's just my mid-long range game is really mediocre and is often where i have to burn my meter to get in from both yrcs or FD, which leaves me meterless for RC combos, overhead > super or say a dead angle. Even if you don't get around to a reply for this, thanks anyway for the suggestions. Even if it was just general advice specific to venom, it still helped me realized (at least after typing this huge wall of text lol) that my problem range sounds like it has to do more with me the player being passive. I need to apply more pressure; particularly with notes. Probably most so with Ky, but I digress thank you for your help! :D
  3. Oh yeah, good point. Totally spaced on that. I hope it does happen then, though I suppose we'll only know for sure once we have it.
  4. I kind of doubt they are, especially since Slayer's VA is being replaced. The old system voice wouldn't be supported, so at the very least you'll probably have to buy Slayer's system voice again. Hope springs eternal though.
  5. raddley

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Anyone have any tips for mid-long range neutral? I play a lot of venoms, kys and axls and short of a hard read hcl or an unchallenged note I feel like i take a lot of unnecessary chip or worse, and my opponents have to a tendency to go into full screen fireballs so the situation always comes up.
  6. raddley

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    East Coast PA net PSN: Bee_Caller Steam: Jjjjj Willing to play anyone as long as the frames aren't like sub 6. for fun, practice or whatever. Hit me up.